First Grade

Women’s “Firsts” in History:


Sally Ride – First U.S. Female Astronaut


Mae Jemison – First U.S. African American Female Astronaut


Jerrie Mock – First Woman to Fly Solo Around the World


Sandra Day O’Connor – First Female Supreme Court Justice


Junko Tabei – First Woman to Climb to the Top of Mt. Everest


Hillary Clinton – First Female Candidate for U.S. President


Janet Guthrie – First woman to compete in a NASCAR Winston Cup Race


Marie Curie – First Woman to win a NobelĀ Prize


Susan B. Anthony – First Woman to appear on a U.S. Coin


The First Women to join each U.S. Military Service


Kacy Catanzaro – The First Woman to Finish the Ninja Warrior Course


Aretha Franklin – First Female inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame