Week of Sept. 13 – 15

Hi all!

Instead of creating a newsletter this week (since much has changed due to IOWA testing and Hurricane Irma), I wanted to write a quick blog post to keep you in the know.

A few tid-bits for this week:

  • No spelling words this week. Spelling will resume Monday with Sort 6.
  • Homework will be a single sheet of review practice on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Continue reading nightly for 20 minutes.
  • Practice multiplication facts 1-10 as we prepare to take timed tests in the coming weeks.
  • IOWA testing resumes Thursday 9/14 – Wednesday 9/20. Testing ends around 10:00 each day.
  • Thank you for being flexible this week as we come back from two days off due to Hurricane Irma.

I hope everyone was safe during the hurricane! I’m so happy to have everyone back in class! Let’s have a great (half) week! 🙂