Week of 11-5-18

Hello! Here’s what we are learning next week week:

Integrated Reading:

    1. Find the main idea, supporting with key details and explaining how those key details support  
    2. Describe the reasons for and obstacles to the exploration of North America.
    3. Describe the accomplishments of: John Cabot (England), Vasco Núñez de Balboa (Spain), Hernando de Soto (Spain), Christopher Columbus(Spain), Henry Hudson (The Netherlands), and Jacques Cartier (France).
  • Over the next two weeks students will choose one explorer from our unit to do research on. They will learn about their motivations, obstacles, accomplishments, and their relationships with the Native Americans when they first traveled to North America. Students will also continue to work on finding the main idea of a passage and the supporting details.


  • Writing: We are working on informational writing. Students have started doing research on their chosen topic, and we will work on organizing our notes, leads, and transition words.


  • Math:
    •  This week we are learning the properties of multiplication and division to solve equations. (Associative Property, Commutative Property, Distributive Property)  Image result for 4 properties of multiplication and division anchor chart 


  • Curriculum 

IB Unit 3: Across the Universe 

Transdisciplinary Theme: Sharing the Planet 

Central Idea: Exploration leads to discoveries, opportunities, and challenges.  

 Learner Profile Traits: Risk-taker, Open-minded, Inquirer 

 Lines of Inquiry: 

Conflict between Indians and explorers caused destruction.  

Explorers cooperated with Indians to achieve their goals. 

Explorers had many motivations for their journey to North America. 


  • Reminders- Please make sure your child is reading between 20 to 30 minutes every night. They also need to practice their math facts and type using the Typing Club website throughout the week.

Important dates


Tuesday, November 6- Student Holiday (No school) 

Friday, November 9- Tiger Trot 

Monday, November 12- Friday, November 16- Fall Scholastic Book Fair 

Thursday, November 15- Thanksgiving Fest 

Monday, November 19-Friday, November 23- Thanksgiving Break (No School) 

Let’s have a great week!

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