This Week in Kindergarten: (9/9-9/13)

Hello Kinder Parents!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to have a fantastic week! 

Here are a few class notes and reminders.

Class notes:

Wishlist Items: 

(none) …Looks like we are all set! 

*Thank you all so very much for your generous donations! I truly appreciate all of your contributions to our classroom. 

MEDIA CENTER: We will visit the Media Center on WEDNESDAY, 9/11. Please make sure library books are in backpacks ready to be returned. Thanks for your help.

SHOW & TELL: FRIDAYENVIRONMENTAL PRINT * Please help your child collect a few examples of environmental print from their favorite foods.  Some examples might be the front of cereal boxes or labels from shopping bags, bottles, or cans.  Please make sure the sample is clean and flat- it may need to be cut. We will use the pieces of environmental print collected for a special project. 

CALLING ALL MYSTERY READERS: If you would like to be a mystery reader in our classroom, please follow the link and sign-up for a date that works best for you.  We are excited to have you join us and look forward to seeing you soon!~Special thanks to our Room Parents; Mrs. Karim and Mrs. Bartlett, for getting this set up and ready to go for us!  YAY!  We appreciate you!

Our line of inquiry for last week was: “What do community workers do for our community? (goods and services)”  I shared the story Pizza at Sally’s with our class. After listening to the story and zooming in our good and services for several days, our students created their own pizza craft and wrote their first “How to” writing piece to explain the pizza making process; titled “How to Make a Pizza”. 

This week we are learning:

IB Unit- Who We Are: American Symbols– United States Flag, Georgia Flag, Pledge of Allegiance 


  • Informational texts about American and Georgia flag, we will develop an understanding of what a symbol is and why we use them. .
  • Phonics: letter/sound recognition, handwriting Yy, Xx, Zz, Qq
  • Sight words: he, it, an, my

=pictured below= Sept. 6th Show & Tell:  Can you name the items pictured for each letter sound?


  • Learning how to write: draw, label, touch and retell.
  • Students will write about the flag. They will also create their first Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the United States Flag and the Georgia flag.


  • Number sense numbers 0-10
  • Identifying what number come next and before, using a 100 chart.
  • Count to 100 (without prompting)
  • Analyze and compare 2D shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, and hexagon) describing similarities, differences, and attributes regardless of their orientation or size
  • Number Talks (subitizing with shape cards)

=pictured below= Three ways to represent a number(strengthening our number sense): “Roll It! Build It! Write It!”

Important Dates/ Upcoming Events

Wednesday, 9/11: Media Center Visit -Please make sure library books are in backpacks ready to be returned.

Thursday, 9/12: Publix Math Night: Publix Paces Ferry Location 5-7 pm

Friday, 9/6: Show & Tell (ENVIRONMENTAL PRINT)

Thursday, 9/19:  SCHOOL PICTURE DAY!

9/23-9/27: Fall Break =NO SCHOOL= 

Please let me know if you have questions. Have a WONDERFUL week everyone.

-Mrs. Davis

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