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Extra, Extra!!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Coming to school every day on-time is a key ingredient to student success. The Teasley Attendance Team wants to reward those students who come to school ready to learn and on time every day. Any student who has perfect attendance through the end of the 1st 9 weeks, Friday, October 6th, will receive recognition for their attendance. These students will receive a free dress down day, a surprise treat, and their pictures will be featured on the WWTN news broadcast. Students who have perfect attendance for the entire school year will be invited to a special celebration during the last week of school to praise their commitment to their education. Thank you for your support in getting your student to school every day!

Eclipse FUN!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Eclipse experience! We were able to see how dark it got in our classroom- pretty spooky! Check out our journals 🙂

We also enjoyed some Eclipse treats, learned about the moon and the universe, and had fun talking about what we predicted the eclipse would look like or cause to happen. What a great day!!


Back to Football Friday

Teasley is partnering with the NFL and their PLAY60 campaign to host Back to Football Friday on September 8th. Students will participate in football related games and activities during their specials time and we would LOVE your help. Volunteers are welcomed and appreciated. Please use the following link to sign up for specific spots.

Image result for football


Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

Eric.homansky@cobbk12.org or Sonny.sessions@cobbk12.org

Eclipse information

Teasley Elementary
Solar Eclipse Information
On August 21, 2017, Teasley’s students will have a unique opportunity to experience a near total
eclipse of the sun. The maximum eclipse in this event will take place at 2:36 PM for our area of
North Georgia. The Cobb County School District will delay dismissal 45 minutes during this event
to allow students to participate in eclipse-related learning experiences and provide students
with a safe learning environment.
NASA has curated a strong collection of informational resources on the eclipse. We
recommend accessing this site for eclipse questions you may have regarding safety, timing,
resources and more. https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/.
Who Will Participate?
All students in grades 3-5 will be allowed to view the eclipse by going outside with their class
while wearing NASA approved solar shades. Solar shades will be provided for students. In order
for 3rd through 5th grade students to participate, they must return the signed permission form,
received from their teachers, by this Friday, August 18th in order to participate. An alternate
location will be provided for students who do not return their permission form.
Students in grades PK through 2nd grade and students without a permission form in grades 3 – 5,
will also have a unique viewing experience. These students will watch a live streaming from
Kennesaw Mountain High School on CCSD’s IPTV from 1:45-2:45.
Cobb County School District students in Kindergarten – 2nd grade students as well as students
without a permission form will not be allowed outside from 2:00-3:00 PM on August 21st.
What if I want to check my child out early?
Teasley will allow students to be checked out of school until 1:30 p.m. No checkouts will be
allowed after this time to allow everyone to arrive home safely before the eclipse begins.
What time is dismissal?
We will begin dismissal at 3:00 PM. No children are allowed outside until this time. Our buses will
depart around 3:10 PM, so please be at your stop accordingly (50 minutes later than normal.)
Car rider dismissal will begin around 3:20 and ASP will begin dismissal at 3:45 p.m.


Germs are gross!!

Germs are so gross! We learned that when we sneeze or cough we should do so into the curve of our elbows. This way, our germs aren’t spreading to others. We got to see how QUICKLY the germs can spread when Mrs. Thomson sneezed into her hand then touched things- we could actually see the germs (glitter). Finally, we learned we should wash our hands thoroughly to get rid of those germs! EW!


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