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Summer safety

Hi Parents,

 I’m sure you heard of the wonderful fun we had yesterday with the “Bean Boozled” jelly beans. We talked about our upcoming summer- we also discussed that our upcoming summer means that we will be in strange places. We talked about internet safety, bicycle safety, pool safety, and (most importantly) stranger safety.

Most of the kiddos stated that they would “run away” from a bad guy if they ever saw them. I reminded them that most of the time, we can’t always identify the “bad guys”. To demonstrate this, we ate some Jelly Beans. These Jelly Beans all look the same but taste VERY different. This was meant to show them that regardless of what they think someone looks like, people can be good or bad. We learned that most strangers won’t hurt us, however, we need to stay close to our parents, adults, or workers. I hope this helped some of the kiddos understand “stranger danger”.  Have fun giggling at these pictures!

Mrs. T


ABC countdown is in full swing!

Letters, A, Abc, Alphabet, Literacy, Illiterate

Hi Parents,

 Our ABC countdown is in full swing! We have a few days left- can you believe it?!?

Monday (May 8th): N–New Name Day

Tuesday O–Outdoor Day

Wednesday P–Pink, Purple, Popcorn, and Popsicle

Thursday Q–Queen day AND Field Day

Friday R– Running, Racing, and Rainbow Fish

Monday (May 16th) S–Summer birthday Celebrations!

Tuesday T- Tongue Twister Day

Wednesday U–USA day

Thursday V– Video Day

Friday W–Water Day

Monday X (May 22nd)–EXercise Day

Tuesday Y–Year end clean up and early release

Wednesday Z– Zoom home for the summer!

WHEW!! It’s coming fast!

Mrs. T

Art Show!

Image result for art show

Join us for our annual Teasley Art Show this Thursday night at Teasley Elementary in the gym from 5 to 7!  Your child’s artwork will be framed and on display, along with a variety of craft tables for you and your families to enjoy such as play doh molding, giant page coloring, weaving, yarn bracelets and more! To purchase your child’s framed piece, please bring 25$ in cash or credit.  Please no checks.  Email Mrs. Brooks if you have any questions about the event at: kaylene.hybart@cobbk12.org        We hope to see you there!

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