To my class

I will miss…

Your smiles, your good mornings, our lunch bunches, our read alouds, your questions, your stories, your jokes, your love of Zach Brown Band, your help, your kindness, your love of learning, your afternoon high fives, Miriam’s master organizing skills, Henry’s sense of humor, Debbie’s friendliness, Lily’s creative drawings, Matthew’s love of reading, Ethan’s talkative personality, Charlie’s helpfulness, Justin’s work ethic, Lilli’s patience, Izzy’s positive attitude, Topher’s willingness to help, Jack’s jokes, Shunsei’s laughter, Max’s attention to detail, Armaan’s imagination, Owen’s positive energy, Charlotte’s calm demeanor,  Reid’s awesome participation,  Molly’s thoughtfulness, Sohan’s positive attitude, Templar’s respect and kindness, Sydney’s determination, Minh’s funny stories, Trevor’s motivation, Emerson’s confidence, Colin’s laugh, Sofia’s resilience, Connor’s enthusiasm, Dylan’s excitement of learning, Cameron’s kind-heartedness, and Krishna’s thoughtful questions.

Most of all I will miss having you as my class.

I love being your teacher.

You have made this year my favorite year of teaching.

I love each and every one of you.

Mrs. McCoy, 2020

Last week, best week!







Congratulations!! Last week of school!

We have several fun activities planned for this week.  Please click on the link below for a one page document with all of the activities/times/links for the week included:

5th grade Digital Learning Plan—Week of May 18-20

I look forward to seeing you on our final zoom call on Wednesday at 9:45 and at the drive-by parade on Wednesday between 12:00 -1:00!  It’s going to be a fun last week of school!

Book recommendations

Hi students! Summer will be here in a blink of an eye! I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to reading! While I am hoping you are still able to go to the pool and summer vacations- I can’t help but recommend that you also do some reading this summer! So, let’s all think of 3 books that you REALLY enjoyed reading this school year that you think others would enjoy reading. Please share your answers in this form!


Digital Learning Week of May 11th

Happy last full week of school to our soon-to-be rising 6th graders!

Here is your digital learning plan for the week, which includes our career unit and a career project.  We hope you enjoy the activities this week, and we can’t wait to hear about your career plans for the future!

5th Grade Digital Learning Plan–Week of May 11-15

Don’t forget to be working on your, “Letter to My Future Self”! (click END OF YEAR letter to future self (002)for directions)

While I know most kids don’t love to write, and frequently like to write the bare minimum, I am really looking for 2-3 paragraphs here.  Your older self will greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into this now!  Below are a couple of things to note:

  • The directions ask the children to address 6 of the 8 suggested talking points.  It might help your child if you suggest organizing the letter into 2 paragraphs (with 3 talking points per paragraph), or writing a 3 paragraph letter (with 2 talking points per paragraph.)  Sometimes they just need a little bit of direction to get going.  But really, there is no right or wrong way of doing it!
  • You will return the handwritten letter in a SELF-ADDRESSED, UNSEALED envelope.  You DO NOT need to include postage.  I will add postage at the time of mailing.  But please make sure the letter is placed inside an already self-addressed envelope.
  • Please BRING LETTER TO SCHOOL WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR CHILD’S PERSONAL BELONGINGS.  There is a bin outside of my classroom door.


End of Year TOP TEN!

  1. Open SeeSaw– look for new assignment
  2. Use template to make a TOP TEN countdown of the school year
  3. Use the T label tool to label the best 10 things you did this year.
  4. Add 1-2 emoji per label
  5. Use the microphone tool to share more about one of your top 10!

Don’t forget to look at other classmates’ Top Ten! Have fun 🙂

What’s your hidden talent?

What’s your hidden talent? What is something you can do? Is there something you can do that we don’t know about? Can you do something weird? A cool trick? Is there something you’ve practiced for a long time? What is something you can do that we wouldn’t normally see at school?

Make a video of you doing something. You can either tell us about it in the video or you can take a video of you doing your talent.

Click here to login to Flipgrid using your student ID (

Digital Learning Week of April 20

Good morning 5th grade!  Here is the link to the digital learning plans for this week.  5th Grade Digital Learning Plans Week of April 20th

Once you open the plans for this week, be sure to click on the links under each date.  Your teachers have included a video for each day to explain your assignments.

We all miss you very much and hope you have a great week of digital learning!

5th Grade Digital Learning Plans Week of April 20th

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