November 21

Bio-cube Project

It’s project time!  Our class has been (and will continue to) studying European explorers and we are going to be doing a biographical project.  In class today we went over the project guidelines and rubric for grading.  Each student received a copy of both the guidelines and the rubric.  We also had the opportunity to look at examples of bio-cubes from past years that were exceptional and some that did not meet the project requirements.  Students may use their textbook, library books and internet sources to find information.  Your student will need your help to construct their cube and I would like to encourage you to help them with their biographical information and presentation.  Please also help them check their finished cube using the rubric.  I asked everyone to focus on the “excels” column.  This project is an excellent opportunity to improve social studies grades as it will be counted in the gradebook twice.

I have attached the guidelines and the rubric for your review.  Projects will be due December 12, late projects will not be accepted.

Choose one explorer:

John Cabot,

Vasco Núñez de Balboa

Juan Ponce de León

Christopher Columbus

Henry Hudson

Jacques Cartier

Marco Polo

Ferdinand Magellan

Explorer BioCube Instructions

Explorer BioCube Rubric

November 14

Character Assembly and Progress Reports

Just one week until Thanksgiving break but we still have work to do!  Please set the expectation with your student that we will be learning and earning more grades all week…break does not start until November  24th.

Progress reports will be sent home on Wednesday next week.  They must be review, signed and returned to school no later than Friday.  The report will also include any assignments your child may be missing.  It is always their responsibility to locate or redo their missing work.

Our character assembly will be Wednesday November 19 at 9:10 am in the cafeteria.   Letters of award notification went home last week.  If you plan to attend the assembly please be sure that you check in at the front office before finding a seat in the cafeteria.

Sort 14 4th Grade

November 7

Books, European exploration, spelling…

We will be continuing our study of European exploration of the “New World” by finishing up Christopher Columbus and beginning to look at Ferdinand Magellan.  Unfortunelty the short films about each explorer are too large to upload but information can also be found in our text book.

Persuasive writing is our focus in Language Arts as well grammar, punctuation and parts of speech.

Remember to check Mrs. Espenshied’s blog for math and science updates!

The fourth grade will have our Friends and Family Lunch on Wednesday November 12 from 11:57-12:37 and our class will be sitting at tables 1 and 2.  The cost of lunch will be $3.25; exact change is required.  If you plan to attend please arrive a few minutes prior to the start of lunch to allow time to check in at the front office…there WILL be a line!

Tuesday you will receive a Scholastic book online ordering catalog.  Please consider using our class code if you place an order.  This will enable us to earn incentive points to purchase books for our class.  The class code is in the attachment below.  Feel free to visit the website and place your order today!


And now, the moment you have all been waiting for…


Sort 13 4th Grade