August 12

Week of 8/13/18

It was great seeing all of you at Open House! We hope that we answered all of your questions and showed you all of the wonderful experiences that fourth grade holds for your children. We are going to have a great year, full of learning and exciting new adventures.  Picture day is on Wednesday this week.  A flyer came home in the red folders for you to look over.  Additionally, the accountability sheets are in the red folder.  Please sign and return the sheets on Monday.  If you have any additional forms that need to be signed, please return those on Monday.

We enjoyed having a full week to get into the swing of school.  Students discovered their new science textbooks and began to annotate information in their consumable books.  In Math, we discussed place value and began Math 4 today.  In Reading, we discussed how to choose a book that is just right for our individual reading styles.  In Writing, we focused on how to write a fourth-grade paragraph.  Finally, in Social Studies we wrapped up our discussion on the man-made and physical features of the United States.

New Units of Study:

Math:  We will review the expectations of Math 4 Today: showing our thinking with evidence, using our resource which is modeled during the week.  We will continue our study of Place Value through the millions by using mental math to multiply and divide by 10. Students will have a deeper understanding by explaining with complete sentences using math language. Homework: Mon. – My Math pages 15/16, Tues. – Value to value worksheet, Wed. – Place Value Understanding worksheet, Thurs.- My Math pages 21/22

Science:   We will begin our study of The Water Cycle, with active reading and hands-on experiments.
Homework: review with the following websites, make observations outdoors and have conversations with parents. Study Jams    BrainPOP – Username: fordes  Password:  mustangs

Reading:  We will begin to discuss using our senses to better understand reading and create mental images while reading.  Students will also work on their Scholastic Magazine focusing on answering the questions on the back and the Think and Review Questions.  Homework:  Read 30 minutes nightly, please sign the agenda to reflect that your child has read.

Writing:  We will continue to focus on writing paragraphs.  Students will work on creating a multi-paragraph essay by the end of the week.  Homework:  None

Social Studies:  We will wrap up our map skills unit this week with a SWYK.  Students will then begin to discuss basic economic principles while reading Lawn Boy.  Homework:  Monday & Tuesday – None, Wed. – List 10 goods and 10 services, Thursday – None




August 5

Week of August 6, 2018

The first week of school went smoothly for all! We changed classes on Friday and it was great to get to meet all of our students.  We will continue with changing classes from now on! It is going to be a great year!

New Units of Study for this week:

Reading:  We will discuss finding an appropriate book that sparks our interest and is on our Lexile level.  We will begin to discuss using our Scholastic Magazine to increase reading comprehension skills.  Students should read for 30 minutes nightly and parents should sign the agenda verifying the reading.

Writing:  We will work on rediscovering proper paragraph structure, and parts of a sentence.  Students will end the week by creating a multi-paragraph essay.

Social Studies:  We will discuss map features, lakes, mountains and cities associated with our study of American History.  Students will have a SWYK (Show what you know/test) on Friday.  Students may use notes taken in class for this SWYK.

Math:  Students will begin to discuss place value through the millions and powers of ten.  Students will begin the week with a pre-assessment on addition, multiplication and subtraction. Homework for Monday – Wednesday nights is to practice math facts, Thursday’s homework is My Math pages 15 -16.

Science:  Students will investigate their new science textbook.  We will practice annotating informational text using our Science textbook.  Homework:  Monday: Talk about what is a scientist with someone. Tuesday:  Make some observations about the natural world around you. Wednesday:  What scientific tools do you have at home? Thursday:  Make a model of your bedroom.

August 5

First Week of School Success

Dear Parents,

“SUCCESS!” That would sum up our “first few days.”  We have spent time getting to know each other and getting organized for the year. We will continue to review class expectations in order to promote a positive and safe learning environment. We will review the job applications this week and assign jobs by the end of the week. Thank you for providing your child with all the necessary classroom supplies so quickly. We may have some additional needs that will be posted at Open House next Thursday at 6:00pm. Before attending Open House please read through the 4th Grade Handbook, sign the agenda noting that you have read the handbook. (It is located under Student/Parent Information – on the right sidebar).  We will answers any questions or concerns you have at that time.

We are excited to have the opportunity to educate, nurture, and challenge your child this year. As your child’s fourth grade teachers, we want to equip and prepare your son/daughter with essential tools needed for fifth grade and middle school.  Emphasis will be placed on being kind, responsibility, and the 4C’s of a 21st   Century Learner: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

Communication this year will include: The Red Folder (Weekly Accountability Report and graded papers), your child’s agenda (homework, due dates, and reading log), and Class Dojo. Our BLOG is located on the Ford webpage or at , or email at [email protected]  or [email protected].  Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Micklow & Mrs. Garrison

June 27

Summer Fun

We hope all of you are having a fun and relaxing summer vacation.
We are looking forward to meeting you on Monday, July 30th at Sneak-A-Peak.
School starts Wednesday, August 1st.


May 11

End of Year

THANK YOU for a GREAT year with the BEST bunch of kiddos EVER.  When I look back at the Class Dojo story line I can not believe all the fun we had learning and collaborating with each other.  Take a look and enjoy.  Have a wonderful summer and stop in to see me next year.  Love, Mrs. Micklow

25 Book Challenge Celebration

Our 4th 9 Weeks celebration will be next Friday, May 18th after lunch.  Your child will get an invitation if they have met their goal.

Our “OFF CAMPUS” celebration for meeting their goal of 25 Books all year will be on Thursday, May 17th at Stars and Strikes.  They will get an invite for that as well.  GREAT JOB KIDDOS

Micklow’s Mart – Friday, May 18th 11:00 AM
Please send it items for our Mart, thank you !!!!

We will have “Ford’s Theater”  the last few days of school.  We will be rotating classes for a portion of each day with different movies.  You signed a PG permission earlier in the year.  All movies will be G or PG.

4th Grade Awards – this is for students ONLY.  We will award students on Monday, May 21st in the Learning Commons

Last Day – we will have a “Popcorn Bar” with our final Movie.  Mrs. Calhoun is getting that organized for us.  Thank you!!!

April 27

Penny Wars – Starts Monday, April 30th

Relay for Life’s Penny War starts Monday, April 30, and continues through Friday, May 4.  This is a great way for all students to get involved!  Your classroom goal is to collect the most pennies.  Classrooms on each grade level will be competing with each other.  For instance, 4th grade classes will be competing against other 4th grade classes, 2nd grade will compete against 2nd grade, etc.  Students will be allowed to go to other classrooms in their grade level to deposit SILVER coins.  Any silver coins collected in your jar count AGAINST your penny count.  It works so well because kids want to bring down totals for other classes by giving them silver coins, but we’re actually collecting pennies and silver coins.    The losing class will probably have the highest money collected.  Popsicles will be given to the winning class for each grade level.  This is always a BIG fundraiser for our school and can help boost us to our goal of $8,000 for the year.

April 18

4th Grade Spring Happenings

EARTH DAY – Rivers Alive

We will have our Community Service Day this Saturday at Ford from 8-12.  Please come out and help get our grounds cleaned up and ready for Evening in the Garden.  In lieu of Earth Day, the students and I will make a trip to the trail on Monday for our last Rivers Alive Clean-up.  You are welcome to join us.  We will leave at 11:15 and return for lunch at 12:15.  We will also celebrate by donating our extra field trip money to Rivers Alive for providing cool t-shirts for all of us.  I hope our students will work towards keeping our waterways clean and continue to be environmental stewards of our EARTH.

Military Appreciation Week: April 23 – 27

Evening in the Garden – Tuesday, May 1st
(rain date May 2nd)

Your child should have brought home a packet with all information needed for this fun family evening celebrating the Gardens and Arts at Ford Elementary.  Please make note of the transportation into the school for the evening.


25 Book Challenge Deadline:
Monday, May 14th ALL Graphic Organizers DUE
This 9 weeks – 6 GO’s for Coke Floats and Extreme Recess – Friday, May 18th

25 Books with all Genres completed, Off Campus Celebration, Wednesday May 16th

Other Dates to Remember:

Thursday, April 26th Wear Red, White, and Blue –

Friday, April 27th CRAZY HAIR or HAT DAY for Ford’s Foundation –

Tuesday, May 1st Evening in the Garden –

Thursday, May 3rd Cobb Regional Library Presentation –during school

Monday, May 7th Field Day –– more info to follow
Monday, May 21st – Award’s Day for 4th Grade Students ONLY
Tues. and Wed. –LAST DAYS of school Early Release 12:15

March 16

THANK YOU * I feel so Appreciated!

I want to take this time to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful cards the kiddos made, I love them.  Also, thank you for the much needed supplies(broom and dust pan – lol), flowers, NUTS, coffee, and gift cards.  I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work with your children.

REPORT CARDS – They will go home on Wednesday.  There should not be any surprises, as grades are sent home every Friday and are posted on your synergy.  If you do have concerns, please email me and we can set up a meeting.

Next Wednesday is our 25 Book Celebration – PIZZA PARTY during lunch.  We will eat in our room but the students must bring a lunch or buy something from the lunch room.  Invites will go home on Monday.

READ THEORY – I will be assigning this for the next two weeks.  Your child should complete at least 10 with a score of 80% or better. I will take the average of ten tests for a reading grade. This is to prepare them for the reading section on the GA Milestone (to be administered right after Spring Break).  They need this practice and I hope you will provide that opportunity for them.

MATH – We will be doing a Measurement packet next week.  We will work on it in class and at home.  The following week we will do a geometry packet in the same way.  Both of these concepts need to be related to real world problem solving.  Please provide opportunities for you child to experience these concepts at home.(ex: weighing themselves, cooking, measuring their room, looking at groceries and noticing how they are measured.)

SPRING BREAK – I will be sending a Tic Tac Toe of skills to practice for the GA Milestone over our Spring Break.  It is optional, but it will keep them fresh for the test which will happen as soon as we return.

GIMME 5 – Bring $5 and you can participate in  Spirit Days
Monday – Silly Sock Day
Tuesday – Twin Day
Wednesday – Crazy Hair Day
Thursday – PJ  Day
Friday – Favorite Sports Team Day

We will make a schedule for “Chicken Care” over the break.  The chickens will be living outdoors then and will need to be checked on twice a day.