Weekly Update 9.10

To Do:

1. Please join our class on Prodigy. We have weekly contests and pick a Prodigy winner! 🙂 Our class code is B49141.

2. Join our class on BLOOMZ! Our code is 488QSN. This is our primary method of communication and is the easiest way to get a hold of me! Plus, you can coordinate playdates on there as well! 🙂 Our room parent, Mrs. Randazzo, will utilize it to coordinate events and sign-ups.

2. Sign behavior sheet nightly. No highlights is a GOOD thing! We have a monthly 5th grade behavior celebration. In order to attend, students must not have more than a certain number of highlighted days. The MAXIMUM number of highlighted days for September is four. Five or more highlighted days means a student will complete unfinished work in study hall. For behavior celebrations, students allowed to bring a favorite snack (no Takis) AND a juice/Gatorade/Soda Can drink.

3. Bring agendas and Nikki folders back daily.

4. Guided Reading Homework due Thursdays (two highest groups) and Fridays (for other groups).


Important Dates:

Target Days are Tuesdays for my Target babies. 🙂

Behavior Celebration: September 21st

PBIS Pep Rally: September 21st

Media Center: scheduled for the 21st, but that will probably change, pending on their schedule



Reading- We are continuing our study of plot, theme, main idea, and summarizing. Majority of lessons happen in small groups.

*reading groups are ongoing and guided reading responses are due Thursdays (2 higher groups) and Fridays for the rest of the groups.*

Math- We are multiplying and dividing decimals (divisor and dividend).

Writing- Students are continuing the narrative writing unit using Lucy Calkin’s as a guide. All students are now working on their second narrative writing piece.

Science/Social Studies: We are moving back into Social Studies and the Cattle Drives.

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