February 29

Parent Survey

Parents are encouraged to participate in the AdvancEd Parent Survey. The data from this survey will inform the school and the district about parents’ opinions about our school. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to AdvancED for analysis. Individual data results will not be available to the public and will not be posted online. You may use any personal device to complete this survey. The AdvnceEd Parent Survey will be open February 22 – April 1.

AdvnceEd Parent Survey

AdvancED, formerly SACS, is the non-profit organization that conducts rigorous, on-site reviews of PreK-12 schools and school systems and certifies that accreditation standards are being met.

February 26

Testing Resources and Practice

Though it may seem like we just started fifth grade our time at Nickajack is quickly coming to an end. We have a lot of exciting events on the horizon such as the fifth grade picnic and our field trip to Chattanooga but still need to remain focused on academics.
The Georgia Milestone tests will be April 13-22. Below you will find a study guide and overview for this years testing. Please go through the guide with your student and be sure to practice the sample questions with them. I will post more resources as the county releases them to us.
Milestone Study Guide 5th grade

We will have a science test on Tuesday, March 1st. Each student received the study guide today and had the opportunity to take a science book home with them over the weekend with the sipulation that it MUST come back to school on Monday. We will also be reviewing in class on Monday.
Science Chapter 4 Electricity Study Guide

We have finished up our poetry unit and are now moving on to story elements and fiction reading.

Please be sure to check Ms. Burney’s blog and Mrs. Curley’s blog for updates as well.

February 5

Valentine’s Day and Poetry Project

Monday morning we will begin working on our Poetry Portfolios! This is an in class project however students are welcome to collect examples of different styles of poetry we have learned about outside of school and bring them to class. Below is the rubric we will be using as our guideline for the project.

Poetry Portfolio Rubric

You will also find our class list for Valentine’s Day cards and information about our exchange attached.

Valentine letter (2)

Don’t forget to check Ms. Burney’s and Mrs. Curley’s blogs for social studies, language arts and math updates as well.