October 21

Red Ribbon Week

We will be celebrating red ribbon week October 26-30 by dressing in a theme each day. On Friday October 30th our theme will be “Heroes” and we get to wear COSTUMES to school! I already have my hero picked out; it is not Wonder Woman…disappointing I know. I have a super teacher in mind that has inspired learning in millions of children and adults around the globe. She does have super powers, a cool vehicle and a sidekick!

Monday, October 26th

“RED”y to Live a Drug-Free Life

(Wear red clothing)

Tuesday, October 27th

Sock-it to Drugs

(Wear mismatched or crazy socks)

Wednesday, October 28th

Team Up Against Drugs

(Wear team jerseys)

Thursday, October 29th

Hats off to Being Drug Free

(Wear crazy hats)

Friday, October 30th

I Have the POWER to be Drug Free

(Dress as your hero)*

*Please Note: This can include dressing as your favorite hero from a book, person from history, etc.

October 12

Schedule Change

The first quarter of fifth grade is behind us! We have conference week and a fresh schedule to look forward to! As a team Ms. Burney, Mrs. Curley and I thought a change in our routine would refresh students and is going to allow more individualized instruction. Attached you will find our hourly schedule as well as a copy of the letter that will be going home in the Tuesday folder tomorrow. If you have any questions please, feel free to email me.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already confirmed their scheduled conference. If you have not done so already please return your conference form to school or email me to reschedule.

Daily Schedule

Change of schedule 2nd quarter

October 6

Testing and Conferences

As I am sure you know we are participating in IOWA testing this week Monday-Thursday. Please be sure that your child gets plenty of rest and eats a healthy, hearty breakfast. Each day we will still have math homework and students should still read daily.

In our Tuesday folders you will find your conference schedule letter. Please remove the bottom portion of the letter, indicate if you are available at the scheduled time and return it school with your child. If you are unable to attend the conference as scheduled please e-mail me at katharine.ladd@cobbk12.org to reschedule.