EOC Exam Schedule

EOC Testing will be administered on November 29, 3o, and December 1. It is imperative that students attend every testing session and be on time in order to ensure successful completion of the test as well as American Literature. The test is state-mandated and worth 20% of the student’s total grade for the semester. Incomplete tests will be recorded as a zero in the gradebook. A vocabulary review is linked to this post.

The Crucible – Background Work

This week we will begin our study of Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible.” We will begin by investigating Puritanism and reading Jonathan Edwards’ sermon “Sinners in the Hands of Angry God” paying special attention to imagery and rhetorical devices in order to understand author’s purpose. We will follow up with a jigsaw activity in which groups will teach their peers about an assigned text. Later this week, we will participate in a tea party – each student will be assigned a character from “The Crucible” and will be responsible for introducing the “character” to other students in the class (who will also be in character). Finally, we will begin reading the play on Friday.

Synthesis Essay

Today in class we will be editing and publishing our “Synthesizing the American Dream” essays. Students are responding to the claim “the American Dream can still be achieved.” Students will write a 4-5 paragraph essay citing 3-5 sources from texts we’ve studied in the past few weeks to defend, challenge, or qualify this claim.