Week Three – August 13-17, 2018

MON – Formative assessment on grammar. introduce using nouns to form simple, complete and compound subjects

TUE – Review formative assessment. practice forming subjects. unpack embedded assessment in Unit 2 Spring-Board

WED – Continue unpacking embedded assessment in Spring-Board Unit 2

THU – Extended use of RACE 5-7 sentences. Introduce using verbs to form simple, complete and compound predicates

FRI – Practice using verbs to form simple, complete and compound predicates.

Week Two – August 6-10, 2018

MON – A-Ball about me (autobiography paragraph)

TUE – T-shirt about me (autobiography paragraph)

WED – Pre-assessment on using R.A.C.E.

THU – RACE paragraph – “We Need Bees”

FRI – RACE paragraph – “Flamingo Facts”

Week One – August 1-3, 2018
1. Students will receive a course supply list, a copy of the course syllabus, and classroom expectations.

2. Parents and students are required to read and discuss together, sign and return to me by Mon Aug. 6, 2018.

3. We will be engaged in
a. some ice-breaking activities,
b. going over class rules and procedures, and
c. recognizing the students are in their writing and
d. setting goals for where each student needs to be by the end of the month.


Welcome to my blog.

This school year, I will be teaching English and languages arts with a focus on writing. For some of our students, Mrs. Stewart and I will co-teach together during 1st and 4th periods.

My goal is to work with my students and their parents to ensure that each child improves in their writing. To accomplish this goal, we must come to class prepared to write, read, discuss, and participate in all classroom activities. I encourage every student to ask for help, support, feedback, and suggestions on how to accomplish every task. Our day will go by faster when we are focused on learning, you will be so proud or yourself for the accomplishments I know I can help you achieve.

Please check this blog every week so you are aware of all the exciting and engaging activities we have going.

It is my hope that when we take the Georgia Milestones end of grade assessment in April 2019, you would have improved a minimum of one level up, from your score in 6th grade.

Thank you.

Mrs. Osakwe








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