Classroom Rules

Welcome to Mrs. Sandlin’s Third Grade Class!

Welcome to third grade! I am so excited about our year together at Pitner Elementary School! This year is going to be a very exciting yet challenging year for your child. Many new and sometimes difficult skills are taught to students in third grade. Every effort will be made to establish a comfortable and positive learning environment for your child. We must work together to make this year a successful one! The following information will help us accomplish this goal.

O.W.L Binders (Daily Data Notebooks)

Your child will be bringing home an O.W.L (Ongoing Weekly Learning) binder each day. Your child is required to take this folder home each afternoon and is responsible for bringing it back to school each morning. I will be checking the contents of the binder each morning. This folder is a way of maintaining effective communication between home and school. It is important to keep your child’s O.W.L Binder neat and organized. We will be using it all year! Here is how it is organized:

  1. Daily Agenda : Any homework assignments, important dates, daily reading log, and a daily behavior will be recorded in the Daily Agenda. A parent/guardian needs to initial the agenda each night. If you have a question or concern, please write a short note in the agenda.
  2. Take-Home Folder: This two-pocket folder will contain paperwork that needs to be completed and returned as well as any graded work or school information that needs to be kept at home. Students will also be expected to read at least 20 minutes nightly. To avoid clutter, please remove your child’s graded work before sending the folder back to school.
  3. Data Tabs: Your child will also keep track of his/her academic progress and quarterly goals in the tabs. Archived work, tests, progress reports, and quarterly goals will be kept here for you to review.

Classroom Rules/The 7 Habits:

Our class uses the Leader in Me: 7 Habits of Happy Kids. This program teaches your child about being a student leader and how to take ownership of his/her learning. The 7 Habits will be taught the first day of school and reinforced throughout the remainder of the school year. The 7 Habits are as follows:

  1. Be Proactive (Follow directions the first time)
  2. Begin with the end in mind. (Plan ahead)
  3. Put first things first! (Work then play)
  4. Think win-win. (Treat others like you want to be treated)
  5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. (Listen, then talk)
  6. Synergize (Work together)
  7. Sharpen the saw (Balance is best)

Our class will use a color clip behavior management system. Your child’s behavior is represented by the color of his/her clip. This color will be marked in your child’s daily agenda, which is then initialed by a parent or guardian each day.

Behavior Management System:

The colored clips are as follows:

  • *Blue*: Excellent classroom behavior! Your child followed all the classroom rules and was a great student leader! He or she went above and beyond to be a great student leader!
  • Green: Wonderful classroom behavior! Your child followed all the classroom rules and was a great student leader!
  • Yellow: Your child needed several warnings to maintain appropriate classroom behavior and had to spend time with the teacher reflecting on his/her behavior.
  • Red: Your child needed multiple warnings to maintain appropriate classroom behavior. He/she spend time with the teacher to reflect on his/her behavior. If there is another infraction after he/she moves to red, he or she will also fill out a “Stop and Think” sheet in which your child will detail the behavior and brainstorm steps that can be taken to ensure a better day tomorrow. This needs to be signed and returned the following day by the parent.

** Rewards **

Good behavior and leadership is rewarded and praised in our class! There are many positive incentives that will be used in our classroom to ensure students will want to make good choices and strive to be their very best selves.

  1. Class Incentive (Compliment): When the whole class receives a compliment from the teacher or other faculty members in the building for great behavior and student leadership, a letter will be placed on the board to spell the word COMPLIMENT. Once all the letters are achieved, the class may vote on a fun activity they all can partake in (pizza party, extra recess…etc.)!
  2. Team Incentive (Table Points): Students also receive table points when the WHOLE table or group is working quietly and on task. Once a table reaches 10 table points, they may eat lunch in the classroom with the teacher and watch cartoons!
  3. Individual Incentive ($ “Sandlin” Money $): Students receive “Sandlin” Money (plastic money) for doing good deeds, staying on task, and showing great character and leadership. At the end of the month, students can use this at the Sandlin Store to buy trinkets, toys, and coupons at varying prices!