April 20

Week of April 16th to 20th

This week we have finally finished with standardized testing! As with the previous week, adjustments were made based on the schedule. Topics covered are as follows:

6th – Solving problems involving order of operations, extended practice on coordinate graphing

7th – Area and circumference of circles, converting between fractions, decimals, and percent

8th – Graphing linear functions using y-intercept and slope

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April 13

Week of April 9th-13th

It’s that time again – testing! Due to testing, our schedule is a bit different this week and we have taken this into consideration as we’ve planned our lessons. We will still be covering content and proceeding normally with 7th grade – since they do not have testing this week, but 6th and 8th will have more “low key” activities due to the stresses of testing and cessation of some normal procedures (like Bell ringers) due to shortened class times.

Topics being covered….

7th – Circumference/area of circles and converting between decimal, percent, and fractions. Students will also brush up on their coordinate graphing skills, practice on Dreambox with decimal (integer) computation and integer addition/subtraction automaticity

8th – Review of pythagorean theorem, practice on Dreambox with a focus on functions and shape congruence (transformations, translations, etc.)

6th  – Continued practice with coordinate graphing, practice on Dreambox with a focus on fraction division and solving inequalities


Have a great week!

Mrs. Moyer

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March 26

Dreambox Pizza Challenge Update!

Here’s an update on how the classes are doing as far as the Dreambox Pizza Challenge. As you can see, the number of lessons vary quite a bit class to class, but the race is tight in terms of average number of lessons – which is what will be used to determine the overall winner. Currently our leader is 8B with 6A, 6B, and 8A tied for second place. 7B is in third. Where will the rankings be after this week? Only time will tell!

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March 26

Week of March 19th to March 23rd

Happy Monday all!

In addition to our weekly Dreambox practice, here is what we will be accomplishing in Math Foundations:

6th grade: Students will continue their work with finding volume of rectangular solids and the area of squares, rectangles, and triangles. We will also review our coordinate graphing skills!

7th grade: Students will pick up where they left off on Pi day with more in-depth practice with Circles. Please see the video in the last blog to review how to find the circumference and area of circles.

8th grade: Students will continue their March Madness brackets and review solving two-step equations. Towards the latter portion of the week will begin reviewing Functions– a major 8th grade concept.

Have a wonderful week!

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March 6

Dreambox Pizza Party Challenge!

Hi everyone,

Want to get some extra math practice in AND possibly earn a pizza party for your class? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Starting March 5th and running through May 5th – Cobb County is sponsoring a Dreambox Pizza Party Challenge. How does it work?

Each week Mrs. Moyer will track the number of lessons completed by each class (6A, 6B, 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B). At the end of the challenge, the class with the highest average number of lessons will win a pizza party graciously sponsored by Cobb County!

So, now’s the time to put in a few extra minutes (or hours) in your spare time. Not only will it pay off when you take the MI or Milestones – it just might pay off in pizza as well!

Good luck!

Mrs. Moyer

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March 1

Week of February 28th through March 2nd

Welcome back Campbell Spartans!

We’re kicking into high gear as we head towards spring – which of course means warmer weather and state testing! As a reminder, students will be taking their state tests the week following Spring Break, so now is a GREAT time to get in some extra practice on Dreambox to make sure skills are sharp and ready!

Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been working on this week….

6th – Bellringer Skill: Solving inequalities (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) and graphing on a number line. For our classroom focus we’ve been finishing up working with translating expressions and will next move into practice with volume and surface area.

7th – Bellringer Skill: Decimal operations review (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing) with positive and negative numbers. For our classroom focus we’ve continued working with unit rates – but this time using complex fractions (fractions that have fractional numerators, denominators, or both.)

8th – Bellringer Skill:  Solving for “x” and “y” (linear functions on a table) using substitution. This is a step up from our previous bellringer skill where we only solved for “x” and helps students get used to the  y = mx + b (slope) format they’ll use in their regular math class. For our classroom focus we’re moving on to the power rule, and expanded power rule for exponent operations.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Moyer


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February 26

Week of February 12th to February 16th

It’s been a VERY busy week here at CMS! We’ve had field trips to Fernbank and College Campuses, Valentine’s Day, celebrations of Black History Month and of course our wonderful Humanitarian Awards.

Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve been working on here in Math Foundations.

6th – Bellringer: Solving and graphing inequalities on a number line- with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Our class focus has continued to be translating algebraic expressions. We watched a few helpful videos that covered these topics. (See below)

7th – Bellringer: Continuing practice with solving multi-step equations that have fractional coefficients. This connects to our class focus of unit rate with complex fractions as both involve dividing fractions.

8th – Bellringer – Solving for “x” (linear functions on a table) using substitution. Our class focus has continued to be on the use of the product, quotient, and zero properties with regards to exponents.


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February 8

Week of February 5th to February 9th

Hello everyone,

It’s been a busy week here at Campbell Middle School – especially for our 8th graders.  They had a visit from Campbell High School on Tuesday during academies to talk about choosing electives, what a GPA is, and opportunities to join clubs and activities. On Thursday both 7th and 8th graders got to experience a unique guest speaker to learn about Growth Mindset (also during academy time). Because of that our schedule has been a bit different and you may notice in StudentVue/ParentVue that certain activities/assignments are marked as “X” for exempt. But don’t worry – we’ll get everyone caught up!

Below are the topics we worked on this week….

6th – For our Bellringer skill the 6th graders continued their practice solving inequalities and graphing them on a number line. (See video from last week.) Most students have become proficient at the solving portion, but many are still improving their skills on the graphing portion – understanding how b < 8 versus b > 8 is visually represented. For our Classroom Focus we’ve continued working on translating words into algebraic expressions and equations. This is a critical skill for 6th grade because it lays the foundation for many future word problems they will come across in 7th and 8th grade. You can help your child by pointing out math words in everyday language or when you see them on TV or in real life situations (like shopping). Some words that we take for granted as understood are unfamiliar to many of our students. Some examples we’ve discussed – combine means to add, a dozen is equal to 12, and one quarter means 1/4 or 0.25.

Here is an example of what a Milestone question on this topic might look like.

7th – Our Bellringer skill for this week has been a continuation of the students’ practice with solving multi-step equations, with the addition of fractional coefficients. For example:  1/3x – 5 = 20. What is challenging in this type of equation for students is that they need to divide by a fraction to solve. This means that they need to remember that when dividing fractions they actually have to multiply by the reciprocal. As we continue to build student equation solving skills we will begin adding decimals and also include situations where students need to add or subtract fractions. This means they have to dig back into their fraction knowledge base and remember about common denominators, simplifying, changing improper to mixed and vice versa. Although these are primarily elementary level skills, they are critical for being successful at higher level math. Dreambox helps students address gaps in these areas, so please encourage your student to do practice lessons in Dreambox at home when possible. For our Classroom Focus we’ve continued our work with the concepts of rate and unit rate. It is always useful for students when they can connect what we study in real life so if you are with your student at the gas station you can point out the unit rate in terms of how much is charged or perhaps when you are grocery shopping when you are deciding what brand or amount of an item to buy. We have been working with this in terms of Valentine’s Day candy purchasing/party planning simulation. Our next steps in unit rate will be to have students work with complex fractions. Here we’ll be echoing our Bellringer skill as students get additional practice dividing fractions. Watching this video, What’s a Reciprocal?  will help students to understand what to multiply and then How do you divide fractions? will clarify further.

8th As mentioned earlier, the 8th grade schedule is a bit abbreviated this week due to assemblies, but for our Bellringer skill we will continue working on using substitution to complete tables of linear functions and simplifying using exponent operation rules (see video from previous week). Substitution is a CRITICAL skill for 8th graders. They need it for checking equations, solving equations, and as they continue their practice with linear functions and functions and perhaps their hardest skill – systems of equations which they’ll do later this year. Check out this video to see what that might look like.

For our Classroom Focus we are continuing our practice on rules with exponent operations. This week in particular we focused on the product rule  and the quotient rule.

We’ve also worked on use of the distributive property as applied to both of these.

Students who are still having difficulty with the distributive property would benefit from checking out this more in depth video on the distributive property.

Have a great week! Make sure to get in some extra time on Dreambox if you can!

Mrs. Moyer

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