Weekly Update


Nets to explore surface area – all week

F- Lab and finish summatives for students who did not finish



M-W Triangle Sum Theorem (all 3 angles equal up to 180) & Complementary/Supplementary/Adjacent/Vertical angles (identifying), solving equations to find angle measures for the above angles

R- Explore area of a circle

F- Lab and finish summatives for students who did not finish



M- Field Trip 8th grade

T-W Standard form to Slope Intercept form

R- Linear vs. Nonlinear based on equation

F- lab and finish summatives for students who did not finish

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7th Grade: Computer Lab (Similar Figures-Scale Factor)

Complete the following assignments. Write down your score. Give to Mrs. Rivera. 🙂


Missing Sides

Scale Factor

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Weekly Update 1.29



M: area of triangles

T: area of trapezoids



F: Lab



M: Complementary and Supplementary angles

T: Triangle Sum theorem exploration




M: Slope from two points

T: Y intercept

W: X and Y intercept

R: standard form and slope-intercept form

F: lab

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Bonus Project Opportunity (Summative grade)

Good morning scholars!

This is for scholars interested in earning a bonus summative grade! Woohoo! If you do well on it, we’ll count it in the gradebook. Don’t worry, if you don’t! It will not count against you. It will also not count against you, if you decide not to take this opportunity. 🙂

Please click on the project link for your grade level. Follow any directions given. These will be due on Monday and cover skills that have already been taught. 🙂 Enjoy!


6th Grade

Right click on the image below to print. Then, cut each of the puzzle pieces out. You will need to solve the inequalities and match them up their answer. The final puzzle should be in the shape of a square. 🙂


7th Grade

(Directions: Follow the directions given in the project. It breaks it down step-by-step. You may use Amazon or any other retailer to find the items and the prices. The rest you must calculate. Remember: Taxes/Commission/Tip/Interest are markups that increase the original price. Discounts/Coupons are markdowns that decrease the original price. To find the markup or markdown, take the original price and multiple by the decimal (turn the percent into a decimal). Then, take that amount and add/subtract to the original price. 🙂

Click the link to download. HolidayShoppingSpree-2h55u67


8th Grade

(Directions: We discussed this in class; however, you’re going to build a shamrock. There are lots of different pages to choose from. Just pick one page. 🙂 Put the equation where it says “Standard Form.” You will have to come up with the values for the table. Remember: This is an f(x) formula, so you will need to come up with “x” values and solve for f(x), which is your “y” value. Then, graph it! 🙂

Click the link to download. BuildAShamrockLinearFunctions-ys8uq6

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Weekly Update

8th grade

T- review for unit test; Daloney’s students finding slope

W- slope

R- slope

F- computer lab (Field Trip day)


7th grade

T- scale factor

W- scale factor and similar figures

R- summative project on scale factor and similar figures

F- computer lab


6th grade

T- independent and dependent variables



F- computer lab

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Week 1.8 Update









M- review markups/markdowns

T- review simple interest

W- Scale/Scale Factor (What is scale factor and how to find it)

R- Solving for missing parts of similar polygons

F- Computer Lab



M- review solving for function rules

T- review functions via word problems

W- Slope (What is it? 4 types, and finding via graphs)

R- Slope cont. (finding via tables)

F- Computer Lab


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Week 1.4 Update

All Classes

R- The Nuts and Bolts (Math Survey, Syllabus, Organizing Folders, and Growth Mindset)

F- Computer Lab (Getting setup on the program that we use for addressing foundational skills and acceleration) Please bring earbuds. 🙂

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(8th grade) Missed class this week? Check out these videos to catch up! Then, do the Quizlet Activities or Prodigy!

Identifying Domain and Range



Function or Not?


Solving Function Equations





Let’s Practice


Domain and Range practice

Rags to Riches


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(WITH ANSWERS AND DETAILS) Function Word Problems to Prep for Quiz/Test

function word problems-2l2vyvu


My computer is having difficulty at home, so please see the notes below for answers to the word problems in the document.

  1. c(m) = $12.99m + $4.95
    1. The cost is dependent on the number of CDs bought, so that is the number with the “x” or “m,” while the shipping fee is just a one-time fee, so it’s added to it.
  2.  p(s)= 15s
    1. The pictures is dependent on the sessions, so 15 goes with the variable. How do we know it’s multiplication? Because if it’s 1 session, it’s $15, 2 sessions is $30, 3 sessions is $45, and so on. It’s repeated addition, which is multiplication.
  3. m(s) = .50s + $5
    1. Again, the money spent depends on the songs downloaded, so .50 goes with the variable. The $5 is just a flat fee, so it’s added to it.
  4. m(w) = 84w
    1. Like the picture problem, the miles depends on the weeks. 1 weeks is 84, 2 weeks is 168, and so on. Again, this is repeated addition, which indicates multiplication.
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Weekly Update 12.12

6th Grade

T-multiplying and dividing one-step equations

W- multiplying and dividing one-step equations

R- prep for test/quiz

F-lab day

(We may have to miss our lab day, as we need to start our summative project. This also depends on what their primary math teachers decide to do about testing. We will adjust accordingly.) 🙂


7th Grade

T- Simple Interest

W- prep for Unit Test

R- Simple Interest (Small group for unit test prep)

F- Lab Day (may move)


8th Grade

T- Domain and Range

W- Domain and Range

R- Function or Not?

F- Lab Day (may move depending on testing in primary math classes)


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