April 18

4th Grade Spring Happenings

EARTH DAY – Rivers Alive

We will have our Community Service Day this Saturday at Ford from 8-12.  Please come out and help get our grounds cleaned up and ready for Evening in the Garden.  In lieu of Earth Day, the students and I will make a trip to the trail on Monday for our last Rivers Alive Clean-up.  You are welcome to join us.  We will leave at 11:15 and return for lunch at 12:15.  We will also celebrate by donating our extra field trip money to Rivers Alive for providing cool t-shirts for all of us.  I hope our students will work towards keeping our waterways clean and continue to be environmental stewards of our EARTH.

Military Appreciation Week: April 23 – 27

Evening in the Garden – Tuesday, May 1st
(rain date May 2nd)

Your child should have brought home a packet with all information needed for this fun family evening celebrating the Gardens and Arts at Ford Elementary.  Please make note of the transportation into the school for the evening.


25 Book Challenge Deadline:
Monday, May 14th ALL Graphic Organizers DUE
This 9 weeks – 6 GO’s for Coke Floats and Extreme Recess – Friday, May 18th

25 Books with all Genres completed, Off Campus Celebration, Wednesday May 16th

Other Dates to Remember:

Thursday, April 26th Wear Red, White, and Blue –

Friday, April 27th CRAZY HAIR or HAT DAY for Ford’s Foundation –

Tuesday, May 1st Evening in the Garden –

Thursday, May 3rd Cobb Regional Library Presentation –during school

Monday, May 7th Field Day –– more info to follow
Monday, May 21st – Award’s Day for 4th Grade Students ONLY
Tues. and Wed. –LAST DAYS of school Early Release 12:15

March 16

THANK YOU * I feel so Appreciated!

I want to take this time to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful cards the kiddos made, I love them.  Also, thank you for the much needed supplies(broom and dust pan – lol), flowers, NUTS, coffee, and gift cards.  I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work with your children.

REPORT CARDS – They will go home on Wednesday.  There should not be any surprises, as grades are sent home every Friday and are posted on your synergy.  If you do have concerns, please email me and we can set up a meeting.

Next Wednesday is our 25 Book Celebration – PIZZA PARTY during lunch.  We will eat in our room but the students must bring a lunch or buy something from the lunch room.  Invites will go home on Monday.

READ THEORY – I will be assigning this for the next two weeks.  Your child should complete at least 10 with a score of 80% or better. I will take the average of ten tests for a reading grade. This is to prepare them for the reading section on the GA Milestone (to be administered right after Spring Break).  They need this practice and I hope you will provide that opportunity for them.

MATH – We will be doing a Measurement packet next week.  We will work on it in class and at home.  The following week we will do a geometry packet in the same way.  Both of these concepts need to be related to real world problem solving.  Please provide opportunities for you child to experience these concepts at home.(ex: weighing themselves, cooking, measuring their room, looking at groceries and noticing how they are measured.)

SPRING BREAK – I will be sending a Tic Tac Toe of skills to practice for the GA Milestone over our Spring Break.  It is optional, but it will keep them fresh for the test which will happen as soon as we return.

GIMME 5 – Bring $5 and you can participate in  Spirit Days
Monday – Silly Sock Day
Tuesday – Twin Day
Wednesday – Crazy Hair Day
Thursday – PJ  Day
Friday – Favorite Sports Team Day

We will make a schedule for “Chicken Care” over the break.  The chickens will be living outdoors then and will need to be checked on twice a day.

March 4

News from 4th Grade

    We are learning a great deal from charting the growth of our chickens, measuring food, and preparing their habitat. A BIG thank you to Mr. Micklow for all the work he has done for our coop and run.  Thank you to Mrs. Rawls and Mrs. McConkey for their help on putting the coop together.  It was very exciting for the all the students to be a part of that. We are now engaged in an Engineering Design challenge for the “poop tray” to collect the poop for the compost bin which they will use in the Victory Garden next year.

We will go to the trail on Wednesday the 7th to test the stream water and do two field surveys.
You all are welcome to join us 11:00 – 12:00

Wednesday, March 14th is the end of the 9 weeks.  Each student should have their 6-7 graphic organizers.  Be sure to check that you are meeting the GENRE requirements.  Those that have 25 graphic organizers AND have met the genre requirement will join me in an off campus activity the last week of school.

Report cards will be sent home on Wednesday, March 21st

 NEW POLICY – for this last 9 weeks, there will be no grade changes for grades below 74.  I will require them to make corrections (to make sure they understand what they have missed) but NO grades will changed.  We have to get ready for 5th grade as they do not have that policy.  We have to be responsible for turning in our BEST work every time.

Math – We will be working on decimals and be using the Conceptua Math site on the computer.  Please make sure you provide time for your child to work on this program at home when assigned.  We will also be working on measurement standards through an independent study method, as we are getting the hands-on learning through our chicken project.

Reading – We will be working on figurative language and how this is found in Traditional Literature and how it makes our own writing better. We have explored the Georgia Milestone practice test online.  Your child will be practicing this at home, please make sure you provide that time for them.  Also, your child should be doing Read Theory regularly at home, as they are receiving an average grade for reading from this program.

Writing – We are working on writing a 5 paragraph opinion paper.  Also, we are continuing to use the RACE strategy to answer constructed and extended response questions on Readworks.org.  This is great practice for what they will be expected to do on the GA Milestone.  Revisions on these will be done at home.

Social Studies – We will be studying the new government for our New Nation and the writing of the Constitution.

Science – We are finishing up simple machines, test this week, Wednesday or Thursday.  Next we will study light and sound.

 STUDENTS:  Write down what is going to happen over the weekend with daylight.  Place in the green basket Tuesday morning for a BLUE COIN.

Mrs. Micklow

February 9

Hello Wonderful 4th Graders

We are at the 4 ½ week period.

It is time to check grades and make sure you have at least 3-4 graphic organizers.  Since we have been studying traditional literature I am requiring a graphic organizer for that genre – it is due next Friday the 16th.

Grades – PLEASE review work in the red folder, corrections on tests only are due the following Monday or no credit will be given.  No corrections are credited on classwork.  Please encourage your child to do their best and check over their work everyday.

Flu – we are doing everything possible to keep all germs at bay, Cloroxing tables and computers regularly, spraying Lysol, and using our On Guard essential oil hand wash.  We have an air diffuser and are diffusing essential oils as well.  If you would like to donate some essential oils it would be much appreciated. (Wild orange, On Guard, and thieves are all good for keeping healthy immune systems).

Chickens – I have placed the dates for chicken home stays in your child’s red folder.  Please review the requirements and sign the form if you agree to host them.  We need OLD pack and plays and large cat or dog carriers for the home stays.  Let me know if you have one of these.

Typing – Please encourage your child to practice typing.  4 sites are now available on our Symbaloo page.

Math Support can be found on–line through our My Math book.  Log in information is in the student’s agenda.

BOX TOPS – send them in for the contest and funds for our school.

BLUE COIN – Write what you love about chickens. Turn in Monday morning for a blue coin

January 26

Greeting from 4th Grade

We are getting very excited about our chickens hatching.  They are scheduled to hatch next Wednesday or Thursday.  We will be discussing all that is involved in taking the chickens home for the weekend.

 FIELD TRIP – Cobb Youth Museum
Monday, January 29th
Please wear your 4th grade T-shirt.
We will return for lunch.


Math – We are working fractions, we will be using the Conceptua Math site on the computer.  Please make sure you provide time for your child to work on this program at home when assigned.  We will work out any log in problems that may be occurring.

Reading – We will continue with our study of Traditional Literature. Your child should be doing Read Theory regularly at home when assigned. 

Writing – we are writing compare and contrast paragraphs about our traditional Literature

Social Studies – we will continue to study the American Revolutionary War and the writing of the Constitution.

Science – we are working on force and motion with simple machine


Box Top Contest has started – please send them in the bag provided.


For the students: What t-shirt are you going to wear on Monday?

All those that wear their 4th grade t-shirt will get a blue coin on Monday.

December 15

Happy Holidays

Thank you Mrs. Calhoun and your helper elves (Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Elias, Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Macri, Mrs. McConkey, and Mrs. Taylor) for a fantastic Micklow’s Mart.  Thanks to all of you for sending in all our store items. 

Next week:

Monday – Spelling Bee 8:00 AM.
Class Party 1:00PM – everyone is welcome

Tuesday – Talent Show 8:15 AM gym – everyone is invited.
Early release 12:30

Wednesday – Polar Express Day with PJs and hot coco.  Bring a pillow or blanket, as we will not sit at tables or chairs that day.  Early release 12:30 

“Tis the Season to Give”

I want to thank the students for being such caring, giving, awesome children.  We are each filling a bag with essentials and fun things for homeless families this season.  My dear friend works at Must Ministries and will be giving the bags out to families in need.  Thank you for raising such “GLORIOUS” children – my heart is full!

I look forward to seeing you all next week for our festivities.


Mrs. Micklow

November 13

Classroom Updates

Thanksgiving Feasts this week!
4th grade classes go on Thursday.
Our time is 12:00 – 12:45.  You are welcome to check your child out from the classroom after the feast. We will be sharing our narratives and showing some of the weather reports we have completed after the feast.  You are welcome to stay.  After that we will have some outdoor recess if weather permits.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you and meeting your extended families.
GIVING TREE IS UP –  Take a star and help a kid.

Square One Art came home today in red folder.
Red Folders are coming home on Wednesday this week along with Yellow Accountability Reports.

We will see our book buddies this week.  Yippee

We are at the MID-WAY point of the 9 weeks.  That means you should have completed at least 3 Reading Graphic Organizers.  Pleases encourage your child to read non-fiction as well as fiction.  Also, please read over the organizers before sending them in.

Grades have been updated so I hope you have looked at them with your child and discussed their progress with them.  Again, be sure to be reviewing papers coming home in the red folder.

Curriculum Highlights:


We will finish being meteorologists and have a weather test on Wednesday.

Our next unit is Ecosystems, which will prepare us for our Schoolyard Habitat project along with Project Hero.  Also, we will be researching chickens to prepare for hatching in January.


We have finished patterns in math and are moving on to multiplication as comparisons and determining area.  After the break we will do area model and distributive method of multiplying.  After that we moved to partial product multiplication.


Vocabulary Test – Thursday

We will start Colonization and be reading to learn (Weekly Studies Newspapers, textbook, and summary passages).  We will practice many strategies to hone our reading skills.


We will continue to practice the RACE strategy with our reading.

We will begin writing opinions and write more letters.

For the Student:  What are you thankful for?  Brainstorm your ideas for a writing assignment.  Turn in to the green basket Tuesday for a BLUE COIN.


October 13

4th Grade ROCKS

I am looking forward to meeting with you all next week for conferences.  The students will dismiss each day at 12:15.  Please knock on the door at your time (sometimes I get long-winded).

Thank you to Colleen Calhoun and the PTSA for a great Fall Festival.
Fun times had by all.

Remember to visit the Book Fair.

The students have received their pay checks.  Next week, the students will do their banking and be able to share this real life skill with you.  My 6 accountants have worked hard to record their client’s money in an excel spreadsheet. Ask you child about this.

For the students:  Is 456,297 a prime or composite number and why. Place your answer, with your name, in the green basket Monday morning for a blue coin.

September 15

4th Grade ROCKS

REMINDER: Tuesday the 19th students will dismiss 15 minutes early due to the DOE tour of our wonderful school.

 REFLECTIONS – Due Oct 3rd – Entry Forms are in Red Folder
I am requiring everyone to participate in reflections.  We have talked about it in class.  It is always amazing what the students can do when they let that creativity flow.

End of the 9 Weeks READING GOAL– Oct. 6th

Each students needs to have completed 6 graphic organizers to meet the 25 Book Challenge Goal.  I recorded the number of GO’s they have posted thus far on the accountability report this week.  Please encourage your child’s reading at home.  We will have a celebration here at school recognizing all that meet the challenge.

Rivers Alive Notice and permission form is in the red folder this week

For the Student:  What is Rivers Alive?  Write what it means in your own words on a piece of paper with your name. Place in the green basket Monday morning before the bell rings.