Weekly Update 9.17

To Do:

1. Please join our class on Prodigy. We have weekly contests and pick a Prodigy winner! 🙂 Our class code is B49141.

2. Join our class on BLOOMZ! Our code is 488QSN. This is our primary method of communication and is the easiest way to get a hold of me! Plus, you can coordinate playdates on there as well! 🙂Our room parent, Mrs. Randazzo, will utilize it to coordinate events and sign-ups.

2. Sign behavior sheet nightly. No highlights is a GOOD thing! We have a monthly 5th grade behavior celebration. In order to attend, students must not have more than a certain number of highlighted days. The MAXIMUM number of highlighted days for September is four. Five or more highlighted days means a student will complete unfinished work in study hall. For behavior celebrations, students allowed to bring a favorite snack (no Takis) AND a juice/Gatorade/Soda Can drink.

3. Bring Nikki folders back daily.

4. Guided Reading Homework due Thursdays (two highest groups) and Fridays (for other groups). Starting October, journals will be due every two weeks (October 11-12, October 25-26). That will be for six entries each check.

Important Dates:

Target Days are Tuesdays for my Target babies. 🙂 These are review/reinforcement days for the rest of my class. 🙂

Behavior Celebration: September 21st

PBIS Pep Rally: September 21st

Media Center: scheduled for the 21st, but that will probably change, pending on their schedule



Monday-Wednesday (IOWA testing)

Math: dividing decimals by whole numbers and decimals (all week)

Writing: writing and revising a strong, descriptive opening; drafting (Tuesday-Wednesday), writing and revising a strong conclusion that ties up loose ends and/or has a lesson learned; publishing 2nd/3rd writing pieces

Social Studies: Supply and Demand during the turn of the century, African American Cowboys, Cattle Drives, In-class project)

Reading: summarizing, making connections, inferences

Language Arts: last week of subject/predicate, compound/simple/complex, parts of speech




(Science quiz over Samuel Morse, Transcontinental Railroad, African American Cowboys, Cattle Drives and the two trails)

(Math quiz over dividing decimals by whole numbers and by decimals)

Math Mini-Touchstones over place value

(Mentor Sentences Language Arts Quiz- subject/predicate, verbs, complex/compound)



Reading: Guided Reading response entries due Thursday (2 highest groups) and Friday (the other 3 groups)

Math: Students will have homework on Friday, IF they did not finish their math station work during the week.

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