The class mascot, Godzilla!

The class mascot, Godzilla!

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Vocabulary List 19

Make sure you use the PDF to complete your definitions for list 19. Vocabulary List 19-21macnp Vocabtest List 19 Quizlet List 19

Science Extra Credit

OK kids here is an opportunity for a little extra credit in science. All you need to do is try one of the magnetism experiments below and create a presentation documenting it. You can make a video, poster, power point, prezi…just about anything you want as long as you include pictures and explain the steps […]

Please Join Us For an Afternoon of Poetry

Poetry Invitation for Blog-1x9aumk We have been working hard on our poetry skills and would LOVE to share our writing with you! Please see the attached flyer for more information about our event THIS FRIDAY! We hope to see you there! PS With help from our wonderful parents we will be offering Coffee Shop snacks! […]

Vocabulary List 18

Vocabulary List 18-1ygib04 Quizlet List 18 Vocabtest List 18

If You Need A Permission Slip…

Here you go! 🙂 Chattanooga Field Trip-1ytl2hx

Vocabulary List 17

Quizlet List 17 Vocab Test List 17 Vocabulary List 17-ybrdhw Students should be using all three resources to study. The PDF contains all possible definitions of each word and is very useful.

Vocabulary List 16

Quizlet Vocab Test Vocabulary List 16-wyieqo

Make Blackout Poetry

We had a wonderful time with guest author John Carroll, a pioneer of the blackout poetry movement. Mr. Carroll spoke to the kids about creating art and poetry by eliminating words from a passage. We created some inspired work and I was very proud of our class! Please feel free to visit Mr. Carroll’s site […]

Should we enter WWII?

Students will be practicing persuasive writing by answering the question “Should the U.S. join the Allied Powers and enter World War Two?” They will need to form an opinion and research evidence to support it. Below is a video to help us get our brains going! Causes of WWII More Causes of WWII Even More […]

Vocabulary List 15

Quizlet List 15 Vocab Test List 15 5th_grade_wordly_wise_lesson_15 list-1jddm44

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