Hi Parents!

 Well, we sure had an exciting day in Mrs. Thomson’s class! Since the start of school, my class has had the ability to earn a “letter” for their Compliment Chart. This means that every time we receive a compliment, we earn a letter to complete the word “COMPLIMENT”. We had been waiting FOREVER for our last letter. Finally…Monday, it was ours!

Immediately, my class burst into cheers to have the ability to have a compliment celebration. We were SO excited. One classmate, Emory, suggested that we write our opinions on what our party should be since we were completing opinion writing pieces. Of course, this was the best idea EVER.

 My class wrote some amazing pieces- the ideas ranged from pizza parties to watching a movie. Laurel came up with an idea that won everyone over- “Dirt and worms”. Once we explained what it was- the kiddos were in agreement. Dirt and Worms it was! Check out our pictures 🙂

Mrs. T