November 2

Week of 10_29 to 11_2

Hello everyone,

Here’s a quick recap of our week in Math Connections.


Bellringer Skill: This week we’re finishing up our second round of Order of Operations – solving equations using PEMDAS. As before, the new skill students are working with here is the use of exponents. Primary Skill: Finding the GCF and simplifying fractions. This connects to the Unit 2 concept of ratios as equivalent fractions. To be proficient at finding GCF (the greatest common factor) students need to be able to differentiate between factors and multiples (numbers you multiply to make a number versus “skip counting” – counting up). Students also need a basic fluency in their multiplication facts. This is an area of weakness among many of the 6th grade students. These facts can be practice via Fact Fluency in Moby Max or through practice lessons in Dreambox which require computation skills.

Fruit Splat Simplifying Fractions Game


Bellringer Skill: Students this week are solving one-step equations that involve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These problems do not include positive and negative integer as the current focus is on the STEPS of solving versus integer computation. We are previewing the use of substitution to check solutions as this concept becomes very important when equations become more complex and include integers. Primary Skill: We are working on integer computation skills this week – primarily adding integers. Students need to recall that when the signs are the same – add as normal and keep the sign (or lack of sign) for their answer. When signs are different, despite the fact that there is an addition sign – the operation they do is actually subtraction. They also need a basic understanding of the concept of absolute value since the sign of the answer to the problem is determined by which number has the greatest absolute value.

Orbit Integers Adding Game


Bellringer Skill: Solving Multistep Equations – we’ve continued our practice with solving multi-step equations. This practice lays the foundation for solving equations with variables on both sides (that 8th grade is currently practicing) and helps later with solving functions. Primary Skill: Square roots, cube roots, and estimating square roots – we’re  continuing to review knowledge of square roots and cube roots but taking that information to help estimate square roots of irrational numbers. Students should have square roots memorized up through at least 225. Much like multiplication tables, having these facts memorized will make working with these kinds of numbers much easier in the future.

Estimating Square Roots to the Nearest Whole Number

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October 29

UPDATE! New Videos, Games, and Practice Added!

Attention student and parents! New links have been added to ALL grade level pages! Please take a moment and check out some of the new videos, practice and games that have been added to help students better understand the concepts we are reviewing in class.

6th Grade Videos and Practice

7th Grade Videos and Practice

8th Grade Videos and Practice


Mrs. Moyer

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October 26

Week of 10_22 to 10_26

Hello all,

Here’s a recap of this week…

6th Grade

Bellringer Skill: Order of Operations (II) Based on student responses and informal assessment, 6th grade needs a little more practice with this concept – particularly when it comes to evaluating exponents, so we’ll be working on another set of PEMDAS problems before moving on. Primary Skill: For the first part of this week, students are finishing up their Multiplication/Division of Fractions Summative Project. From here, we’re moving on to fraction simplification. In order to do this successfully, it is critical that students are fluent in their multiplication facts. Without knowledge of these facts, finding common factors, and ultimately the GCF (Greatest Common Factor) is very problematic. This skill ties in to their current 6th grade unit in that simplified fractions (or just fractions in general) are another way to represent ratios. Also, students find equivalent fractions (which is what simplified fractions are) when they complete ratio tables.

7th Grade

Bellringer Skill: Order of Operations – To tie in to upcoming equation and expression solving units (which involves a firm grasp of Order of Operations), 7th grade is reviewing this skill. Primary SkillThis week we reviewed some of the critical vocabulary words needed to master Unit 1 Concepts. One class took a quiz on Friday and the other will be quizzed on Monday. Following this we will be doing a Mini-unit on integer operations – focusing primarily on internalizing and becoming fluent at adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers.


Bellringer Skill: Multi-step Equations – We’ve moved on from basic one-step equations to equations that involve multiple steps. This is a building block for students to be able to solve equations that have variables on both sides. In order for students to become proficient at this, it is critical that they remember and accurately apply integer operation rules. Primary Skill: This week we’ve reviewed square roots, cube roots, as well as squaring and cubing numbers. These are prerequisite skills to our Operations with Exponents unit that students will be working on over the next few weeks.



-10/29 – 8th Grade Field Trip to CNN Center and Civil Rights Museum

-10/31 $2 Dress Down Day

-11/6 NO SCHOOL – Staff work day

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October 15

Week of 10_15 to 10_19


Due to early release schedule, class time is EXTREMELY limited this week. Here is a quick overview of what we’re covering:

6th – Working on Summative Projects for Multiplication and Division of Fractions

7th – Reviewing Unit 1 Vocabulary Concepts/Beginning Integer Operations Review

8th – Reviewing solving Multi-step Equations, Square and Cube Roots, using Exponents

If you would like to touch base with me during conference week – please feel free to stop by or send me an email!


Mrs. Moyer

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October 12

Week of 10_8 to 10_12


It’s been a BUSY week here at CMS with talent show auditions, curriculum night, PSAT testing,an early release day AND Fresh Air Friday!

Here’s a quick round-up of what we’ve covered.

6th Grade

Bellringer Skill – Order of Operations: This week 6th grade revisited the world of PEMDAS (which they studied briefly in 5th grade) with the exciting addition of exponents. This is a good chance for them to practice computation skills but also get a preview of numbers presented in a slightly different way – a way they’ll be seeing them later in the year when they work with equations and expressions. Primary Skill – We finished up (most) of our unit involving multiplying and dividing fractions this week. Students will do the culminating group project over the next week – a “How To” Booklet on the concepts we covered in the unit. This is a MAJOR grade that will go in for the 2nd quarter, so please encourage your student to make sure they are using their class time wisely! Not only will the final project be scored, but they will also get daily effort/participation grades as they work on it. Below is a sheet which details the project.

Math Project Fraction Multiplication and Division Booklet edited-14ijxr6

7th Grade

Bellringer Skill – Multiplying and Subtracting Decimals: Students are beginning to show some growth in this area, but still need practice in multi-digit multiplication (with decimals) as well as regrouping correctly when subtracting. Primary Skill – We have almost finished our division unit! Students completed the final performance task – an Error Analysis with written response and did a summative quiz on Decimal Division. Results were not as good as we had hoped, so we will definitely be revisiting this skill again. In the meantime, students may get extra practice via some assigned lessons on Moby Max. As the final component of our unit, we will revisit the key vocabulary words of unit 1 over the next couple of days.

8th Grade

Bellringer Skill: One step equations – we have almost finished our practice with this skill and will be moving on to multi-step equations next. Be on the lookout for the scores for the Bellringer to be posted soon so that you can get an idea of how your student did on this concept. Primary Skill – We have completed our Transformations Unit and will be moving on to working with Exponents next. Students still have available practice on Transformations via Dreambox and Moby Max if needed.


-Next week is conference week. If you would like me to attend your student’s conference, please let ME and the homeroom teacher know ASAP!

-Scoliosis testing for 6th and 8th grade is next week – you should’ve received a form with information regarding this. If not, check with hour homeroom teacher.

-Don’t forget – every day next week is early release!

Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Moyer

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October 5

Week of 10_1 to 10_5

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing break!

This week we are officially rolling out Dreambox – an interactive adaptive online program that allows students to work on leveled practice specific to their individual needs.

Check out this link to get some more in-depth information on Dreambox for middle school students.

This program will be used once a week and counts as a grade (for completing lessons) on a weekly basis. Students can complete additional lessons for extra credit. This can be done in class, at home, or at our weekly Thursday morning tutoring sessions. Dreambox can be accessed from the link on the homepage of this blog and is also available as an app for iPad. If you are considering downloading the app, please let me know if you have any difficulties and I will be happy to assist you. While the Dreambox roll out (and review of appropriate usage for technology/iPads) took the bulk of our class time this week, below is a brief overview of what we covered.

6th Bellringer Skill: Order of Operations – this included this use of exponents, a new concept for 6th graders who have only previously seen it used with powers of 10 or referenced via square or cubic units when calculating area and volume. Primary Skill: Dividing mixed numbers. This is the last skill in our multiplying and dividing fractions unit. Students will complete a final project reviewing these concepts and a summative quiz covering multiplying and dividing fractions as well as converting between improper and mixed forms.

7th Bellringer Skill: Multiplying and subtracting decimals – based on a diagnostic assessment these are two weak areas for our seventh grade students, so we will practice them via the daily Bellringer and then re-assess to determine which students may still need support in this area. Primary Skill: Decimal by decimal division. We have completed our Division unit (which included the long division algorithm and dividing by decimals). Students are working on completing a partner activity – an Error Analysis of decimal division problems. They will then take a summative quiz that covers both long division and decimal division concepts to finish out the unit.

8th Bellringer Skill: Solving one step equations – This year a major area of focus for 8th graders revolves around solving equations in a variety of forms. Solving one step equations is the critical building block for success in these more difficult equation solving situations. These bellringers help to review solving equatiosn that include adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing so that when students encounter these same situations in multi-step equations, they are prepared to handle them. Primary Skill: We are almost finished with our Transformations Unit. Students have completed all unit activities as well as a cooperative station review. To complete the unit they will do a final assessment via Moby Max.

Reminder: Next Thursday is an early release day!


Mrs. Moyer

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September 21

Happy Fall Break!

There is no school for the week of 9/24-9/28. Get some rest, spend some time with family and friends, and if you have a few free moments – do a bit of practice on Dreambox or Moby Max!

~Mrs. Moyer


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September 14

Week of September 10th-14th


This week 7th grade testing (COGAT and IOWA) begins on Wednesday and continues through Tuesday of next week. Due to this, the schedule is different and class time is shortened. Below is an overview of topics we are covering by grade level:

6th Grade

Bellringer skill – Long Division: This week we finish our practice with long division. We will revisit it as a class focus at a later date (based on results of the Bellringer). Next, we will be moving to practice with order of operations (PEMDAS). This will give students some exposure to the concept of exponents as well as allow them to revisit use of parentheses and computation skills as a helpful preview to their later expressions and equations unit.

Primary Skill: This week we are finishing up working with fraction multiplication (including multiplying mixed numbers, whole numbers, and improper fractions) and moving on to fraction division. This is review of a skill taught during their in-class unit. Some critical vocabulary words your student should know are: numerator, denominator, reciprocal, inverse. Being familiar with these words will help them to be successful at fraction division. Need a quick refresher or some practice yourself? Check out the video and links below.

Video -Math Antics – Dividing Fractions

Math Playground Dividing Fractions Practice

Khan Academy Dividing Fractions Practice

7th Grade

Bellringer skill – Fraction Multiplication: This week we are finishing up with fraction multiplication. Most students have been fairly successful at this skill, so we will be moving on next to a review of decimal multiplication and subtraction. Based on a decimal operations diagnostic, this is a critical gap area for our 7th grade students, particularly when the subtraction involves regrouping with zeros and the multiplication has more than two digits.

Primary Skill: Decimal Division continues this week. Students will have the opportunity to make corrections to previous decimal division work (dividing decimals by whole numbers. The algorithm for decimal by decimal division is often very confusing for students. They have a difficult time remembering how and when to move the decimal point – and making sure to move it for both the dividend and divisor. Another challenge, is remembering to add zeros and knowing when to do so. Need a quick refresher or some practice yourself? Check out the video and links below.

Video Dividing Decimals

Khan Academy Decimal Division Practice

Math Games: Decimal Division Practice

8th Grade

Bellringer skill – Fraction Division (with Integers): This week we will finish up our practice with fraction division with integers. We will revisit fractions later in the year but next will be moving on to a review of basic one-step equations with all operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). This will help to prepare students for the more complex multi-step equations they will be seeing this year in 8th grade as well as allow for some integer practice – a critical skill for all 8th grade students.

Primary Skill: We will be finishing out our Transformations unit over the course of this week and next. Students will have practiced with all transformations with the exception of dilations. Some common areas of misconception with students are 1) confusing the x and y axis when doing reflections 2) confusing clockwise and counter-clockwise when doing rotations 3) inverting their x and y coordinates when graphing or recording points 4) mistaking reflections for rotations (and vice versa). Students will have additional practice with all of these concepts via a station rotation and a short project prior to our summative unit assessment. The stations will also include a vocabulary component to help address some of these common errors. Also, students can check out the assigned lessons on Moby Max! Need a quick refresher or some practice yourself? Check out the video and links below.

Video Math Antics Dividing Fractions

Video Review of Transformations

Video Rotating Objects Around Origin

IXL Practice Finding Reflection Coordinates

IXL Practice Finding Rotation Coordinates


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September 11

Moby Max Page Added

Forgot how to access Moby Max? Check the links to the right side of the page and there now is a page with a direct link and instructions.


Mrs. Moyer

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September 9

Week of 9/3 through 9/7

Hi all,

Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been covering this week:

6th Grade

Bell ringer Skill: Long division/Improper to Mixed

Primary Skill: Fraction Multiplication (with complex fractions) – This week we built on our practice of fraction conversion (mixed to improper/improper to mixed) and finished up our focus on fraction multiplication. Students practiced using the standard algorithm to multiply “regular” fractions as well as complex fractions (i.e. mixed numbers). After this, we will be moving on to fraction division.

Flocabulary Multiplying Fractions

7th Grade

Bell ringer Skill: Fraction Multiplication

Primary Skill: Long Division/Decimal Division – This week we’ve finished up our practice with the long division algorithm and have moved on to working with dividing decimals by whole numbers. Next week, we will continue our practice with the decimal division algorithm, focusing on dividing decimals by decimals.

Flocabulary Long Division

Brainpop Dividing Decimals

8th Grade

Bell ringer Skill: Fraction Division (with integers)

Primary Skill: Transformations – plotting reflections and rotations – we are at the end of our Transformation unit. Students have practiced vocabulary and identification of the various transformations and this week worked on plotting transformations on the coordinate grid. Next week, we will be reviewing and then assessing on these standards.

Khan Academy Translating Points

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