November 16

Nickajack Talent Show

As am sure most of you are aware each Friday Tutu (my mom) comes to read to the class. In addition to reading Roald Dahl books she has also created a class act for our kids to perform in the Relay for Life Talent Show on Thursday, March 14th. They have already been practicing weekly and are getting VERY good!
Participation in our class act will not exclude students from other individual or group acts nor is participation required. I will send home permission slips closer to the show date.
Lyrics to our song are below for at home practice as well.

BACKIN’ THE ‘JACK words-22hr6ik

ASL Backin’ The ‘Jack-146mwoq

Ms. O’Connell and I have also been discussing adding a parent dance participation portion to the act…LOOK OUT!

November 16

Science Test and Thanksgiving Break

Hello! Thanksgiving is possibly my favorite holiday only because it is so focused on my two favorite things FAMILY and FOOD!! I hope that each of you has a week filled with with both and plenty of relaxation.

Now down to business…we will have a science test on matter and changes in matter on Wednesday, November 28. Today students were provided with a study guide. I advised each of them to bring home their science journals and below have posted some resources to assist them.

Changes in matter Quizlet

Chemical changes in matter Quizlet

In math we continue to work with decimals. We will soon finish up with multiplication and move on to division. Students can ALWAYS practice on iXL; decimal operations can be found under G1-G21 (general knowledge), H1-H8 (adding and subtracting) and I1-I9 (multiplication). Students can login with their student number and the password “math2018”.
Several students would also benefit from practice of basic math facts which iXL is also very useful and convenient for! Math facts and fluency practice can be found under the third grade tab in F1-F13 and G1-G20.

October 24

Element projects are due next Wednesday.

I am sure everyone has been working hard on their element projects and we are so excited to build our giant Periodic Table! If you are still searching for inspiration or information feel free to search “element project” in the top right corner for links from years past, examples of projects and some fun videos. Students should also remember that presenting their element will be part of their grade and will need to practice at home.

September 25

Constructive and Destructive Forces Study Guide

Last week students were provided with the study guide for our constructive and destructive forces test which will be Thursday, October 4th during our regular science class. Below you will find a copy of the study guide along with the information needed to complete them (previously provided in class, students should have all the information in their science journals as well).Any student who completes and returns their study guide on the day of the test will receive bonus points on their final test grade. No study guides will be accepted late and incomplete study guides will not garner any extra credit points. Students may attach additional work to their study guide. Good luck!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and restful break, see you in a week!

Constructive Destructive Study Guide-1a858kt


Levees Dams and other technologynotes-1n5858x



Volcano Notes-20tp3j4

Vocabulary Quizlet