November 16

Nickajack Talent Show

As am sure most of you are aware each Friday Tutu (my mom) comes to read to the class. In addition to reading Roald Dahl books she has also created a class act for our kids to perform in the Relay for Life Talent Show on Thursday, March 14th. They have already been practicing weekly and are getting VERY good!
Participation in our class act will not exclude students from other individual or group acts nor is participation required. I will send home permission slips closer to the show date.
Lyrics to our song are below for at home practice as well.

BACKIN’ THE ‘JACK words-22hr6ik

ASL Backin’ The ‘Jack-146mwoq

Ms. O’Connell and I have also been discussing adding a parent dance participation portion to the act…LOOK OUT!

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