October 31

Next Week


Monday is FIELD TRIP DAY! I am sure that all of our students will have some exciting stories to tell when they get from The Cobb County Youth Museum. Don’t forget to ask them!

Tuesday is Election Day and the school will be closed.

We will continue our study of European exploration as well as persuasive writing.  Remember to check Mrs. Espenshied’s blog for math and science updates as well.

Below you will find this week’s spelling list as well as an example of the new format we are using for our spelling test. I have incorporated sentence writing and letter pattern sorting into the standard spelling test.

Sort 12 4th Grade

Sort 12 test

Our Character Assembly will be November 19 at 9:10 am. If your child is receiving an award you will be notified soon. Please remember that any time you enter the building it is very important that you sign in as a guest in the front office. This provides another level of security for our students and staff as well as our guests should the number of people in the building need to be accounted for.

I have asked our class NOT to bring Halloween candy to school for their snack.  They can certainly have a piece or two in their lunch as a treat but please remember to send a healthy snack to school to eat during class.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, fun and safe Halloween!

October 24

Field Trip!

Monday we will be starting our new unit in social studies: explorers! We will have the opportunity to go to the media center and learn how to do research in order to complete a biographical project.

In language arts we will soon begin to processes of persuasive writing.

We have our first field trip coming up on November 3 to The Cobb Youth Museum.  Permission slips are due back no later than October 29th.

Please don’t forget to check Mrs. Espenshied’s blog as well for math and science updates.

Picture make-up/re-take day will be October 29th.

Here is your spelling list for next week!

Sort 11 4th Grade

October 20

Better late than never…

Here is sort 10 for this week’s spelling test.

Sort 10 4th Grade

Please remember that we do have early dismissal this week due to conference week. Dismissal will begin at 12:10 each day. I look forward to seeing all of you!

Our social studies test on Native Americans, resources and map skills will be this Friday. We will be working on our study guide and reviewing concepts all week. Please help your child study, study, study!

October 10

Writing Post Test and Social Studies Test

As we wrap up the first nine weeks of fourth grade (that’s a lot of numbers) we will be having a few tests next week. Monday we will begin our writing posttest. This will consist of each student writing a comparison piece using the research we have been doing on Native American tribes. They will be writing this piece unassisted.  We will also finish up our social studies unit and have test on Friday. Students will be given class time to complete a study guide but should also be studying at home. The test will cover Native Americans, resources and map skills. Below is a list of each tribe as well as the power points that were used in class to present information. I have also re-posted our map skills study guide as well as (YOU GUESSED IT) next week’s spelling list.

If you have not yet confirmed your conference appointment for the week of October 20, please do so as soon as possible.  An email will be just fine. katharine.ladd@cobbk12.org

Inuit-settled in the Arctic region


Kwakiutl-settled in the Northwest region


Nez Perce-settled in the Plateau

nez perce

Hopi-settled in the Southwest region


Pawnee-settled in the Plains region


Seminole-settled in the Southeast region


Parts of a Map and Map Skills Study Guide

Sort 9 4th Grade

October 3


Today we celebrated our vast improvements in hallway behavior with a movie and popsicle party! All of the students who earned at least 5 Positive Behavior Incentive Cards were able to participate while those who came up a bit shy of the goal had the opportunity to illustrate positive behavior by performing skits and readers theater productions. Though we are making improvements in the hallway I would very much appreciate your support with consistent classroom behavior. Inside our room the class normally behaves very well for me…this however, is not the report that I get from specialists and other teachers. I know that our class is THE BEST fourth grade class here at Nickajack and would be so very pleased if they would make an effort to show the rest of the school how wonderful they are for me.

We are continuing our study of Native Americans next week. In addition we are also composing informational writing pieces that compare and contrast two foods. Below is a link to a short film that I have shared with our class that visually illustrates comparing and contrasting. The students enjoyed it very much and I think they would LOVE to share it with you!



Sort 8 4th Grade