Hello! Here’s what we are learning this week:

  • Integrated Reading:
    • Students will learn early American Indian cultures and their development in North America (Southeast, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, Plains, and Arctic). Next week students will be working with the media specialist to create a visual project about the region of their choice. They will also have an assessment Friday on American Indians food, shelter, and clothing in each region. 
    •  Find the main idea, supporting with key details and explaining how those key details support  
    • Determine the meaning of a word as they are used in context. 


  • Writing: We will start informational writing. Students will brainstorm topics that they want to explore and do research on. Here is what students should be able to do by the end of the quarter
  • Write informative/explanatory pieces that convey ideas and information clearly.
  • Produce a text that includes a topic, develop this topic with facts, definitions, and details.
  • Elaborate on their topics using concrete details and anecdotes.
  • Write introductions and conclusions using learned strategies and mentor texts as examples.
  • Logically group related information together in the text by using linking words and phrases.
    Use what they know about Standard English conventions, including spelling patterns, to publish pieces of text.
  • Write informative/explanatory pieces that include text features.
  • Explore working collaboratively and independently to create writing pieces in any genre
  • Revise and edit their work with teacher and peer support
  • Orally rehearse their writing by teaching others about their chosen topic.
  • Recount ideas and details from texts


  • Math:
    •  This week we are continuing to work on multiplication and how to find patterns on a chart. Here are some examples of pattern rules to help increase fluency:
    • Image result for patterns in multiplication anchor chart


  • Curriculum
  •  IB Unit 2: We can work it out. Transdisciplinary Theme: Where we are in place and time.Central Idea: Living things adapt to survive.Learner Profile Traits: Knowledgeable, Thinker
  • Line of Inquiry: American Indians used their environments in different ways.

Reminders- Please make sure your child is reading between 20 to 30 minutes every night. They also need to practice their math facts and type using the Typing Club website throughout the week.

Important dates

 Red Ribbon Week (Oct. 22-26): 

 Monday– “Red Ribbon Day”   Wear red clothing to celebrate your promise to live a healthy lifestyle and be drug free.  Students are challenged to bring a healthy snack today.  

Tuesday– “Put a Sock on Bad Choices Day”  Wear crazy or mismatched socks. Students are challenged to share with their peers and teachers how they make good choices. 

Wednesday– “Dream Career Day”- Students are challenged o share with their peers and teachers about what career they may like to do when they get older. Wear appropriate attire for your future dream career. 

Thursday- “Teasley Elementary School is PAWSitively Drug Free”- Show school spirit by wearing your tiger gear.  

Friday- “Team Up Against Bullying & Drugs Day”- Wear your favorite team gear to show team spirit and your commitment to staying healthy and living bully and drug free! 



Tuesday, October 23– Spirit Night @ Grub Burger 

 Friday, October 26– Talent Show (3rd-5th grade) 

Let’s have a great week!

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