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Friday Fun!

Hi Parents,

 We had such a busy Friday! We spent this week learning about germs and how to prevent them, who to see if you get sick, and different types of sickness. On Friday, we learned how quickly germs can spread and why we should sneeze or cough into our elbow, as well as, why we should wash our hands. Mrs. Thomson ‘sneezed’ into her hand and showed the kiddos how quickly germs can spread. **Don’t worry, I didn’t actually sneeze in my hand. I used glitter and some hand lotion to spread my ‘germs’**


We also spent some time learning about important patriotic songs. We learned about ‘America the Beautiful’ and ‘My country tis of thee’. Many of the boys and girls stood up and held their hands over their hearts to show (as they said it) respect to America.


I learn so much from my kiddos. They truly are a special class. I hope everyone has a wonderful Fall Break. See you in a few days 🙂

Mrs. T


Hi Parents,

 Our Mathletics computer program is here!! We are very excited and thankful to our wonderful PTA for purchasing this online math program for our students. I will be sending the log ins home with you today. This is a great way to practice your math facts and play math games over the break.

Mrs. T

Library Request

Please be mindful of library books. 

Many books have been returned to the library wet or damaged and have incurred fines and charges.

Help your student keep library books in good condition.

Remember to keep water bottles and food containers out of backpacks to prevent accidents.

I encourage you to read with your child over the Fall break and visit the public library.  Assist your child in choosing appropriate and interesting books.

Thank you!  Ms. Crosby

Career Day Help!!

Career Day at Teasley!

Teasley’s annual Career Day will be held on Friday October 21, 2016 from 8:30-11:30.  During this day we would like to give our students the opportunity to explore a variety of careers and learn how education is connected to a successful future.

We’re looking for energetic presenters from a broad range of careers.  Presenters will be assigned to classrooms that are age-appropriate for 20-25 minutes and then rotate to a different classroom.  It is likely that some classes may be combined for a larger audience.  We welcome hands-on activities, vehicles, visual aids, displays, props, and uniforms.  We can assist with display set-up and technological needs if necessary.  Each class has laptops and internet access.

If you or someone you know will be able to join us on Career Day, please fill out this form and return it to school OR email the information to us at the email addresses below by Friday, October 7. Please save the date and you will be contacted closer to the day with specific times and class information. Thank you!

Please contact us with any questions.

Teasley School Counselors

Corinna Oliver ([email protected])  

770-437-5945 ext.-229

 Sherise Harris  (Sherise.Harris @cobbk12.org)

770-437-5945 ext. 230



****Let them know if you would like to participate!! Tell them your name, your job title, your child’s name, your child’s teacher, what times you’re available, and if you’re willing to talk with just our class or other classes as well!****





A Few Updates for September 19

Hi Parents!

Phew! What a week we had last week. I am hoping everyone is feeling much better. I woke up on Saturday morning like a new person- it’s amazing what a little sleep can do for you 🙂

A few updates and a giggle for the morning:

As I gathered my instructional needs for the day, I glanced at my lesson plans and laughed out loud. I had written (last Monday) plans about staying healthy. I think the kiddos will get a kick out of that!

  • We will continue talking about tens and ones/rods and units and begin discussing how to determine length using non-standard units of measurement (i.e. using paper clips, crayons, connecting cubes, etc.)
  • We will continue talking about non-fiction books, their features, and how to retell those books specifically focusing on the main idea and supporting details
  • We will continue working on grammar (correct capitalization, punctuation, the subject of the sentence, and NOUNS!)
  • We will learn- on Friday- about important national songs.

If you have not joined SeeSaw- it’s a great resource to use! You can immediately see work your child is doing in our classroom. I do my best to post weekly. I’m also going to try to start showing the kiddos how to use my ipad to take pictures of their work!! Here is a QR code to scan to get to our classroom. Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  1. Open the Seesaw Class app -OR- go to https://app.seesaw.me.
  2. Tap “I’m a Student”.
  3. Scan this QR code using Seesaw’s built-in QR code reader.

Have a wonderful week!! If you read through the entire post, write a quick note in your child’s folder and they can move their clip up.

Mrs. T

Magical Morning of Math Madness!

Thank you so much for coming to our Magicsl Morning of Math! We (I’m almost positive) had the most parental attendance in all of first grade. You all rock!! I hope you were able to learn some new games and enjoy time with your little one. I had fun sharing these games with you.

Thank you for your continued support. I am incredibly blessed. #bestclassever

image image image image image image image image image

Sweet Children melt my heart

Just wanted to share this story from today:

We went to see “Benjamin Franklin” in the library today. He was wonderful and explained so many of the wonderful things Benjamin Franklin did and invented. Before he began his presentation, he shared with the students that like the children at Halloween, he is dressed like a character. He explained that Benjamin Franklin, if he were alive, would be around 360 years old.

After the presentation, we went back to the classroom. One sweet girl asked “Mrs. Thomson, did Benjamin Franklin die?” To which I responded, “Yes, sweetheart. We saw a ‘teacher’ dressed like a character who taught us about Benjamin Franklin. He is alive and well, but the real Benjamin Franklin is deceased.” She immediately began to cry. When I asked her what was wrong, she responded that she was so sad Benjamin Franklin died.

Not only was she devastated that he died almost 300 years ago, but other ladies helped console her. I love my sweet littles.


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