Math 7/8

10/18 – Today in class students began to learn about translations. A translation is a type of transformation in which an image “slides” on a coordinate plane. WATCH THE VIDEO below to provide a lesson/tutorial on translations.

After watching the video, see the attached “notes” from class with example problems. (The work/answers is also embedded)

HW tonight – p.301 #’s 1 – 7


10/17 – Today in class students began unit 4 (Transformations, Congruence, and Similarity). I have attached the unit calendar below with important details including important dates and topics. Furthermore, links are embedded if you need any extra resources.

Unit 4 Calendar 2018

Today’s class was spent reviewing the concepts of angles, lines, and triangle properties. Students were also given an extra credit puzzle that can be completed and turned in on Friday.

HW tonight – p. 281 #’s 1 – 7 and p. 289 #’s 1 – 9


10/15 – 10/16 – Students worked to complete the unit 3 touchstone.


10/11 – Today in class we reviewed our study guide. Please use the attached link to quizizz to help you review for the test TOMORROW!

A help session/review will be held tomorrow morning at 8:15am.


10/10 – Today in class students learned about permutations. See images for class notes and examples. Students also received their study guides for their test on FRIDAY!

HW – complete study guide tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

10/9 – Today in class students participated in activity called “Taste the Rainbow of probability”. It was fun ๐Ÿ™‚
Tonight’s HW is p. 259 #’s 1 – 9 odd and 14 – 27 odd.

10/8 – Today in class students received their quiz that they took on Friday. After reviewing them together, we began to talk about simulations(see images below for class notes)


HW tonight – p. 225 #’s 1 – 5

10/4 – Today in class students reviewed skills that they have learned all week. We played a “Whodunnit” game to practice finding the probability of compound events.

We will have a QUIZ tomorrow!


10/3 – Today in class students created tree diagrams to model the sample space (amount of outcomes) between two simple events. The notes and examples are attached.

HW tonight – p. 217 #’s 1 – 6




10/2 – Today in class we began to learn about the difference between Experimental and Theoretical probability. Students “went” to the Crab Derby Races. It was a lot of fun. Tonight’s HW is p. 205 #1 – 5.


10/1ย  – Today in class we reviewed our unit 2 tests. RETAKES will be THIS THURSDAY morning at 8:15 for those students wanting to improve their score.

After reviewing our tests, we began unit 3. SEE ATTACHED CALENDAR ๐Ÿ™‚

Our class notes are below. Tonight’s HW is p. 195 – 197 #’s 1 – 19 odd

Calendar Unit 3 2018

9/19 – TEST TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will host a help session tomorrow morning at 8:15 for any students who would like extra help before the test. Here is a quizizz code to practice as well…ย 878397

Don’t forget…you performance tasks are due on Friday!

9/18- Students should be working to complete their study guides in preparation for our test on Thursday. Students should also be working in their performance tasks that are due on Friday. The HW from Monday (p.47) is due tomorrow.


9/17 – See attached for copy of study guide. TEST ON THURSDAY!!! Performance Task DUE ON FRIDAY!

Unit 2 Study Guide-rehalv

HW tonight – p. 47 #’s 1 – 7



9/12 – 9/13 – Due to testing, students are meeting with math 7/8 every other day. We have been learning about analyzing data and comparing data sets with measures of center and variation. Don’t forget…make sure you are working on your Performance Task at home ๐Ÿ™‚

9/11 – Today in class students began to think critically when analyzing graphs and statistics. We looked at how graphs and statistics can be misleading and the importance of recognizing how that can skew data. The power point notes are attached. Tonight’s HW is to complete pg. 31 #’s 1 – 4 and pg. 33 #’s 11 & 13.

Misleading Graphs and Statistics-vdf7o2




9/10 – Today in class students received their Making predications and sampling quiz that they took on Friday. The class averages were 88% and 89%. Way to go!

After reviewing questions that students had on the quiz, we began to review measures of center and how we can use them to make inferences with the data set that we are given. See below for today’s class notes and practice. The homework is attached as well.

Interpreting Measures of Center


9/6 – Today in class students reviewed yesterdays skills that were learned through a lot of self-discovery. I am attaching a copy of the notes and classwork activities with answers so that students may check their work and come prepared with questions tomorrow before our quiz. We then discussed the difference between biased and unbiased samples. As students complete their performance tasks, they will need to consider what type of sample they are collecting. See the attached picture for today’s notes and practice. Tonight’s HW is page 19 #’s 1 – 10. We will have a quiz tomorrow over making predictions and biased versus unbiased samples.

9/5 – HW tonight – p. 11 #’s 1 – 11.

9/4 – Today in class students received their tests that they had taken had the end of last week. Because it is a “7th grade test” we will follow the 7th grade test retake policy. Any student wanting to retake their test may do so by completing test corrections, having their parent sign their corrections, and them coming in early on Friday morning at 8:15 to retake the test. See attached form if needed.

Also today, students were introduced to unit 2: Inferences. The unit calendar is attached below. However, I ask that you be flexible with this unit calendar as a lot is subject to change due to testing. Furthermore, students will have an ongoing performance task to complete over the next 3 weeks. Be sure to ask your child about it!

HW tonight – come up with statistical question that you would like to use for your “experiment” in the performance task.

Calendar Unit 2 2018

Inferences PerformTask


8/30 – No HW ๐Ÿ™‚

8/29 – TEST TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! See below for link to Quizizz to practice as well as the key to the study guide…


8/28 – Today in class students had the opportunity to begin reviewing for their unit 1 test WHICH IS ON THURSDAY. Students worked on their study guides and were able to ask questions as they arose. Students will need to finish the study guide for HW tonight.

Unit 1 test study guide



8/27 – Today in class students learned about surface area with both prisms and pyramids. See notes with attached link.(There are several extra examples for practice as well) Reminder…our first TEST is THIS THURSDAY!

Surface Area notes and examples

8/23 – Today in class students reviewed their quizzes from yesterday. After doing so, we began to learn about volume with prisms and pyramids (see attached notes)

Remember your steps to solving a volume problem…

1) Determine if the shape is a prism or pyramid

2) Write the correct volume formula

3) Determine the shape of the base in the prism/pyramid so you can adjust your volume formula

4) FORMULA, SUBSTITUTION, SOLUTION!!!!! Circle you answer ๐Ÿ™‚

HW tonight – complete p. 143 #’s 1 – 4 and p. 151 #’s 1 – 6



8/21 – QUIZ TOMORROW, QUIZ TOMMORROW, QUIZ TOMORROW…just in case you forgot ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are a couple of quizizz codes that you can use to practice with.

HW tonight – Complete pg. 127 #’s 1 – 12 and 16 and 17.ย 


8/20 – Today in class we finished our “whodunit” mystery. Well, would have finished in 4th block if it wasn’t for that fire alarm! The culprit was Miss Beta in the pool with a fallen object.

Tonight’s HW is to complete the handout over finding area and circumference of circles. See attached.

Area of Circle practice

Reminder – you will have your 2nd quiz on Wednesday over circles!


8/17 – Today in class students took brief notes about the area of circles. Afterwards, we began a “Whodunnit” mystery lesson. We will finish on Monday. Also below, is an extra activity (riddle) for more practice with area of circles


8/16 – Todayย  in class we began to learn about the properties of circles. CIRCUMFERENCE! Please see the images below of today’s class notes. HW tonight is pg. 117 #’s 1- 31 odd. Also below is a maze for practice with circumference of circles for additional practice.


8/15 – Today in class students were introduced to cross sections. Ever wonder what the cross section of the Earth would look like? Do you know? ๐Ÿ™‚

See the attached images for today’s class notes. Tonight’s HW is – p. 105 #’s 1 – 5 and p. 107 #’s 17 – 20.

8/14 – Today is class students worked in pairs to complete a classwork assignment that allowed them to practice using their knowledge of properties of triangles.
HW tonight – Choiceboard activity handout. Make sure to complete 5 boxes on the choiceboard (1 box has to be #1)

8/13 – Today in class students took notes on Triangle properties (see below)

HW tonight – p. 97 #’s 1 – 11

8/9 – Today in class students reviewed and practiced their knowledge of angle relationships. Our quiz is tomorrow and the quizzizz link to practice is below…

8/8 – Today in class students worked together to solve an angle “puzzle”. The puzzle required to students to draw on previous knowledge to find the values of 15 missing angles.

HW tonight – complete the handout from class (parallel lines and equations riddle)


8/7 – Today in class students explored special angle relationships. The vocabulary is new and challenging but students seem to be grasping the big ideas. Attached you will find a copy of today’s class notes as well as the answers to tonight’s HW. Remember, it is the work that I am looking for to PROVE the answers. Lastly, I have included a couple problems like tonight’s HW so that you can get an idea if you are havingย  a hard time.

HW – complete the equations and transversals handout for HW


8/6 – Today in class students began unit 1 – Geometry. We began by learning about angle properties (the notes are attached below). In addition, you can also locate the unit 1 calendar below.

HW tonight – p. 77 #’s 4- 11 and p. 85 #’s 1 – 10

Math 7/8 Unit 1 calendar


8/2 – Today in class students learned about Remind 101. It is a great tool that allows me, Mrs. Morris, to send students reminder messages via text or email. It is a great tool and both students and parents are encouraged to sign up to receive reminders about homework and important dates. Please click the link below for directions to sign up.

Math 7/8 remind