I Too, Sing America comprehension questions- April 25th HW

Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1. Think about it:

In the poem I, Too does “I” stand for more than one person? Explain your answer.

2. Why do you think “he”  is sent to eat in the kitchen?

3. What are the speakers hope for the future?

4. What does the poem I, too sing America mean?

5. Which theme does the news clip/article of the Brazilian Beauty Queen and the poem share?
A. Identity B. Colorism C. Pride D. Beauty
Use Race to answer the question.

figurative language study guide

Students you were provided with a figurative language study guide handout in class, but if you so happen to have lost your copy utilize the link below to obtain another one.




Parent Survey

Reflections on Sixth Grade Year Parents, as you look towards next year and moving your child on to 7th grade, please take a moment to reflect on improvements that Griffin’s Sixth Grade could make for next year. We like to ask parents for their input towards the end of the year, as we are always looking to improve our practices for students. Your input is invaluable to us as we explore making meaningful changes to the way we do sixth grade in an effort to ease the transition from 5th to 6th, and to give the differentiated support our little Wildcats need. Thank you in advance for your input!! Please click on the link below:


Thank you!!!

Jessica West

6th grade ELA



Parents/Students below you will find  the link to the milestones 6th grade ELA study guide.  Please copy and paste the link  which will take you directly to the study guide. This is extra practice and study material to utilize during spring break. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ONCE WE RETURN FROM SPRING BREAK WE WILL BEGIN TESTING!

Pages 1-52 covers the ELA component.  Rubrics are provided and an answer key at the end of the section.  Please ensure you are checking you answering and looking at how the correct answer was derived.  Use the rubric to help guide your writing and constructed response answers.



6th grade ELA AT A GLANCE:

MONDAY-  Milestone test prep.  Students will be taken to the computer lab to complete a mock milestone test.  Students will learn how to navigate thorough the test and become familiar with the online tools.


WEDNESDAY-LIBRARY DAY.  Students will partake in a mini scavenger hunt in the media center.  (This day will serve as a milestone practice and review day).  Topics to be covered: narratives, figurative language, reference materials, non, fiction text, various genres,

THURSDAY-TEST DAY.  Students will take a test of figurative language and poetry terms.  We have been practicing this concept for a week.  (formative grade.)

FRIDAY-MILESTONE PRACTICE REVIEW.  Students will review for the milestones by engaging in a  jeopardy game.  Students will be placed in groups of 4’s to read and analyze questions and provide the correct answer.


unit 4 academic vocab

  1. rhythm
  2. annotate
  3. stanza
  4. evaluate
  5. free verse
  6. source
  7. bibliography
  8. drama
  9. analyze

Create a word wall for each vocabulary word.

The word wall should include the following:

the word

the definition

a image

a synonym


This week in ELA we will continue we will focus on the following standards:
ELAGSE6L1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
a. Ensure that pronouns are in the proper case (subjective, objective, possessive).
b. Use intensive pronouns (e.g., myself, ourselves).
c. Recognize and correct inappropriate shifts in pronoun number and person.*
ELAGSE6L2: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.
Argumentative Writing and Elements of Argument
ELAGSE6W1: Write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence
a. Introduce claims and organize the reasons and evidence clearly
b. Support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence, using credible sources and demonstrating an understanding of the topic or text.
c. Use words, phrases, and clauses to clarify the relationships among the claims and reasons.
d. Establish and maintain a formal style.
e. Provide a concluding statement or section that follows from the argument presented.

Each day the students’



warm up will consist of milestone practice questions.
Monday- Grammar Day
Students will take nouns on pronoun cases and visit various pronoun stations in the classroom,
Students will be broken into groups to complete that required activity assigned for the station, once 15 minutes is up, they will rotate clockwise to the next station.
At the end of class we will go over our answer sheet to ensure all students mastered that standard.

Tuesday- Or shall I say LEAP Day
Students will be reading informational pieces and annotating the text. The articles will be used for their final research summative.

Wednesday- Writing Day
Students will break down and analyze parts of an argumentative essay. We will take Cornell notes regarding the introductory paragraph. The intro paragraph consist of the hook, which is the first sentence, the next two sentences will be background information, and the last sentence in your introductory paragraph is your claim and three reasons. Notes will consist of explaining what a hook, background info, and a claim is. Students will also learn how to write a well-constructed introductory paragraph.

Thursday-Writing Day continued
Students will take Cornell notes on the body of an essay and analyze mentor texts.
Students should know how to write a topic sentence, supporting details, and evidence to support their topic sentence.

Friday-Grammar Day
Students will continue reviewing the various types of pronouns by playing a pronoun bingo game.

The following links are for students to view to aid them in writing their augmentative essay.


AC students received a bottled book report project which is Due March 28, 2018.
They are required to read a biography of a historical American figure and complete a book report regarding the person of their choice.


Argumentative Article Links

Should A Tiger Be a Pet?


Would you Move to Mars?




Should Girls Play on Boys’ Sport Team?




Are athletes overpaid?




should students get paid to do chores article


should everyone get a trophy


should students be able to chew gum at school


Is technology killing our friendships





feb 5-8

standard focus for the week.

Writing Standard #1 6th grade
Write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.
a. Introduce claim(s) and organize the reasons and evidence clearly.
b. Support claim(s) with clear reasons and relevant evidence, using credible sources and demonstrating an understanding of the topic
or text.
c. Use words, phrases, and clauses to clarify the relationships among claim(s) and reasons.
d. Establish and maintain a formal style.
e. Provide a concluding statement or section that follows from the argument presented.

Monday- Students will continue working on the different types of pronouns.

students please ensure you know each type of pronoun.



Tuesday- Students will begin working on their argumentative essay.

Tuesday will prewriting day.  Students will fill in their graphic organizer on their chosen topic.









Jan 28-Feb 2nd 6th grade ELA

This week in ELA students will continue working on stating our claims and giving reasons and evidence to support their position.

Students will participate in a soapbox to help them prepare for their first embedded assessment which will be a class debate.

Each day, the students will be answering milestone practice questions as their warm up. We will analyze/breakdown the question to ensure the students can answer the questions correctly.
Those students who are struggling will be grouped with me into a smaller setting to ensure they understand.
Parents please have students log onto Study Island several days per week to reinforce concepts we are learning or reviewing in class. This will also help them prepare for the millstone test.

Students make sure you are reading at least an hour each night. Remember we will be taking our RI text for the last time in the spring. The RI test measures your reading level.

Study island link : http://www.studyisland.com/
Username is first name. lastname
Password is the students lunch number


students continue studying unit 3 academic vocabulary words!!!













Study Island-12/2/2017


Students please ensure you complete your homework which is also a study guide for your upcoming quiz on word choice (connotation and denotation).  Your grade on study island will be imported into synergy so its imperative you complete your homework.

Below are the steps you  follow to log on to study island.

Please follow the steps I have outlined below.


click the login botttom at the top right hand corner of the screen

Next, click on the login bottom under the section titled study island for schools

Your user name is -your first name then last name @gms (example [email protected])
your password is -your lunch id

If you have trouble logging in, please email like some students have already done.