April 24

Reminder and Volunteer Letter 2015

Sort 28 4th Grade

Well, we made it through Milestones! Five of our wonderful parents provided snacks and encouraging notes each day of testing which was much appreciated by our class. The kids and I loved getting the notes and the treats! A special thanks to our room mom Stephanie for scheduling and for the special homemade treat we used to celebrate the end of testing! 

Progress reports were sent home yesterday and several have already been signed and returned. As noted on the top of each report students received copies of all missing work on April 17. When the missing assignment is completed and turned it will be graded with a 15% deduction due to lateness. This grade will then replace the current 0% in the grade book which will greatly improve less than stellar grades!

Volunteers are needed for field day May 8! (information is attached)
Our field day shirts have arrived and I will send them home on Thursday May 7 to be worn to school the next day. Our class’ shirts are a turquoise blue if you did not purchase a shirt but would still like to wear a similar color.

Moving forward it is important to remember that we still have learning to do and encourage our students to stay focused on this aspect of school as opposed to the social aspect. In about four weeks we will be fifth graders and need to be prepared for the increase in responsibility that comes with moving on.

Reading: We continue to focus on comprehension skills and inferences. I hope to do a “book report” and am looking for creative project options.
Social Studies: Westward ho! Ask your child what the “big idea” and to show you how they have learned to demonstrate it.
Language Arts: We are going to be having some fun with poetry and figurative language activates. This may be the ONE time Mrs. Ladd uses candy as a teaching tool…it happens.

Please remember to check Mrs. Espenshied’s blog for math and science updates as well.

April 3

Spring Break!

We may not be in school for a week but we still need to keep our brains working! Today your student will bring home information to help them practice math, science and writing. Throughout the week please go over the information with your child. Help them to work through the math problems and develop a narrative. Give them the opportunity to write down any questions that may come up. Encourage them to research the answers before returning to school with their questions.
During the weeks of Milestone testing we will suspend our weekly spelling tests however students will still need to read night at home.
A big thank you to everyone who remembered that my birthday is over Spring Break and sent cards and gifts today…what a nice way to begin the break!
I hope that everyone has a safe and fun filled week off! I know we will all return refreshed and ready to do our very best for the rest of our fourth grade year!