Friday, December 6

Happy Friday!

We had a fun and informative Friday with our first High Touch High Tech today.  We had a “Cell-ebration!” learning all about cells!

It’s hard to believe we only have two weeks of school left in 2019.  Here are a few curriculum updates for the coming week:

  • Social Studies: We are continuing our study of WWI and the Roaring 20’s.  Our test on Unit 3 will be Tuesday, December 17
  • Math: Wheeler/Williamson’s class has wrapped up adding and subtracting decimals, and we will move into Unit 3 (multiplying and dividing decimals) next week
  • Vocabulary: next week is our vocab review week.  We will review prefixes bi-, tri-, quad-, co-, com-, contra-, counter-.  Review test Friday
  • Grammar: we will review conjunctions used to combine sentences. Quiz Friday
  • ELA: Wheeler/Williamson’s class will continue with our study of non-fiction in both reading and writing.  We are using graphic organizers to organize our Immigration Writing and will begin the drafting process next week.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, November 22

Immigration Day was amazing!!  Thank you SO much to Mrs. Werner, Mrs. Diffenderffer, and Mr. Williamson  for planning the event.  Thank you also to all of our amazing parent volunteers for making the day so very special.  I hope our Wonderful Wizards will remember this day for many years to come!

I have displayed the name cards in the hallway but will send them home to you in a couple of weeks in the Friday folders, in case you want to keep them!

Curriculum Updates

Enjoy the break with your family!  No homeowrk but read, read, read!  Find a great book and enjoy it over the break.

Progress reports for quarter 2 will go home on Tuesday after the break (12/3/19)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving Day Clip Art Free


We are so very thankful for all of the Wonderful Wizards!


Friday, November 15

As Acts of Kindness Week draws to a close, take a moment this weekend with your Wonderful Wizard to review all of the activities from the week.  I am proud of the impact that the 5th grade class has made on our community this week!  Keep choosing kindness!

Thank you to Voltaire’s mom for helping us wrap books this week for our fellow 5th graders at Brumby Elemenatry!  Thank you also to our fabulous room moms (Jordyn’s mom and Gunner’s mom) and all of the Act of Kindness volunteers for making this week so special!

Immigration Day is one week from today!  See previous blog posts from the last two Fridays if you need copies of the information sheets, the quizlet link to study for the citizenship test, or want to watch videos from previous years.  We can’t wait for this amazing day!

Next Friday afternoon, after Immigration Day, we will enjoy STEM Day!

Curriculum Updates:

Math: Williamson/Wheeler’s class is working on decimals (reading, writing, comparing, rounding) and will continue next week with adding and subtracting

Vocabulary: quiz on prefixes co- and com- is Monday.  No new vocabulary prefixes next week

Language: we will finish up with using commas in a sentence and quiz on Wednesday

ELA: Wheeler/Williamson’s class is researching Immigration at the turn of the Century as we continue with our reading and writing about non-fiction units

Science: Unit 2 test is Wednesday (classifying plants and animals).  Students should be bringing notebooks home to study

Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 8

Reminders for our exciting week ahead!

  • Monday is Veteran’s Day–wear red, white, blue
  • Monday–items due for Acts of Kindness Week
    • Copy of a favorite book (new or gently used) to send to a 5th grader at Brumby Elementary
    • 5 or maore bars or soap to pack into toiletry bags for Simple Needs, GA
  • Friday–Pajama Day and Wonder field trip
    • Bring $1 to benefit CCYA so you can wear pj’s to school
    • We will meet with our book buddies!
    • Wonder Field Trip

Immigration Day Reminders

  • Don’t forget that Immigration Day is November 22!  Be sure you are reviewing materials and planning for the day!
  • Citizenship study guides are due Monday.  Here is a link to a quizlet that can help with completion of the study guide if you have any questions.  Note: The governor of Georgia has changed since this quizlet was made!
  • Here are links to two additional videos of past year Immigration Days if you want to watch and/or need more costume ideas!


Curriculum Updates

  • Vocabulary: we will study the prefixes co– and com–.  We will not have our vocabulary quiz on Friday due to the Wonder Field Trip.  It will be Monday 10/18 instead
  • Grammar: we will continue with commas as we move into exploring commas after an introductory clause.  Quiz on this will be Wednesday 10/20
  • Math: Wheeler/Williamson’s class will wrap up our whole number unit next week and will begin the decimal unit (reading, comparing, rounding, adding, subtracting
  • Science: we will continue with our unit on plant and animal classfication.  Test will be 11/20
  • Reading/ELA: Wheeler/williamson’s class continues the journey in to non-fiction


Here is the link to the Flocabulary that Mrs. Kindschy asked you to watch:

Great job reading the blog!  Blog game this week…secret phrase is Thankful for our Vetrans!  Whisper this to me on Monday for a prize!

Be sure you are bringing your safety patrol belt to school each day.  Have a great weekend!!

Friday, November 1

What a fun week we have had!

Thursday we enjoyed celebrating all of the amazing Bananarama projects! We were so impressed by the creativity and effort put into these bananas!  The voting was close but we congratulate Drew, our class winner, for his great banana “Bombie the Zombie Banana!”

Thursday was also Halloween, and we loved snacking on some adorable and delicious pumpkin cupcakes.  Thank you to Ethan G’s mom for the great treat!

Today was our first day with our 2nd grade book buddies! It was so  much fun getting to know our new friends!  We will meet with our book buddies every other Friday.

Also today we were able to watch the Target teachers create some chemical reactions and explode some pumpkins!  The Exploding Pumpkins project is always a fan favorite!

Next Week:

  • Saturday –Mt Bethel Fun Run and our clocks “fall back” Saturday night!
  • Monday –Mt Bethel Spirit Night at Tijuana Joe’s
  • Tuesday –No School (Teacher Professional Learning Day)

Upcoming Reminders:

  • November 11-15 is 5th grade Acts of Kindness Week.  You will receive an email about this over the weekend, but here is a preview of the week’s activities:
    • Monday:  We will have a speaker from CCYA who will tell us about their organization and explain the PJ Day Challenge.
    • Tuesday: We will bring in books for our fellow 5th graders at Brumby Elementary and will wrap them to send.
    • Wednesday: We will pack hygiene bags for Simple Needs GA, benefiting homeless adults.
    • Thursday: We will create kindness posters to display within our school community
    • Friday: We’ll end the week with a celebratory viewing of the move Wonder.  We will go to the movie theater (field trip permission slips sent home today in Friday Folders). Students may also bring $1 to wear their PJ’s to school.
  • November 22 is Immigration Day!
    • Links to the forms that we sent home last week can be found here: Immigration Day Information and Immigration Day Requirements and Expectations
    • Students should be deciding who they will be–name, where they are from, and back story
    • Students should also be deciding what they will wear. Here is a link to the slideshow from last year that may help you as you plan for the costume: 2018/19 Immigration Day 
    • We will give students a study guide next week so that they will be prepared for the Citizenship test.

Curriculum Updates for next week:

  • Vocabulary–we will go back to suffixes next week.  Our suffix is quad-  Quiz Friday
  • Language–we will continue with commas in a series next week.  Quiz Friday
  • Reading/ELA–Wheeler and Williamson’s class will begin our non-fiction units is both reading and writing
  • Math–Wheeler/Williamson’s class will continue with order of operations and writing expressions
  • Science–We began Unit 2 this week and will continue next week–Classification  of Organisms.  We will finish and test on this unit just before Thanksgiving break.

Have a great weekend!  Happy November!

Friday, October 25

Happy Friday!

Thank you to Ian’s mom for bringing us his memorabilia from Promontory Point so we could learn more about The Wedding of the Rails in social studies today!

This coming Wednesday (10/30) is our next Walton Cluster Night.  No Homework–do something fun as a family!

I can’t believe next week is also Halloween and Bananarama!  We are looking forward to seeing all of those creative bananas!

Then it’s November–Immigration Day and Thanksgiving!  Students are bringing home Immigration Day information today in black folders.  On the “bring right back” side is an overview of the entire project.  Please sign and return the bottom of the second page by Tuesday.  Keep the rest of that packet for reference.  On the “left at home” side is some additional information to review with your child.  Mr. Williamson went over all of the information this week with our class, and we will continue to discuss (for example, we will show a some clips next week of previous year Immigration Days so students can see costumes, and then we will post this link on the blog so you can see it as well!)  I believe the volunteer sign up will go out to parents next week.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

Curriculum Updates:

Social Studies–Unit 2 test Wednesday.  Students should be bringing notebooks home to study each night at this point.  They have study guides in their notebooks.

Math–Williamson/Wheeler’s class started order of operations this week (remember PEMDAS, or PPMDAS?!) and next week will be using order of operations to solve simple equations.

Vocabulary–next week we take a break from prefixes, and we will study Idioms, Adages, and Proverbs.  Quiz Friday

Grammar–We will practice using commas to separate items in a series.  This is a two week lesson so the quiz will be 11/8

ELA–Williamson/Wheeler’s class will wrap up our narrative unit this coming week.  Book clubs will finish their books and we will discuss comparing characters and theme.  This week I also reviewed the 2nd quarter independent reading goal with students.  Students will need to read 3 independent books (one nonfiction, one fiction, and one book of choice) by the end of the quarter.  Most students have already begun an independent book for this quarter, and they need to be sure they have an independent book with them each day as there will be some time to read these books in class.  Our next unit for writing and reading is the non-fiction unit.


Last note…as the Foundation Patron Drive wraps up, please consider donating so that our class will be ALL IN!  The Foundation does so much for Mount Bethel and we SO appreciate of your support.  We’d love to have 100% participation from our class!


Students, have a great weekend and work on those bananas!  You can bring them in any day next week (on or before Thursday)  Great job reading the blog…I am so proud of you!!  No blog game this week–your prize is no homework Wednesday for Walton Cluster Night and Thursday for Halloween! 


Friday, October 18

THANK YOU so much to all of the Wonderful Wizard parents for meeting with us this week during conferences.  We have enjoyed having time to catch up with each of you!

THANK YOU to the PTA for all of the amazing treats that you provided for us all week during conferences!

THANK YOU to the Foundation for your ongoing support of Mount Bethel–please consider supporting the Foundation during the Patron Drive so we can be ALL IN!

Also, THANK YOU from Mr. Williamson for a fun birthday celebration today.  Below is a note from him:

Dear Parents,

I just wanted to THANK YOU all so much for making my birthday extra special! I truly appreciate all of the gifts and goodies- it means so much to me! Thank you again so much and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Reminders for next week…

  • Our class starts Safety Patrol next week!  Each child will have a designated spot in either the morning or afternoon.  No need to arrive early or stay late–all duties take place during the regular school day.  We will give each child a belt to use during our assigned weeks.  Please remind your child to keep up with his or her belt!
  • STEM Fair is Tuesday evening.  I will send home materials on Monday for all who are registered.
  • We have a field trip on Wednesday to the Dunwoody Nature Center!  We plan to leave around 9:45 and will return after lunch (remember, sack lunches in disposable bags, please!)

Curriculum Updates for Next week…

  • Social Studies: we will continue our work on Unit 2 (Turn of the Century).  Test for Unit 2 will be October 30th, so we will begin bringing notebooks home next week for students to study each night.  Students who have any missing or incomplete Social Studies assignments from this week have brought them home to catch up over the weekend.
  • Vocabulary: beginning next week (as we move into quarter 2) we will study 2 prefixes (20 words) some weeks.  On those weeks, we will make flash cards in class on Mondays, so I have asked students to be sure they are bringing index cards in from home to be prepared for class.  Next week prefixes are bi- and tri-
  • Language: next week we will cover using underlining, italics, and quotation marks for titles, with a quiz on that on Friday
  • Math: Wheeler/Williamson’s class wrap up our division of whole numbers unit with an assessment on Tuesday.  We will then move into order of operations and simple equations.
  • ELA: Wheeler/Williamson’s class will continue our book club work and will conference on our personal narratives as we near the end of unit 1.

We are excited to have our Wonderful Wizards back full days next week!  Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 11

We have already made it to the last day of the first quarter!!  It’s hard to believe!

We are looking forward to having the chance to meet with all of our amazing parents next week and have sent home a reminder of your time in the black folders today.  Don’t forget that next week is also early release all week to accommodate conference schedules.

Even with shorter days next week, we will continue to work hard.  Curriculum updates:

  • Social Studies–we will continue into Unit 2 (The Turn of the Century), and next week will cover the Transcontinental Railroad and Immigration during the time period.
  • Language/Grammar–we have been working on combining sentences this week, and next week we will tackle expanding and reducing sentences
  • Vocabulary–we took our first quarter review test today.  No new vocabulary next week
  • Math–Wheeler/Williamson’s class will continue with division and interpreting remainders in division word problems.
  • Reading–Wheeler/Williamson’s class will continue discussing inference next week and will be finding examples of when we make inferences based on our book club books.  We will also continue our discussions of point of view vs perspective.

We hope you will consider supporting the Foundation during the Patron Drive!  We would love to have 100% participation from our class.  We are so grateful for all of the amazing things the Foundation provides for our school.  If you would like to learn more, check out their social media sites:

Facebook- http://@MBESF

Instagram – http://@mtbethelfoundation


Students, have a great weekend!  Blog game: the secret word is Cattle Trails!  Explain to your parents what you have learned about the Cattle Trails (and the names of the two main ones we will be studying) and then whisper the secret word to me on Monday for a treat!


Friday, October 4

It’s hard to believe next week is the final week of the quarter.  Where have the first nine weeks gone?  Time must fly by so fast because we love our Wonderful Wizards and have so much fun with them!

Thank you so much to Virginia Grace’s mom, Jordyn’s mom, and Zoe’s mom for the fun Halloween games and activities today and for covering our class for TPV.  The Wizards had a blast, and I promised I would thank you from all of us!

Reminders for Next Week:

  • Tuesday 10/8/19 is our first field trip!  We will be going to the Symphony so students should dress nicely for this.  We will eat lunch when we return to school.  Lunch will be later than usual, so students will want to be sure and have a snack to eat before we go.
  • Thursday 10/10/19 is Early Release day
  • The Foundation Patron Drive continues next week.  The theme this year is ALL IN.  We are so appreciative of all that the Foundation provides to make Mount Bethel such a special place.  We hope to have the Wizards ALL IN for supporting the drive!  Please take a moment to watch the video linked here:

Curriculum Updates:

Science/Social Studies: We took our unit 1 science tests today and will begin Unit 2 Social Studies on Monday (the Turn of the 20th Century).

Math: our class is continuing to work on long division and is doing a great job with dividing 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers.

ELA: our class is in the process of wrapping up our Personal Narratives (we looked at strong endings today) and we will be finishing final drafts next week

Reading: our class is enjoying our book club activities and will be looking next week at making inferences when we read


Students; Don’t forget to be planning for your Bananarama project!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Friday, September 20

What a fun last day before the fall break!

We taped the Assistant Principals to the wall this morning (because we are “stuck on reading!”), we celebrated the birthdays of two of our Wonderful Wizards with yummy treats and songs, and then we enjoyed a cupcake this afternoon to celebrate making it to fall break (thanks Jordan’s mom for the cupcakes!)

Please take a look in your child’s white Daily Folder to find the following items sent home today (remember, no black Friday Folders this week due to the break):

  • PTA Reflections call for entries, rules, and entry form (Deadline is October 15th)
  • Information about the first Anchor on our Voyage this year–Cooperation.  Review and discuss as a family.  Thank you to the Foundation for funding this great new program!
  • Bananarama Info!!  Bananarama is a fun activity that our fifth graders participate in each year.  All details are on the bright yellow sheet in your child’s folder.  This is not due until Halloween (October 31) but sending it home now in case anyone wants to get a head start over the break!

We wish everyone a fun and relaxing fall break! We will see our Wonderful Wizards on Monday, September 30th and look forward to hearing all about your adventures!  No homework over the break but be sure to READ!!!!

Wheeler/Williamson’s reading class, don’t forget our goal between today and the end of the quarter: read one more whole book or 150 pages in a longer book.  Start over the break so you will accomplish the goal!

See you on the 30th!