September 26

What’s Going On?


Picture day is October 5, 2016


We know you’ve been saving them and now it’s time to turn them in! Our first campaign of the year starts on September 15th and runs through October 14th. Each class will have their very own container to fill with clipped box tops. In order to get credit for your class the box top must be cut and then put in your class container. We hope everyone will want to participate to earn money for our school. So ask your neighbors, family and friends to save their box tops so you can win for your class while also winning for Nickajack. Each winning class in each grade will earn a popsicle party at school. So get your kids cutting and send in those Box Tops!!! Any questions please contact Box Top chair Ashley Bunkley at


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It’s fall y’all! Nickajack PTA is planning a fall festival on Friday, October 14th and we need your help. If you would like to pitch in just click the link below and sign up. See you there!

Fall Festival


September 26

Extra credit on Myon AND science study guide!

Hello Families!

I have created a project on MyOn that is optional to complete over this week’s break. It should show as assigned on each student’s home page, with suggested books and a creative project. For my homeroom extra credit will be given in either science OR reading according to where it is most needed. Everyone should be able to login and complete the project or just read for fun! Every student can login using their lunch number and the password “read”. You never know I just may give a little extra credit in reading to anyone who reads an hour or more over break!

The project is available to ALL students who come to me for science.
Only my homeroom will have the opportunity for extra credit in reading OR science, all other classes will receive points in science.

MyOn reading login

We will have a science test on Friday, October 7th. Each student received their copy of the test study guide on Friday and those who fully complete the guide and return it to me the day of the test will receive extra credit on their test. No study guides will be accepted before or after science class on Friday.

Below is the study guide…just in case.


September 15

Think about it Thursday


Every morning we have a character lesson that is “jump started” by a message on the white board. Above is today’s message. What does it make you think on this Thursday morning? I know your student would LOVE to talk about their thoughts with you! ?

September 12

IOWA Testing Starts on FRIDAY (and other classroom updates)!

That’s right; it’s time for IOWA testing!

Fifth grade will be taking the IOWA test for four days starting Friday, September 16th and finishing up Wednesday, September 21st.
Lower grades will begin CogAT testing tomorrow which will affect our specials and class rotation times, lunch time will remain the same. Specials will be from 11:10-11:40 (Tuesday-Wednesday) and class rotation will begin at 8:10 am (Tuesday-Thursday, this week only). The rotation schedule for fifth grade testing days is yet to be determined.

Please be sure that your child arrives to school on time each day, this is especially important on testing days. Late students will not be permitted into testing rooms and will need to make up the portion of the test they miss later in the day. In order to be well prepared for the testing day make sure your child goes to bed early to be fully rested and eats a healthy breakfast each morning. I know I have a hard time focusing if my tummy is growling or my eyelids are heavy. 🙂

Progress reports went home in last week’s Thursday folder. Thank you so much to all of you who have already reviewed the report with your student, signed and returned it to school…kids received DoJo points for being responsible and getting them back so quickly!
Speaking of Class DoJo…please sign up to receive updates on student behavior as well as classroom reminders. DoJo is fun way to keep track of student growth and progress and a great way for us to keep in contact. You AND your student can text me through DoJo! We will open our classroom store this Friday for students who would like to “spend” their points. If you would like to make a donation to our DoJo store I and the kids would be so much appreciative. All I ask is that you please do not send candy. Small toys, fun school supplies, mini-books and puzzles or small craft kits are always a big hit!

I hope you enjoyed our September fifth grade news letter; your fifth grade team intends to have one each month. Our class will also have a monthly student created news letter thanks to Ben C. who came up with the idea! Look for the first edition in you October 6th folder!

Don’t forget Fall Break is right around the corner!
Monday September 26-Friday September 30

September 12

Weathering, Erosion and Deposition AND Text Structure

We have begun studying the SLOWEST destructive force!
Below is the Power Point we used for our notes last Friday. We will have an activity tomorrow and a small quiz.
Please be sure to check out all of the teacher’s blogs for academic resources and updates.


Ms. Burney, Social Studies
Mrs. Curley, ELA
Mrs. Sarpy, Math

In reading we have begun studying text structure. Our focus will be on four main structures: chronological order, compare and contrast, problem and solution and cause and effect. Below is our classroom anchor chart.
Reading groups have also begun this week as well as BOOK BUDDIES on Wednesday!
Students should all be reading a minimum of one hour on MyOn each week. This is our online reading program and can be accessed on desktop or laptop computers, tablets and smartphones anywhere there is internet access. If you experience issues with internet access at home please be sure to write a note in your child’s agenda as soon as the problem is detected. I will help your student find time during the school day to complete their weekly hour.
Everyone has been added to our MyOn roster and should be able to login using the guidelines below.
Student login: lunch number
Student password: read
Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding the program.

September 1

5th Grade Newsletter

Here is our grade level newsletter! We also have a student created newsletter in the works being headed up by Benjamin C. just for our class! Please let us know if there is anything your student would like to contribute to the class monthly bulletin.

September Newsletter