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Homework, Reading, and More…Oh My!

Wow parents! We have started our second week of school and your children are getting the “hang” of our classroom! I am so proud of my kiddos!

Today started our first week of homework. I’m sure many of you probably have a question or two about homework. I just want to stress that homework is not meant to be dreaded or have your child feel like I am torturing them. Homework is simply a practice tool. Homework should take about 30 minutes (this includes reading for 20 minutes). If it is taking longer, please let me know.

Homework basics: In your child’s homework you will see sight words, a language or writing activity, and a daily math practice. Each child is given a different set of sight words. These are words your child is practicing. These words are words that your child may not immediately recognize- they are important to building their reading and writing skills.

Writing: There is also a writing portion attached (this week) to your homework. Please encourage your child to write in their own words. I want them to practice having to stretch words out to spell, practice putting in punctuation, and share their thoughts or opinions.

Due: Homework is due on Friday. Please work a little bit each night. I know things come up (they always will), I just ask that you please have homework finished by Friday to turn in.

Reading: Please have your child read 20 minutes each night. This builds their reading stamina (ask your child, they know what this means!) If you need a book to read at home, please let me know.

Please remember Open House is this Thursday, August 13th at 6 pm. I look forward to seeing you then! One last thing, I would like to express a special thanks to all of you for your support. I couldn’t do this without you 🙂

Nuts and Bolts

Hello parents!

PHEW! What a busy first day we had- your children are wonderful and I am very blessed to have such sweethearts in my class.

Just a few “nuts and bolts” to help make the rest of the year run smoothly.

Snacks: Many of the students were hungry in the afternoon (our lunch is at 11:08). Please send in a snack to enjoy around 1:30. Try to make sure it is a healthy snack. It needs to be easy to get into and not messy (fruit cups tend to be messy).

Agendas: Your child will come home with their agenda and a yellow folder each night. The yellow folder will contain homework, important notes from the school, and check/graded work. Please be sure to clean out the graded work each night  and send their yellow folder with them daily 🙂

Behavior: You will notice colored smiley faces or straight faces in their agenda each day. This helps me to communicate to you how their day went. *Please note the colors are different from the previous years’* I will give you a snapshot of the colors and their meaning:

Green- how you should behave in our classroom

Moving to blue, purple, or pink means that they did an awesome job.

Blue: good choices

Purple: great example


They can also move their clip down:

Yellow: think about it

Orange: Teacher consequence

Red: (I’ll be calling you)

***If a student has to move their clip down, they are given the opportunity to move their clip back up (depending on the choices they make).***

Students who can maintain a green or higher the entire week may go to treasure box. Treasure box includes a variety of items. These items can vary from a toy to lunch with a friend or a teacher.

Specials: Because our first grade is so large, my class is split and will join other classes for specials. I will try to create a sheet for each of you so you know where your child is going for specials. (They picked us because we are so AWESOME!)

Something extra: If you have read through this very long post, include a special note in your child’s agenda and they will get to move their clip up tomorrow 🙂

Have a wonderful (and restful) first night of school!

Many thanks,

Mrs. T

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