Week of October

What a pleasure conference week has been!  I have loved meeting with your parents and talking about your academic success!  All of you should be proud of your accomplishments.  You have worked hard this nine weeks.

TELAP 5 will be due on Monday.

If you have not finished the “Thank You, Ma’am” work. You need to log into Springboard and complete page 56-58.  This will be due on Friday.

Week of October 9, 2017

Confirmed conference forms were sent home today with homeroom students.  Parents, please sign and return.

Homework -TELAP 4 and complete journal if you didn’t finish during class.  Reading counts quiz due by October 20.  

Conference week is fast approaching; it is October 16-20, 2017.   If you are in Mrs. Kinsella’s homeroom,  you received a conference preference form.  Your parents should have filled out the top three times that would work best for them during conference week with your name and theirs and contact information, and you need to return the form to Mrs. Kinsella no later than Tuesday, October 10.  Mrs. Kinsella will send a confirmation of the conferences home with homeroom students on Thursday, October 12.

The second nine weeks starts today!  Don’t forget to read every evening for at least 30 minutes. 


October 2-6, 2017

Welcome Back!  I hope that you had an enjoyable fall break.

This week we are writing a letter to hurricane victims, learning to annotate text with commentary, and previewing Embedded Assessment 2 for Unit 1.

Personal Narratives that have not been turned in should be turned in by Thursday.

Reading Counts DATES

October 1, 2017

November 17, 2017

December 15, 2017

Week of September 25

Students turned in the final copy of their personal narrative today along with the edited and revised rough draft.  I cannot wait to read their stories!

HOMEWORK:  Complete the reading log for your fall break reading and turn it in Monday, October 2 for a REPLACEMENT homework grade!  

If you read a book over the break, take a reading counts quiz on Monday, October 2 and PASS you will earn a DRESS down day!

Have a fantastic break!

Week of September 18

This week students will write the final copy of the personal narrative.  We will also be taking a reading summative.


School dance Thursday, September 21 4:30-5:45 $5.00 Dress up!  
Reading Counts Quiz 3 Due September 22. Keep on READING!!
Fall Break- September 25-29.  Read a book, take a test 10/2, earn a dress down day!

T.E.L.A.P. 2- Tapp English Language Arts Practice:  Complete and turn in by Friday, September 22.

TELAP 2-2gdb2pt

September 13-15

Friday- If you did not complete the rough draft adding characterization and dialogue,Complete it over the weekend.

Thursday- Simple and Compound sentences powerpoint
Simple & Compound Sentence Structure with Formulas-25rqd2u

Include compound sentences into your personal narrative.

Homework-T.E.L.A.P. and comma practice due tomorrow!
Read 30 minutes.
Zinc Unit 1 Springboard vocabulary

Homework-Read 30 minutes
T.E.L.A.P. due Friday with parent signature

September 5-8, 2017

Thursday homework-Read 30 minutes/Completed reading log due tomorrow
Review Unit 1 Springboard Vocabulary in Zinc
Pronoun practice ALL
*Students that scored below a 70 received an additional PRONOUN sheet for a recovery grade.
Finish MEMORY MAP and graphic organizer if you did not finish in class.

Wednesday– Students added on to the graphic organizer assigned last night- incident-response-reflection- use vivid verbs, dialogue, and sensory detail

Homework- Memory Map-Read for 30 minutes-Reading Log- Zinc due Friday.
Progress reports were sent home this evening.

Tuesday-Students will recall and visualize an incident that brought about change in their life.  Springboards page 36-37.
Homework-Read for 30 minutes-Reading Log- Zinc due Friday-Finish Graphic Organizer on your own paper (page 37)


August 28-September 1

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2017, is Labor Day, no school. 

HOMEWORK  Students have been assigned an article and vocabulary assignment through Zinc (Springboard).  They need to read one of the two articles and complete the activities by September 8, 2017. The vocabulary sets are due by Friday, October 6, 2017. 

Homework- Read for thirty minutes and respond on your reading log.  All reading logs due are back next Tuesday front and back completed. Write a 5 sentence summary of what you read in class.

August 21-25, 2017

Thursday and Friday- Students read an excerpt from Flipped.  They marked the text for evidence of characterization and pronouns. They created a T chart graphic organizer character-description Homework- fill out reading log, get quiz papers signed if grade was 69 or below. Listen and reread Flipped.

**Springboard Online is case sensitive .  If your child is unable to log in- make sure that the password has capital letters and the hashtag.  Also be sure that they are trying to get into the Cobb Ga Springboard.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday Every student had the opportunity to log into Springboard.  In MOST cases the user name is their first initial and last name.  The password will be in capital letters -first initial of first and last name followed by lunch number followed by #(or shift 3).
Comprehension questions for “The Circuit” and “My Superpowers” taken for a grade.

HOMEWORK-Read and complete reading log

Tuesday– After answering questions from “My Superpowers” on incident, response, and reflection. Students revised new ending of “The Circuit” and included an incident, response, reflection, and correct pronoun usage.   HOMEWORK-“The Circuit” questions 1-8 need to be turned in tomorrow.  Use RACE strategy to answer questions-see handout. Read 30 minutes and complete reading log.

Monday-  Students received a Reading Log to fill out nightly and return every Monday for a grade.

Today in class we read “My Superpowers” by Dan Greenburg.  Students used meta cognitive markers to mark the text for setting, major incident, response, reflection, and unknown words.

Students also completed a graphic organizer- Incident Response and Reflection.