January 30

Year Book and Field Trip and Field Day Oh My!

Sort 21 4th Grade

Year books are on sale. This is your last chance to get them at the lowest price of $25 this year. Please go to the link below to order online.

www.shop.yearbookmarket.com and select “Nickajack”

When returning permission slips for field trips please be sure to fill out BOTH sides. Your child will not be permitted to attend unless the permission slip is filled out in full.

The deadline to order 2015 Field Day shirts is February 12. This is the only chance your child will have to order their 4th grade field day shirt.

Dont forget: NES FAMILY FUN AND FITNESS NIGHT is this Thursday February 5th from 6:30-7:30

We had a great PBIS celebration today! Ask your child how many cards they earned in January.

January 23

Food Drives and Field Trips

Its field trip time again! We will be heading to the Cobb County Fire Safety Village on February 23. This is an all-day field trip that the entire fourth grade attends together. There is NO STUDENT COST! All you need to do is fill out BOTH permission slips (one for school and one for the Fire Department) completely. Since the entire fourth grade is going we do not need parent chaperons.
A BIG THANK YOU to all of our families who were able to donate to the 100 Days of School food drive! Our class collected 120 items…only 40 items shy of winning as far as we know at this point. Right now it looks like the fourth grade collected the most items as a grade level. Way to go fourth grade!

In Language Arts we have started our unit on narrative writing. This will be such a fun opportunity for our students to practice writing and sharing their real and imagined stories. Below is a link for an interactive story prompt generator that we have used in class. It would be great fun and excellent practice to “spin” for a prompt and write your own story as your child writes theirs! I know they would love to hear that we grownups have not lost our imaginations.


Sort 20 4th Grade

Grades for our colonization test will be posted soon and we have already begun studying the American Revolution. Ask your child about “the domino effect” and “chain of events” that lead to the war.

Don’t forget to check Mrs. Espenshied’s blog for math and science updates as well!

Have a great weekend and try to stay warm and dry. 

January 16


Social Studies:
I have postponed our colonization test until Tuesday, January 20. Our students have been working on their study guides in class and SHOULD continue the study over the holiday weekend. I have posted the answer key below as we did not get to go over each page in class. We will begin our unit on the Revolutionary War on Wednesday.
Thirteen Colonies Study Guide 2014-2015 WITH ANSWERS
Language Arts:
Tuesday we will begin exploring narrative writing. Students have already taken their prewriting test and will soon begin generating ideas for their own stories. We will focus on how to narrow topics down in order to draft a complete piece including dialog and character development. This will be an excellent chance for students to use their imaginations!
Sort 19 4th Grade
Please be sure your child is reading every day at home…even on the weekends! Reading is the foundation for all the learning we will ever do, even math. In class we continue to work on reading stamina, comprehension (making predictions and inferences, using context clues) and reading learn as opposed to learning to read.
As a class we are still in need of paper towels as well as #2 pencils.
As of today our class has collected 22 food items for the 100 Days of School food drive. This is about ¼ of our 100 item goal. Please consider donating if you are able to help. The flyer is attached below.

Save it Forward

January 9

Report Cards and Assignments

Sort 18 4th Grade

Report cards will be sent home today. In the envelope with your child’s report card you will also find a “signature card”. Please sign the card and have your child return it to school inside the provided envelope.

Beginning next Tuesday each week I will send home a report stating any assignments students have neglected to turn in. Another way to stay on top of your child’s grades and assignments is to frequently check Synergy, the online grade book. If you have not already received your log in, please come by the school office to sign up. The link to the site is below.


January 6

Moving Forward

Sort 17 4th Grade

Happy New Year and welcome back to school! I know we are all excited to begin the second half of fourth grade and are looking forward to fifth grade already. As always we need to focus on following directions the very first time they are given and being respectful to everyone we encounter in school. Please impress upon your student the importance of being a respectful, responsible role model. The guidelines practiced here at Nickajack will help build a solid foundation to support our students throughout their lives.
To that end our class will be participating in the 100 Days of School Food Drive. Our class has been challenged to collect AT LEAST 100 nonperishable food items to be donated to be donated to Alive Ministries food pantry. Please see attached list of suggested donations. If you are able to donate every item is greatly appreciated!

Save it Forward

Our class is in desperate need of paper towels, #2 pencils and glue sticks!
Social Studies: We are finishing up European colonization and will have our unit test on Friday, January 16. The following week we will begin to cover The American Revolution.
Language Arts: Our post-test for persuasive writing will be this Thursday and Friday. Our unit on narrative writing will begin Monday with a pretest. Below is link for extra letter writing practice.


Reading: We continue to focus on reading stamina daily with independent reading time in class after our read aloud. Today we began to read “Lemonade War” by Jacqueline Davies. Our class made some very insightful predictions and enjoyed the first chapter immensely. Don’t forget to encourage your child to read online using MyOn!
Please check Mrs. Espenshied’s blog for math and science updates.