Homework Policy

Research supports limited homework in the elementary grades. Because of this, homework is limited to one page a week consisting of a weekly reading log and daily spiral math problems.  Each week, your child will complete a total of 80 minutes (20 minutes per night x 4 nights = 80 minutes) that will be assigned on Monday and returned on Friday. Minutes may accumulate in any way that suits your family’s busy schedule. Students will also be responsible for completing one day of spiral math review. Below are examples of the reading log and daily spiral math review.

Students are also expected to practice their weekly spelling words on www.spellingcity.com/abbysandlin or another preferred method in preparation for our weekly spelling tests. If you would like extra practice on third grade standards, your child has a free MobyMax.com account. This website is a great tool to practice curriculum standards at your student’s level. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Mrs. Sandlin