February 27

Current Events

Hello Families!

On Friday March 3rd we will have our spring picture day! In addition to individual portraits we will also have our class picture taken. Everyone brought home an order form today if you would like to pre-order your students picture package and choose a background.

Field day shirts must be ordered on line at this point, not with a paper order order form. Click the link below to order. Just look for our class and the color will automatically be selected for you…its JADE!

Field Day Shirts

Last and VERY importantly payments for our Chattanooga field trip are due no later than this Wednesday, March 1st. I have attached the permission slip should you require another copy. Please print and fill out both sides of the form to be returned to school with your child’s payment. Please contact me directly if alternate arrangements are needed for payment. Our goal is to have our entire class attend this fun filled day.


February 17

Math Practice For Class Dojo Points!

We ALL need practice, no matter how confident we are…we ALL NEED PRACTICE!

Below are two sets of three math standards we are currently working with. With mastery (a score of 100%) of each section I will reward every student with 20 Class Dojo points. This gives them the potential to earn up to 40 points over the break!
Each set must be mastered by Sunday, February 26th in order to receive credit.

Set 1
EE.8 Area and perimeter: word problems
EE.10 Volume of irregular figures made of unit cubes
EE.12 Surface area

I.4 Multiply a decimal by a multi-digit whole number
I.5 Multiply decimals and whole numbers: word problems
I.6 Multiply money amounts: word problems

Should you need any assistance logging into IXL please refer to my blog post from January 5th “Math Practice! IXL Login Directions”

Remember kiddos, you need 50 points to attend our B3 celebration on March 3rd! Good luck!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and restful break, see you in a week!

February 6

Novel Study Projects

We had some spectacular final projects presented on Friday for our group novel studies! Check out the pictures below. ??
Not pictured is a wonderfully creative “interview” written and performed by our group who read “Hatchet” with the main character from the novel, “Brian”.
All of our new books have arrived and we can now begin our next study. Several of our books were parts of trilogies or series so the kids will get a chance to continue exploring the fictional worlds they’ve already begun to love.


“The Giver”


“The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”




“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

February 2

Valentine’s Day

Hello Families!

We will not be having a party for Valentine’s Day but we can have a card/treat exchange. I will provide a “mailbox” for each student to decorate, all I ask is that should you wish for your child to participate they bring a card for everyone. I will send a class list home next Thursday and we will have our exchange on Valentine’s Day.

I love decorating the classroom door to celebrate the season! Check out our Valentine’s Day door…I’m exceedingly proud of this one. ?


February 1

Science update!

We have been working hard learning all about electricity! Experiencing static charges, building series and parallel circuits and discovering items that are conductors and insulators…the kids are having a blast!






We will have our end of unit test one week from today on Wednesday, February 8th.


On Friday, February 10th every student will also be asked to build a circuit as a hands on portion of their test. We have practiced this in class and below you will find a video link that will help also. It is a little more involved than we get in class but very helpful.

We will be moving on to living cells nexts!