This Week In Kindergarten (8/5-8/9)

Hello Kinder Parents!

I hope you are having a wonderful start to your week. Our Kinders have been busy learning procedures and routines. They are doing a fantastic job!  We have earned a total of 565 Dojo Points as a class! Each point earned is one step closer to our class fish!! Our Kinders are super excited. 


We are focusing on building community and getting to know each other this week. Thank you for sending in the All About “Me Bags”. We will continue sharing a few at a time and should get to everyone by Friday.

IB Unit- Who We Are: All about Me


  • Read Aloud: I’m Gonna Like Me, Rainbow FishChrysanthemum, Stand Tall Molly Lou MelonThe Name Jar. We will read these books to identify characters and investigate how we can learn about each other and come together as a class community.
  • Phonics: letter/sound recognition


  • Using simple shapes to draw self portraits and our family members
  • Pre writing strokes -vertical lines, horizontal lines, diagonal lines, and circles


  • Introduction to Math Manipulatives/Stations

I will be completing 1/1 assessments with each student in the next few weeks. When that is complete, I will use those results to form small math and reading groups that will be differentiated to meet your student’s particular skill level. We are also working on learning all our class routines that will make the rest of the year run smoothly.


Reading w. “Book Buddies”

Writing (making vertical lines)

Math Stations (introduction to math tools/sharing/problem solving)

Our Kinder Family Photos-


Have a fantastic week!

-Mrs. Davis 

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