May 4, 2020

Dear Remarkable First Grade Students,

Joke for the Day: Why did the kid cross the playground? Answer: To get to the other slide. Hee, hee!

Hope you had a fun weekend with your family; the weather was great for playing outside. I worked in my garden. What did you do?

This week, we will be finishing up the first copy of our chapter books about our Beanie Buddies. On Monday and Tuesday, you are going to be writing a story about you and your buddy and the fun things that you have done in first grade. Read my example to give you ideas about how to add real and pretend details to your story. If you need some inspiration, ask your parent to show you the slideshow I sent to them in an e-mail this weekend. It will help you remember the fun things we have done together.

Miss you so much. Love, Mrs. Wood