March 30

Spring has (almost) sprung!

Sort 27 4th Grade

We are all excited about Spring Break next week but let’s all keep in mind that there is still learning to do each and every day…even over the break and the weekends. With the Georgia Milestones test on the horizon students should be reviewing every day. Mrs. Espenshied is sending home math packets for the weekends and the break and PLEASE read WITH your child. Take turns reading to them and listening to them read to you. Go back and ask questions to see what they have gleaned from the reading. Let them ask you questions. Read both fiction and nonfiction. Find a common interest and spend time reading with your child.

Below is a link for review questions and test taking skills. The Georgia Milestone test will be April 15,16,17,20 and 21. Please make sure that your child gets plenty of sleep, eats a healthy breakfast and arrives to school on time.

March 23

This Week In Fourth Grade

Sort 26 4th Grade

We will have a social studies test on Wednesday over The American Revolution and will soon begin learning about Westward Expansion.
Students received their study guide today and will receive bonus points if it is returned complete on Wednesday. In addition they also have several review packets that will help them prepare.

Today in reading we will start talking about poetry. The unit will help with our figurative language study that started today. Ask your student about the pop culture example we used today to learn about similes!

Shell Silverstein’s poetry holds some of my most special childhood memories. Above is a reading we enjoyed today as an introduction to poetry.

March 17

The LAST NINE WEEKS already!?

Sort 25 4th Grade

Can you believe it? In just nine short weeks we will be fifth graders! Well that means it time to step it up and start looking like fifth graders too! That means no more corrections on low grades and no more teacher reminders if students are missing work. Mrs. Espenshied and I will do our very best keep Synergy up to date so that you and your student can monitor their missing assignments. It is very important that our students take responsibility for their learning by always putting in their best effort the first time as well as turning in assignments on time.
We are finishing up narrative writing this week with our posttest and will begin procedural writing next week. We will also take a look at figurative language with some fun activities.
Social Studies
The revolutionary War is coming to end! We are completing our unit, reviewing, studying and testing over the next two weeks.
We are focusing on comprehension strategies, stamina, summarizing and responding to literature in writing. BE SURE you are reading WITH your child. Not only will they enjoy hearing you read and reading to you it will help improve their fluency! Reading together is a great way to spend quality time as well.
Please check Mrs. Espenshied’s blog for math and science updates.
Thank you all very much for your generosity last week in showing your appreciation to all of our teachers here at Nickajack. I know many of you have more than one child who attends our wonderful school and your support means so much to each of our teachers. A very special THANK YOU to each of you for my gifts throughout the week. I received flowers, plants, breakfast and more…you certainly spoiled me. 

March 9

Parent Survey and Milestones

Sort 24 4th Grade

Our yearly parent surveys went home yesterday. Late yesterday afternoon it came to our attention that the survey code and answer document code did not match as the directions indicate they should. Our wonderful administration staff has confirmed with the county that the surveys can still be completed and properly scored despite this. If you choose to participate in the survey please simply return your completed survey to school with your student.

Below you will find a guide to the new Georgia Milestones Assessment System. Being the first year of the test we are all working hard to familiarize ourselves with its format and prepare our students. I encourage you to use this guide at home with your student to prepare.

GM Grade 4 EOG Assessment Guide 2