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Placement Requests and I-M days

Hi Parents!

Please see the attached PDF about requests for placement next year. Please remember/note that these placements are not set in stone and can change based on the need of students in various classrooms. Thanks!

Monday is I day- we will investigate some interesting things that we can see during experiments.

Tuesday is J day- please bring a joke to share with the class! We will share these with each other and make a mini-book of jokes 🙂

Wednesday is K day- our boys will be the KINGS of the classroom. They get to be  the line leaders, choose stations first, etc.

Thursday is L day- bring a lollipop to enjoy at lunch or snack time!

Friday is M day- today we will make a memory book all about first grade. There will also be a small surprise for the kiddos!!

Teacher Requests 16_17

Field trip, dance party, and more!


Today is the day! Our field trip to Petitt Creek Petting Zoo 🙂

Remember to wear your black Teasley shirt, comfy shoes, and comfy pants.

D: Dance party- We’re gonna dance, dance, dance, dance..!

E: Experiment day- We will participate in experiments and make guesses about the outcome

F: Favorite book day- Bring your favorite book to share

G: Game day- Bring your favorite game- labeled with your name- to play during recess time

H: Heart and Health Day- We will learn all about how to stay healthy

Looking forward to another great week!!

27 days and a field trip update

Hi Parents,

Can you believe we only have 27 days left of school? I can’t believe it!! Tomorrow starts our ABC countdown. Please remember that this is completely optional 🙂

Wednesday: A–Aeronautics day! We will learn about Amelia Earhart, airplanes, and all things aviation

Thursday: B–Black, Blue, and Bubbles! Wear black, blue, and bring some bubbles to play with during recess!

Friday: C–Cookie day! Bring a special treat to enjoy on our field trip!!


Also, Friday is our field trip! Please be sure you have returned the permission slip, otherwise your child is not allowed to participate. Wear your first grade Teasley shirt and tennis shoes 🙂 If it rains, we will be going on Monday- we will let you know as soon as a decision is made!!


ABC Countdown

Hi Parents!

Can you believe we are at the end of the school year? It seems to have flown by so quickly!! In your child’s agenda yesterday, I placed an ABC countdown. This is purely for fun and NOT a requirement. I just thought it would be fun to do something to celebrate the end of our school year 🙂

On the countdown, I placed dates. Please note that the countdown does not start until Wednesday of next week!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Thomson

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