November 28

Lava Lamps

We made our very own lava lamps in class today to demonstrate density as well as witness both chemical and physical changes. Check out the videos below!

November 18



That’s right…EXTRA CREDIT! Over the break students will have the opportunity to earn extra credit in reading. I have assigned a project on MyOn using science content that is available to ALL students. They will need to choose from a pre-selected list of books, perform a science experiment at home (with help from an adult 🙂 ) then create a presentation explaining their experiment and try to convince other students to try experiments at home (with help from an adult 🙂 ). One of the books on the list contains kid friendly experiments. Students can create videos, posters, prezis…just about anything goes for their presentation! I will post electronic projects on my blog and posters in my room as we will not have time to present in class. Electronic projects may be emailed to me at anytime over the break, all projects are due on Monday, November 28th in science class. NO LATE PROJECTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Prezi online presentations

I hope everyone has a fun AND restful break. happt-thanks-giving

November 11

Chemical Changes in Matter and Synergy

We are moving through our matter unit and the kids are loving it! We are learning so much about how our world is “put together”. Below is the power point we will use Monday for notes covering chemical changes in matter.


If you have not already signed up for our online grade book it is an excellent tool for keeping up with your child’s progress. All you need to do is stop by the front office with your picture ID and they will provide you with a password to access your child’s grades. You can even sign up for email and text alerts when new grades are entered! The login link is below.

Online Grade Book

I am so glad you are keeping up with my science blog! Please remember to check out SOCIAL STUDIES, ELA and MATH too!

November 8

After School Math Tutoring With Mrs. Sarpy

I am so grateful to Mrs. Sarpy for donating her time and talent to organize after school math tutoring. At conference time several students were invited to participate and the response has been wonderful. With the help of Ms. Burney and Mrs. Curley we will have two tutoring sessions each Wednesday for those who have been asked to attend. As there are two back to back sessions it is of the utmost importance that students attending the first session are picked up promptly at 3:30 in order for the second session to being on time and allow our teachers to focus on the next group of students. Thank you for your help in this matter. #oneteamonegoal

Below you will also find a form that is required to be signed and returned in order for you child’s continued participation in this free tutoring session. If the form is not returned to school tomorrow we will not be able to allow your student to stay for tutoring until the form is returned. The form was sent home with each child at the first session last Wednesday. Please contact Mrs. Sarpy by email with any questions you may have.

Don’t forget to check Ms. Burney’s, Mrs. Curley’s, Mrs. Sarpy’s blogs for even more exciting news, helpful tools and academic updates in the fast paced world of FIFTH GRADE!


November 4

Friends and Family Luncheon


Our annual Friends and Family Luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, November 17th from 12:05-12:45.
The wonderful cafeteria staff will be preparing a traditional Thanksgiving meal and on behalf of the entire school I would like to invite each and everyone of you join us! The cost of the meal is $3.50 per guest and all family members and friends are welcome to visit.

There will also be an opportunity to have Family Day pictures taken at this time. A menu of packages for pictures will come home in next weeks Thursday folder.

We will soon be announcing the date for our holiday class party as well! Be on the lookout for an email from Mrs. Lyons with all the details and how you can help with the festivities.