March 29

Last Call For Field Day Shirts!

Online ordering for field day shirts will end on Friday. If you have not yet ordered your shirt you still have time…I just ordered mine yesterday so I know how you feel! We also wear our field day shirts on the 5th Grade Field Trip…they are a HUGE help keeping track of all the kids as we travel around. The links are below for both adult and youth sizes. Be sure to select our class color JADE by finding my name in the drop down box.

Youth Size Order Form

Adult Size Order Form

March 29

Genetics Website

Click the link below to learn about genes and traits. There are all kinds of cool things to learn about. Do you know what a person who studies genes is called? What’s the deal with DNA and cloning? Why would DNA be an important clue for detectives?
You can play games, watch videos and explore!

The Gene Scene

March 3

Interactive Websites

Interactive Cells
Click on cells on the main page. Then you have several options. You can choose a plant or animal cell. Move your mouse over the parts of the cell and a child’s voice will pronounce each cell part. You can also view various objects using a virtual microscope. Click on “Looking through a microscope” at the top. Then view several specimens using the on-line microscope. It is too cool!

A Tour Of The Cell
Although the cell is the smallest unit of life, it is by no means simple. Learn more about the cell.

Plant Cells
Click on any organelle in this interactive plant cell to link to a diagram that describes its structure and function.

The Science Spot
Here there are several links that contain interactive sites where students can interact with cells and other microscopic images.