Week of 3-25-19

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Here’s what we are learning this week:

Reading:  Students will be able to:

Obtain, evaluate, & communicate information on how fossils provide evidence of past organisms. 

  1. Construct an argument from observations of fossils (authentic or reproductions) to communicate how they serve as evidence of past organisms & environments in which they lived
  2. Develop a model to describe the sequence & conditions required for an organism to become fossilized.

Math:  Students will use their knowledge of measurement to estimate liquid volumes and masses.  

Writing: Students will work on using passages to write narrative, information, and opinion pieces. This week will integrate our learning on fossils and write an informational constructed response.


Curriculum Updates

Transdisciplinary Theme: How the World Works

Central Idea: Cycles create environmental changes.

Learner Profile Trait- Inquirer

Lines of Inquiry:
• Fossils are evidence of environmental change in the past.
• Wind and water change rocks.
• Movement of heat causes temperature change.
• Rocks are classified by texture, luster, hardness, and color.

Important Dates:-

Tuesday, March 26- Sprit Night @ US Café  5:00-8:00 

Friday, March 29- Dress Down $1 

Monday, April 1-Friday, April 5–  Spring Break!! 


Milestone Practice-Attached is a Milestone package that has examples for you and your child to practice over the next month. Please use this great resource!


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