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Gingerbread Science

Hi Parents!

 We got to experiment with gingerbread men today! After reading so many gingerbread books, we finally thought to ourselves- “What would happen to the gingerbread if he got wet?”

We brainstormed that we thought he would get “gross” (Myla, Hayden), “soggy” (Jacob), “salty and nasty” (Tevon), “yucky” (Milan), “mushy” (Josie), “slushy” (Laila), “break” (Dhruv, Jaedyn, Micah, McKenzie), “mushy and break apart” (Noah), “soft” (Bhavi), “no one will want to eat him” (Ja’Don), and “really wet” (Riley, Akshat).

Then we experimented:

gingerbread-1 gingerbread-2

THEN we got to make our own gingerbread cookies!

gingerbread-4 gingerbread-5 gingerbread-6 gingerbread-7 gingerbread-8 gingerbread-9 gingerbread-10

AND…the aftermath!


We loved our experimentation!

Here are a few of the titles we have read:

The Gingerbread Man,  The Musubi Man,  The Gingerbread Girl,  The Library Gingerbread Man,  The Gingerbread Pirates, and Gingerbread Baby.

We will finish up our gingerbread unit next week with Gingerbread Friends,  Gingerbread Superhero, and our gingerbread ornaments/figurines.

*Thank you for all the donations!*

Mrs. T


Hi Parents!

 Today we learned all about sound. We talked about volume (loud and soft), pitch (high and low), and vibration. We experimented with a tuning fork, rulers, and our own vocal cords! Ask your little bit about sound and how it works!!

sound-1 sound-2 sound-3

Mrs. Thomson

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