Have fun learning something new this summer! 🙂 Mrs. Westbrook is learning how to play the guitar (growth mindset, growth mindset, growth mindset!!!!  LOL) and is working on expanding her vegetable garden.  Mrs. Brown is working on home improvement projects and is redecorating her house.  So exciting!

Do you want to learn something new, but are not sure where to start?  Looking for some engaging learning activities for the summer months?!  Check out Cobb County’s Summer Link!

Here you will find 30 days of academic activities broken down by grade level.  Missing your TARGET critical thinking activities?!  Scroll down on the page until you see “Enrichment Resources.”  This too is broken down by grade level.  In addition to extensions in subject areas you will also find activities for Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Research & Exploration, as well as The Arts.

We miss you SO MUCH and can’t wait to hear about what you’ve been learning about over the summer!

Love, Mrs. Westbrook & Mrs. Brown