This Week In Kindergarten: (12/2-12/6)

Hello Kinder Parents,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are ready for another FANTASTIC week! December is going to be a BUSY month…HOLD ON TIGHT! 


BRRRR…IT’S COLD!: Just a reminder…the weather is getting colder.  We will still go outside for recess whenever possible. Please make sure to send your student in appropriate clothing. In addition to winter coats, gloves and winter hats can be worn to school. Please make sure ALL ITEMS are LABELED. We want to make sure you get them back if they are lost.

RAZ-KIDS: This week in your child’s purple folder you will find an information sheet with the login information and your Kinder’s password for Raz-Kids.  We will introduce the students to Raz-Kids at school. Please take some time to use this great resource at home. For each book read in the LEVEL UP SECTION students will need to listen to the story (picture of an ear), read the story independently (picture of a book), and depending on the reading level, answer comprehension questions (picture of a question mark). I placed each student on their specific independent reading level. The purpose of the LEVEL UP section is to give students the opportunity to practice reading several books on their level. They cannot move to the next reading level in the app until they have a “green check mark” on every icon under all their books. I encourage you to take advantage of this resource as much as possible.   

MEDIA CENTER: We will visit the Media Center on THURSDAY. Please make sure library books are in backpacks ready to be returned. “BOOK BAGGIES” will be sent home on Thursday. Thanks for your help.

SHOW & TELL: FRIDAYStudents may bring in ONE show and tell item that ends with the following word families: /-at/ (as in “cat, mat, or hat”), /-an/ (as in “can, man, or fan”), /-ap/ (as in “cap or map”), /-ig/ (as in “pig, wig, or fig”) …Students should only bring in ONE item to share.

MYSTERY READERS: We have enjoyed having you share stories with us. Our Kinders look forward to this time every week! We have THE BEST Mystery Readers!!!

IB Unit 3- Where We Are in Place and Time: Families and Family Celebrations

FAMILY CELEBRATIONS/TRADITIONS PROJECT: Information regarding this project was sent home in purple folders today. This project is optional and does not have to be large or fancy. We wanted to give our Kinders the opportunity to share your family traditions and celebrations with their classmates. This project aligns with our current IB Unit. Projects can be turned in when they are complete. We will share them on Friday, Dec. 13.

download a copy of the project letter:Family Project


  • For the next 2 weeks we will be comparing and contrasting families and family celebrations. This week some of our read alouds are When the Relatives Came and Carla’s Sandwich. We will also read some nonfiction texts to learn more about families. The ELA concepts of compare/contrast., main idea and supporting details will be covered
  • Phonics: digraphs (ch, sh, th, wh) & word families (-at, -an, ap, -ig)
  • Sight words: List B- students should recognize 25 sight words by the end of 2nd quarter)


  • Informative writing about families and making a family tree.


  • Describe measurable attributes of objects, such as length or weight. Describe several measurable attributes of a single object.
  • Count to 100 by 1’s and 10’s
  • Writing numbers 0-20 correctly.


Mark your calendar…

  • 12/5: MEDIA CENTER/Library-story & checkout
  • 12/6: SHOW & TELL: WORD FAMILIES  (-at, -an, -ap, -ig)
  • 12/6: SCHOOL TOUR; 8:15-9:30
  • 12/10: CHORUS PERFORMANCE; 6:15-8pm
  • 12/11: PAJAMA DAY DRESS DOWN for $1! =5th grade fundraiser=
  • 12/12: GIVING MARKET: a letter will come home with more information
  • 12/17: HOLIDAY PARTY; 8:30-9:45a.m. -ALL are welcome to attend. A signup list for items needed for our December activities will be emailed by our Room Parents.
  • 12/19 and 12/20 *EARLY RELEASE*
  • 12/23-1/3: WINTER BREAK

Have a remarkable week!  See you soon.

-Mrs. Davis 

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