August 29

Plate Tectonic Simulation

Today we used graham crackers and cake frosting to simulate how the tectonic plates move under the Earth’s surface and the changes that occur. Our students really enjoyed this experience…perhaps because they got to eat frosting but I’d like to think they were highly engaged in learning! 🙂
Check out the pictures below!

August 14

Weekly Reader and MyOn reading

Last Friday we had our first visit from our weekly reader, my mother. Her grandchildren refer to her as “Tutu”, which is Hawaiian for “grandmother” so that is what she has asked our students to call her. 🙂 She had a wonderful time and the class really enjoyed her visit as well. I was very impressed and proud of their B3 behavior! They began work on the “Matchbook Reports” and are enjoying the novel already.

This week we will begin our MyOn reading homework. I ask that students read one hour of MyOn each week. When they complete their hour is up to them! They may choose to read the entire hour on Monday or a portion of the hour each night. As long as they have read at least one hour by the time they arrive at school on Friday they will be invited to eat lunch in the classroom. Students who do not read at least one hour will remain in the cafeteria. “Lunch Bunch” will not necessarily happen each Friday but on a “spot check” basis…I like to keep the kids on their toes!
All students should have individual accounts and already know how to log in.
User name: student number
Password: read
If your student has any difficulty with their account please encourage them to ask me for help or email me.

Please never hesitate to email me with questions you may have!

August 2


Ms. O’Connell and I are SO excited to share this fifth grade year with all of you! This is a milestone year for all of our students and our intention is to not only make it a memorable year but also a purposeful year of growth. We are both looking forward to working with your kids, getting to know who they are as young women and young men and helping extend their thinking.

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