December 15

Happy Holidays

Thank you Mrs. Calhoun and your helper elves (Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Elias, Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Macri, Mrs. McConkey, and Mrs. Taylor) for a fantastic Micklow’s Mart.  Thanks to all of you for sending in all our store items. 

Next week:

Monday – Spelling Bee 8:00 AM.
Class Party 1:00PM – everyone is welcome

Tuesday – Talent Show 8:15 AM gym – everyone is invited.
Early release 12:30

Wednesday – Polar Express Day with PJs and hot coco.  Bring a pillow or blanket, as we will not sit at tables or chairs that day.  Early release 12:30 

“Tis the Season to Give”

I want to thank the students for being such caring, giving, awesome children.  We are each filling a bag with essentials and fun things for homeless families this season.  My dear friend works at Must Ministries and will be giving the bags out to families in need.  Thank you for raising such “GLORIOUS” children – my heart is full!

I look forward to seeing you all next week for our festivities.


Mrs. Micklow

November 13

Classroom Updates

Thanksgiving Feasts this week!
4th grade classes go on Thursday.
Our time is 12:00 – 12:45.  You are welcome to check your child out from the classroom after the feast. We will be sharing our narratives and showing some of the weather reports we have completed after the feast.  You are welcome to stay.  After that we will have some outdoor recess if weather permits.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you and meeting your extended families.
GIVING TREE IS UP –  Take a star and help a kid.

Square One Art came home today in red folder.
Red Folders are coming home on Wednesday this week along with Yellow Accountability Reports.

We will see our book buddies this week.  Yippee

We are at the MID-WAY point of the 9 weeks.  That means you should have completed at least 3 Reading Graphic Organizers.  Pleases encourage your child to read non-fiction as well as fiction.  Also, please read over the organizers before sending them in.

Grades have been updated so I hope you have looked at them with your child and discussed their progress with them.  Again, be sure to be reviewing papers coming home in the red folder.

Curriculum Highlights:


We will finish being meteorologists and have a weather test on Wednesday.

Our next unit is Ecosystems, which will prepare us for our Schoolyard Habitat project along with Project Hero.  Also, we will be researching chickens to prepare for hatching in January.


We have finished patterns in math and are moving on to multiplication as comparisons and determining area.  After the break we will do area model and distributive method of multiplying.  After that we moved to partial product multiplication.


Vocabulary Test – Thursday

We will start Colonization and be reading to learn (Weekly Studies Newspapers, textbook, and summary passages).  We will practice many strategies to hone our reading skills.


We will continue to practice the RACE strategy with our reading.

We will begin writing opinions and write more letters.

For the Student:  What are you thankful for?  Brainstorm your ideas for a writing assignment.  Turn in to the green basket Tuesday for a BLUE COIN.


October 13

4th Grade ROCKS

I am looking forward to meeting with you all next week for conferences.  The students will dismiss each day at 12:15.  Please knock on the door at your time (sometimes I get long-winded).

Thank you to Colleen Calhoun and the PTSA for a great Fall Festival.
Fun times had by all.

Remember to visit the Book Fair.

The students have received their pay checks.  Next week, the students will do their banking and be able to share this real life skill with you.  My 6 accountants have worked hard to record their client’s money in an excel spreadsheet. Ask you child about this.

For the students:  Is 456,297 a prime or composite number and why. Place your answer, with your name, in the green basket Monday morning for a blue coin.

September 15

4th Grade ROCKS

REMINDER: Tuesday the 19th students will dismiss 15 minutes early due to the DOE tour of our wonderful school.

 REFLECTIONS – Due Oct 3rd – Entry Forms are in Red Folder
I am requiring everyone to participate in reflections.  We have talked about it in class.  It is always amazing what the students can do when they let that creativity flow.

End of the 9 Weeks READING GOAL– Oct. 6th

Each students needs to have completed 6 graphic organizers to meet the 25 Book Challenge Goal.  I recorded the number of GO’s they have posted thus far on the accountability report this week.  Please encourage your child’s reading at home.  We will have a celebration here at school recognizing all that meet the challenge.

Rivers Alive Notice and permission form is in the red folder this week

For the Student:  What is Rivers Alive?  Write what it means in your own words on a piece of paper with your name. Place in the green basket Monday morning before the bell rings.


September 8

Check Grades

Grades are live.  Please know we have several more grades to post and plenty of time to make improvements.  Remember to review the work in the red folder on Fridays.

National Anthem Day – Thursday, September 14

Please encourage your child to wear red, white & blue to school on Thursday, September 14 as we celebrate the 203rd anniversary of the penning of our National Anthem: The Star Spangled Banner.  We will be discussing the anthem in music class and trying to memorize the words to prepare for the big day.

REMINDER: Tuesday next week the 19th students will dismiss 15 minutes early due to the DOE tour of our wonderful school.


I will require everyone to participate in reflections.  We will talk about it in class and I will answer any questions the students may have.  It is always amazing what the students can do when they let that creativity flow.

For the Student:  Did you watch any coverage of the hurricanes?  Who makes the predictions about the weather that helps us to know when to take cover?  Write your name, number, and answer on a piece of paper and place in the green basket Monday morning before the bell rings.  It is worth one blue coin, thank you for reading the blog


September 1

Happy Holiday Weekend

A BIG thank you to our Super Earth parents: Ginny Rawls, Meredith Clinton, and Carissa McConkey for helping with our water lesson today.  This was a great experience for the students to learn more about water.  We will be testing our water down on the trail next Thursday, doing clean-up of our site, plus exploring and journaling.  Our wonderful Room mom, Colleen Calhoun, will  put out a class sign up to help us make this day run smoothly and have some fun with your child’s learning.  More details will be written in the agenda for that day.
If you cannot come on Thursday, the Green Apple Day of Service below is another way to help our outdoor learning sites.

The annual Green Apple Day of Service is here! Volunteer to be an integral part of maintaining Ford Elementary School’s numerous outdoor classrooms, vegetable and habitat gardens, and trails.  Come help out while you enjoy this precious resource with family and friends.

Saturday, September 16, 2017         8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Sign up here to join in the fun!

Grades are not on-line yet.  The system is not up and running.  Hopefully next week you can see them.  I will send notice in the agenda.  If your child made a 73 or below I gave them the chance to make corrections and bring that grade up.  It will show up in Synergy as a 74C. ALL CORRECTIONS must to be made on a separate sheet of paper and attached to the original assignment.  I have been having them make those correction in class.  After Labor Day you will see them in their red folders and they are responsible for making those corrections at home.  Please help your child with these corrections.

As you have reviewed the work coming home in the red folder, you are seeing the areas your child needs work.  Some of the points taken off of assignments are not following directions or using strategies taught in class.  We will continue to build that stamina on “reading closely” and “writing across the curriculum.”  I will record multiple grades for assignments.  The following codes will be used: R is a reading grade, W is a writing grade, SS is a Social Studies grade, S is a science grade. (Example: R-80%   SS  – 90%).

25 Book Challenge – We are monitoring our goals and it is now time to have at least 3 Graphic Organizer turned in.  6 will need to be posted in 4 weeks when the 9 weeks ends.  We will have a 4th grade wide celebration at school for all of those that meet their goals.  Please encourage your child’s nightly reading and recording of it in the agenda.  If you need more information about the challenge click on parent/student information to the left and read all about it.

For the Students:  Did you see any precipitation this weekend?   What made it happen?  Write down your answer on paper with your name on it.  Put it in the green basket Tuesday morning before the bell for a blue coin.

August 25

Half way though this 9 week period

Another great week in fourth grade.  The students are building their stamina in both reading and math. 

We are learning all the great strategies to use to be great readers.  Everyone has “learned how to read,” now we are “reading to learn.”  We are coming upon our 4 ½ week mark of the 1st nine weeks.  Every student should have “3” graphic organizers completed from the books they are logging from home or reading during Pit Stop at school.  Some students may be reading a book over 300 pages, which counts for 3 books, but should be writing the organizers now.  Encourage your child to know the goals and to be reaching for them.  If you have questions about our 25 Book Challenge Goals please visit the BLOG and click under Student/Parent Information.  It is explained there for you and your child.

We are working very hard on EXPLAINING our math understanding and showing our evidence.  As you look over your child’s papers in the red folder this weekend you might see points deducted for a lack of evidence.  They are already doing better.  I tell them all the time “It is about making progress.”  They are all making progress.  Both of these strategies will help them to be the best math student they can be and to master the concepts.

Please remember to sign the BLUE accountability report and send back on Monday, thank you!


Wednesday, August 30 – Early Release 12:15

Monday, September 4 – Labor Day Holiday

Saturday, September 16 – Green Apple Day of Service 8-12

If you read this blog, write your name on a piece of paper telling me you read the blog and I will give you a BLUE COIN.  Turn in to the green basket Monday morning.

August 11

Super Week in 4th Grade

The students are doing a great job learning our routines and procedures.  They are also being so responsible with their JOB duties.

PICTURES – Wednesday, August 16th – Forms went home in the red folder

Fire Safety Field Trip – Wednesday, August 16th * disposalable lunch or purchase from the lunch room, wear your tennis shoes

We will be discussing our BYOD rules and Digital Citizenship in the next couple of weeks.  After that is complete, I will send home paper work so that the students can bring in their own devices.

Instruction to get set-up with this FUN math practice site is in your child’s red folder.  Please see to it that they get signed on.

I gave out parent and student codes to sign onto this program at Open House.  PLEASE go ahead and accept the invitation for you and your child.  As I experience more with the program, I will open it up for you to see what we are doing here in the fourth grade.

August 8

OPEN HOUSE August 8, 2017

We will offer two sessions during the evening.  The first session begins at 6:00 and the second session begins at 7:00.

During the evening you will be able to pick up your child’s ParentVUE Activation Code in the gym.  ParentVUE is a wonderful tool to monitor the progress of your child’s education. It will provide you with the latest information about your child’s schedule and attendance.  Starting in 4th grade you will also be able to monitor your student’s grades.  Grades will start to be posted near the end of August.  This code will last for your student until they graduate from high school, so please keep your code handy.

 The parent/guardian who enrolled the child will need to complete the attached document prior to coming to Open House that evening.  Please bring this document as well as a Picture ID to receive your child’s activation code.

You will also have the opportunity to connect with PTSA in the gym and the Ford ES Foundation in the Learning Commons. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you Tuesday evening! 

 File attachments:
ParentVUE Acceptable Use Policy User Agreement.pdf

August 4

Great First Week

Dear Parents,

“SUCCESS!” That would sum up our “first week.”  We have spent time getting to know each other, and getting organized for the year. We will continue to review class expectations in order to promote a positive and safe learning environment. I will review the job applications this weekend and assign jobs beginning Monday. Thank you for providing your child with all the necessary classroom supplies so quickly. We will have some additional needs that will be posted at Open House next Tuesday at 6:00pm. Before attending Open House please go to the BLOG and read the 4th Grade Handbook, sign the last sheet and send it in with your child. (It is located under Student/Parent Information – on the right side bar).  I will answers any questions or concerns you have at that time.

I am excited to have the opportunity to educate, nurture, and challenge your child this year. As your child’s fourth grade teacher, I want to equip and prepare your son/daughter with essential tools needed for fifth grade and middle school.  Emphasis will be placed on responsibility, and the 4C’s of a 21st   Century Learner: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

Communication this year will include: The Red Folder (Weekly Accountability Report and graded papers), your child’s agenda (homework, due dates, and reading log), and Class Dojo. My BLOG is located on the Ford webpage or at , or email at [email protected]. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Micklow

Ford P.T.S.A. is hosting Bingo Night

Friday, August 11th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in our cafeteria.

Relay for Life will be offering $15 pizza meal deals.  This includes either cheese or pepperoni pizza and four drinks (soda or water choices).  Meals MUST be preordered no later than Thursday, August 10th

*Pre-order by emailing Mrs. Soto at [email protected]

Be sure to specify either cheese or pepperoni.
You can pay for your meal deal when you arrive!