October 27

Writing Assignment

This can also be found on Mrs. Curley’s Blog I just want to be sure everyone has access. 🙂

This quarter we will be studying informative/explanatory writing. Keeping in line with the social studies curriculum of great inventors and leaders, students are asked to write a 5 paragraph biography of an inventor or leader from the list provided by Ms. Burney . The writing should include an introduction, the early years of life, accomplishments, significance/impact on life today, and a conclusion.

Typed is preferred, but not required.

Helpful website: Biography Writing Sample

Please also remember to check Ms. Burney’s blog

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October 19

We are PAWS-itively proud to be drug free!


Red Ribbon Week is October 24-28. We will celebrate the fact that our students are making the positive choice to be drug free and resist peer pressure with fun themes each day. Below is the schedule for the entire week of fun ways to dress! I hope everyone will find at least one day they would like to participate in and let everyone know they are drug free!

Monday, October 24th
Team Up Against Drugs
(wear a team jersey)

Tuesday, October 25th
Hats off to Being Drug Free
(wear a hat)

Wednesday, October 26th
I’m too Bright for Drugs
(wear bright colors)

Thursday, October 27th
United We Stand Against Bullying and Drugs
(wear patriotic clothing)

Friday, October 28th
Don’t Let Drugs Mix You Up
(wear mismatched clothes)

Each of our students is hard at work creating their very own anti-drug poster! Check back for pictures of their works of art.

October 17

Element Project due October 31st

Bellow you will find the explanation of our element project as well as some past projects for reference. Working with the three other classes we will build our very own GIANT Periodic Table of Elements!

Click the link below for more information on THE ELEMENTS!
A visual exploration of every known atom in the universe!

What is atomic mass?

I cant wait to see what the kids come up with and will certainly post pictures!


Element Sample 2

Element Sample 1

October 12

We built dams!

Every class, every group, ever single student had a blast building and testing dams last week! I was so proud of not only the engineering but also the teamwork I saw as our fifth graders used what they learned to design and build dams with only clay, sand and plastic. Check out a few pictures of their phenomenal structures!








October 12

Important Dates

Conference week is coming! Conference week is coming! Thank you to all the families who have already confirmed their conference appointments! If you have not confirmed yours or are in need of a time or date adjustment please email me ( katharine.ladd@cobbk12.org ) ASAP. Conference week also mean early dismissal (12:20) and a schedule adjustment. We will still have our normal class rotations (with shortened time in each class) and our lunch will be from 11:21-11:51. ASP will be available to families in need of after school care.

Our fist field trip is also on the horizon. Wednesday October 26th the entire fifth grade will attend an orchestral performance at Lassiter High School. MY high school…don’t ask me how long ago I graduated! Please be sure to fill our both sides of the permission slip and return it to school prior to our trip. The permission slip is below should you need to print another copy.


Science Olympiad Team tryouts will be held on Wednesday October 26th as well! All students are encouraged to tryout. The team will meet on Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30, a schedule is included on the permission slip which MUST be returned in order for a student to participate. The Science Olympiad will be on March 25 at Harrison High, its always a fun event for the kids to show off what they have been learning.


October 12

Matter Notes and Comparing Texts


We started out new unit on matter Monday!

Stay tuned for information about our upcoming PERIODIC TABLE project!

In reading we have been discussing how to compare and contrast different versions of the same story in different cultures. We started by simply talking about a Disney classic movie, “Cinderella”. We have since read three versions of the fairy tale beginning with the Grimm Brother’s version which is perfectly suited for this spooky time of year. We will soon begin small group novel studies and have been learning about the role each student will take on as they participate in discussions and activities surrounding their group’s novel. I know the kids are just as excited as I am to get literature circles rolling.

Don’t forget to check all of the teacher’s blogs for academic updates and resources! I even had a surprise extra credit project posted on mine so you never know what great things you may come across just poking around!

Ms. Burney, social studies

Mrs. Curley, ELA

Mrs. Sarpy, math