December 12-15

Wednesday Homework:  Object pronouns
Read Chapter 5 Walk Two Moons 
Complete journal for CH 5

Homework: December 12

Subject Pronoun practice

Read Chapter 4 Walk Two Moons and complete worksheet for Chapter 4.

Week of November 13

I hope that everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving break.  Remember the Reading Counts Challenge.  Read a book over the break. Take a test upon your return and pass it, earn a dress down day!

Recovery grade for “The Treasure of Lemon Brown”  is due Tuesday, November 28.  No exceptions!!

If you did not turn in the narrative.  Finish it over the break and turn it in on Monday!

Homework for November 15- TELAP 8 and Reading Counts 2 due Friday.
Finish the 5 paragraph rough draft for narrative.

Make test corrections for a Recovery Grade for “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” test.

Recovery Grade “The Treasure of Lemon Brown”

In order to receive ANY additional points on the summative assessment you must complete the following:

  1. Make test corrections on the RIGHT side of your paper for all of the questions you missed.
  2. Have your parent/guardian sign the graded test paper next to the grade.
  3. Turn in ALL assigned classwork. Make sure you are writing your answers in complete sentences on lined paper.  If you have lost your assignment (the pink, purple, or salmon colored sheet) complete all of the questions on pages 81-83. Springboard 1.15
  4. Find 4 examples for the following types of figurative language and write them on a separate sheet of paper: simile, metaphor, idiom, personification, and hyperbole. (Total 20 sentences).


DUE:  NOVEMBER 28, 2017

Monday- Homework

TELAP 8-1883txt

Reading Counts book 2 is due November 17.

This week students will focus on writing a narrative of their own.  The majority of the work will be done in class.  If you have a bunch of writing to do at home…you need to focus more in  class.  The paper should be finished and ready to share on Friday.

Remember there is no school next week for Thanksgiving break.

Week of November 6

Thursday- Finish class work from “The Treasure of Lemon Brown.”  Use the colored checklist and follow the directions.  

Sprinboard Log User Name– first initial and last name- example- Jkinsella
Password- First letter of first name and first letter of last name capitalized, followed by lunch number and hashtag-

example JK123456#
Students will need to read every evening for 30 minutes. There is no T.E.L.A.P. this week.

No school on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, due to Election Day.

Today in class students read and annotated “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” page 74.  Students were looking for figurative language-specifically PERSONIFICATION.  They also should have circled any  unknown words as they listened to the text.


Week of October 30

Reminders- Reading Counts book 2 due November 17.

TELAP 7 due Friday.  Please make sure you are writing a well written paragraph for the reading log.

TELAP 7-22×4186

Revise paragraph using variety of sentence lengths and patterns.  See page 67 for more details.
Complete the exposition to your own unique myth.  Establish the story’s context by introducing the setting, characters, and conflict of the story.  Use figurative language and a variety of sentence lengths and patterns.


Week of October

What a pleasure conference week has been!  I have loved meeting with your parents and talking about your academic success!  All of you should be proud of your accomplishments.  You have worked hard this nine weeks.

TELAP 5 will be due on Monday.

If you have not finished the “Thank You, Ma’am” work. You need to log into Springboard and complete page 56-58.  This will be due on Friday.

Week of October 9, 2017

Confirmed conference forms were sent home today with homeroom students.  Parents, please sign and return.

Homework -TELAP 4 and complete journal if you didn’t finish during class.  Reading counts quiz due by October 20.  

Conference week is fast approaching; it is October 16-20, 2017.   If you are in Mrs. Kinsella’s homeroom,  you received a conference preference form.  Your parents should have filled out the top three times that would work best for them during conference week with your name and theirs and contact information, and you need to return the form to Mrs. Kinsella no later than Tuesday, October 10.  Mrs. Kinsella will send a confirmation of the conferences home with homeroom students on Thursday, October 12.

The second nine weeks starts today!  Don’t forget to read every evening for at least 30 minutes. 


October 2-6, 2017

Welcome Back!  I hope that you had an enjoyable fall break.

This week we are writing a letter to hurricane victims, learning to annotate text with commentary, and previewing Embedded Assessment 2 for Unit 1.

Personal Narratives that have not been turned in should be turned in by Thursday.

Reading Counts DATES

October 1, 2017

November 17, 2017

December 15, 2017

Week of September 25

Students turned in the final copy of their personal narrative today along with the edited and revised rough draft.  I cannot wait to read their stories!

HOMEWORK:  Complete the reading log for your fall break reading and turn it in Monday, October 2 for a REPLACEMENT homework grade!  

If you read a book over the break, take a reading counts quiz on Monday, October 2 and PASS you will earn a DRESS down day!

Have a fantastic break!