August 26

Look out; it’s erupting!

We made our very own volcanoes today in science class! The students all had a blast (pun intended). Here are a few photos of our lava flows.




You may notice some yellow “blobs” surrounding the mountains. They represent the village that grew as the volcano lay dormant.

Tuesday we move on to earthquakes!

Have a great weekend! ?

August 24

Nickajack needs your help! Won’t you “BACK THE JACK”?

Our annual Back the Jack fundraiser has begun! With the support of our Nickajack families and communities we can enhance our student’s learning experience through funding teacher grants and improvements such as converting our media center into an interactive learning commons. Mrs. Curley and I are working on a grant to equip our classrooms with flexible seating and learning stations. Research has shown that allowing students to work in a more flexible and comfortable situation improves focus and retention AND its down right FUN! Teachers all over our school are asking for funding to help our kids get the best education in Cobb County. If you can we are asking that you join our Nickajack family and please Back the Jack!

August 24

Science and Reading


We will be finishing up with volcanoes on Friday by building our very own mini-volcanoes in class! Monday we will move onto EARTHQUAKES! I have an exciting simulation involving cake frosting that I know our students are going to enjoy…wish me luck!


Today we will begin to look at non-fiction text features using the below power point. We will be “building” a foldout organizer in our reading journals to help us keep track of all we are learning. I don’t anticipate completing all of the power point today but we will make significant progress, I just know it!


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August 10

Our Learning Community

Our class is working hard to create a sense of community in our room. We now even have our very own class mascot!
Meet Billy Bob Joe Fred Jr.:
Rachel L. named him for us.
Billy Bob Joe Fred Jr. will be helping us each morning with our white board messages as well as giving helpful reminders every now and then.
Here is our white board message from this morning and Bill Bob Joe Fred Jr. explaining what a growth mindset is.
(Please ignore that the date is wrong. I PROMISE I corrected it before the kidlets arrived but not before texting my brother “Happy Birthday”…his birthday is tomorrow.)
Mindset Board
The kids have been loving our interactive messages and sharing their thoughts each morning during or PBIS meeting.
Be sure to ask your little darling about the morning message and don’t forget Billy Bob Joe Fred Jr.!

August 10

Open House and Science Update


Open house is tomorrow and boy are we excited to see all of our wonderful parents and guardians! Thank you IN ADVANCE for attending and for supporting your students and their teachers.
There will be a P.T.A. meeting at 6:00 pm followed by two sessions of our Open House presentation beginning at 6:30 and 7:15. Ms. Burney , Mrs. Curley , Mrs. Sarpy and I will all be meeting with you in the science lab on the fifth grade hall. We can’t wait to see you! (There may or may not be door prizes…you’ll have to come and find out 🙂 )


In our unit on constructive and destructive forces of nature we began discussing volcanoes today using the attached power point.

Volcano Notes