March 29

Week 3 – Digital Learning (March 30th – April 3rd)

Welcome to Week #3 of Digital Learning!

We are so proud of the learning that has been taking place over the past two weeks. We want to give a huge THANK YOU to all our parents for making sure that assignments are being completed and that the students are continuing to learn while staying home. Also THANK YOU students for getting the work done! We know you are working hard and we are very proud of your progress.

Here is your pacing guide for this week. —->  Week 3 Digital Learning Pacing Guide  There will be a video on Seesaw explaining how to access Pebble Go and PowerPoint for the completion of the Social Studies activity for this week.

We would would like you (parents and students) to give us some feedback on how everything is going, so click on the link and take the quick survey with your child. We will use the data to help better prepare for lessons in the future.  —-> Digital Learning Feedback Survey

Small group Zoom calls will continue this week to connect with students. We will contact you via text/email for your child’s date and time for the conference call, so be on the look out for that as well.

And finally, don’t forget that Spring Break is coming up from April 6th- 10th, so there will be no Digital Learning during that week! 


March 22

Digital Learning Week #2 – March 23rd – 27th

Welcome to Week #2 of Digital Learning!

Mrs. Bruening and I have been working very hard to make this work week simple and easy for students and parents. We have provided a link below with assignments that are organized by the day.  Click on the link below to access the assignments. Week-2-Digital-Learning-Pacing-Guide-March-23-27

Most assignments will be accessed through Clever this week.  Directions to access Clever are located on the link below. Cheatham Hill Digital Learning Plan_Learning Commons

We will send a class username and password sheet through email to make sure everyone has access to any websites that are located outside of the clever app/site.

Communication: We will be using emails, Seesaw, Remind, and Zoom to communicate with students and parents this week. Zoom is a communication tool that allows video conferencing. Click here to learn how to join a zoom meeting. Mrs. Bruening or I will sent out a link for small group video conferencing through email, but we’ll call you to make sure you can connect. We have also uploaded a video on Seesaw that shows you how to access Clever. Make sure to check it out!

That’s all for now. Let us know if you have any questions. Our email contact information is and Thank you for all the you do! We got this!

March 15

Digital Learning March 16th – March 20th

Digital Learning Week#1

As you already know, Cobb County School will be closed until further notice and the students will receive digital learning activities while we are out of school. Our fourth grade teachers have created a generic Digital Learning Plan, located on the CHES website —>

The majority of our specific classroom assignments will take place through online platforms that the students have used in the classroom. All students from our classroom took home their books from the library, Math Workbook, their homework folder with additional activities from the AC, Target and ESOL teachers.

  • Teacher Communication: Mrs. Bruening and I (Mrs. Henry) are available daily through Remind 101 on Monday-Friday 9:00-10:30 to answer any questions about assignments. Just text through the app and we will respond to any questions.
  • Suggested daily work time for students: (Grades 3rd-5th) 2-hour total for all subjects
  • Here are optional Choice Board Activities —> Fourth Grade Choice Board Activities
  • Cobb Digital Learning Resources Link  —>  Digital Resources


  • Below are suggested specific task for our classroom to complete this week. Mrs. Bruening and I will send additional task next week, if needed. These activities are optional and meant to review material that has already been taught. Our suggestion is that the students would choose 1-2 tasks from at least 3 subjects to complete daily, with the exception of writing. One task may take multiple days. Also if students forget their log in information, look in their agendas or text us and we will assist you.


Math Task:



Reading Task:

Writing Task: Students may write or type their responses. Students can also log-onto Microsoft 365 to access Word for typing from their school account. See directions below.

Directions for logging on Microsoft 365 from home.

  1. Go to the Cobb County web page.
  2. Click on the Parents link,
  3. Then click on Office 365 Sign-in.

The username for students is –>                                              The password is —————–> school computer password

  • Watch video on Opinion Writing –> Opinion Writing Video
  • Task #1 – Write an opinion paper on would you rather fly or be invisible. Write at least 3 paragraphs. Explain why you chose this.
  • Task #2 – Think of something you would love to change at school. Write a persuasive essay about the topic.
  • Here is a Opinion_Graphic_Organizer to help you organize your thoughts, or you can take a plan sheet of white paper and fold it into fourths, like we go in class and use that as your organizer.

Social Studies: Westward Expansion

  • Watch the video on Westward Expansion, then share what you have learned about the Oregon Trail—> Video on Oregon Trail
  • Read about the passage on The Dangers of Westward Expansion. Then explain the dangers on the Westward Trails to a family member or write or type a paragraph. Click on the link to read the passages. —> Dangers-on-the-Westward-Trails  Here is a graphic organizer for writing a paragraph, Writing a Paragraph Graphic Organizer  Students may
  • Watch the Video on The Alamo —> The Alamo Video  Now create at least 5 comprehension questions from the video on a sheet of notebook paper. Watch the video again with a family member, then have your family member answer your questions.

Vocab Words to be listening for in your Social Studies Lessons

*Students: Some of these terms are new to you and some you already know. Read through the list and refer back needed if you hear a term you are unsure of.

Westward expansion –In 1800, the United States did not look the way it does now. It was much smaller. Instead of sprawling out from east coast to west coast, the whole country extended from the Atlantic Ocean to what we now call the Midwest. Over the next 100 years, this tiny nation would grow. Today we call this Westward expansion.

Manifest DestinyTerm used for America’s view of 19th-century expansion as far west as the Pacific Coast in which they believed they deserved to spread across the continent from coast to coast.

Territories- land controlled by their own government but that eventually became states

Homesteader- a person wanting to settle the land, filed and application, paid fees, and was approved, their moved to their piece of the land.

California Gold Rush– In 1848 Gold was discovered in Sutter’s Mill. When word of this spread, thousands of people came looking for gold. This was called the California Gold Rush.

Oregon Trail –a wagon route beginning in Missouri and ending in Oregon. Starting around 1840, hundreds of thousands of settlers took this dangerous route in search of new life in the West.


Below you will find directions on how to use Cobb Digital Library. GREAT resource for books online, videos, and many other things. 

  • Contact information: for Marla Buro/Media Specialist with any questions about this.    Times:  9:00 to 10:30 am


Information Resources

(wide variety of high-quality information resources, ebooks, and kid-safe search engines)


·       Cobb Digital Library  (CDL)/MackinVia

To Access go to:,
Click on down arrow under Parents, then choose Parent Resources

·       Click on Cobb Digital Library

·       Click on Cobb Digital Library icon

·       Login screen should appear – enter school name if requested

·       Student may key in
1) firstname.lastname and computer (secret) password   OR
2) Office 365 login –  and secret   password
3) If neither one works, email Mrs. Buro at

Now you are inside of CDL –

·       Click on EBooks to read a book online

·       Click on Databases to access numerous resources like BrainPop, BrainPop Jr., PebbleGo, Britannica Online School Edition, Nettreker, Sora, Tumblebooks, etc.

Galileo Kids
will require an additional password:    linen

·       Click on Links to access Kid-safe search engines


ELA/Math · – login with student ID and secret password


More Online Books ·       Big

To login:

Username:  Student ID

Password:   secret password

Group name:  cheatham-ga

·   (quick access to some specialized resources)

            Click on Log In as a student.


Enter Student Information.

Username: Student ID

Password: Student ID


If prompted to change the password, have your student change it to their secret password or 1234.


Learning Commons Website For more information, visit







March 10

March 9th – 13th

Here’s what we are learning this week in our classroom.

  • Math: Solve word problems involving distances, time, liquid volumes, masses of objects, & money
  • Reading: Pair passages  (Integrate information from two texts on the same topic in order to write or speak about the subject knowledgeably)
  • Language: Writes legibly in cursive
  • Writing: Informational Writing
  • Social Studies: Westward Expansion

Classroom Reminders:

  • March 9th  – CHES Family Spirit Night at Otter’s (Dallas Hwy), 5-9pm
  • March 11th – Early Release Day – Dismissal at 12:30
  • March 12th – Spring Picture Day (class & individual)
  • March 13th – Champ Camp – check in begins at 4pm
March 2

Registration Form Information

Attention Parents!

Wednesday, March 4, your student will bring home their Pre-Printed Student Registration form for the 2020-21 school year.

The enrolling parent (whose name is highlighted on the form) must update & sign the form.

Completed registration forms are due back to school by Friday, March 6.

March 1

March 2nd – March 6th

Here’s what we are learning this week in our classroom.

  • Math: Solve word problems involving distances, time, liquid volumes, masses of objects, & money
  • Reading: Pair passages  (Integrate information from two texts on the same topic in order to write or speak about the subject knowledgeably)
  • Language: Writes legibly in cursive
  • Writing: Informational Writing
  • Science: Light

Classroom Reminders:

  • March 2nd – Read Across America Day
  • March 5th  – Art Show, 4:00-7:00 pm
  • March 5th – PTA Mtg @ 6 with 3rd grade Storybook performance Showcase to follow
  • March 5th – Parent Session (Testing Strategies), 7 pm, Learning Commons
  • March 6th – 4th Grade In-House Field Trip (HiTouch-HiTech), 8am-2pm, Champ Pad