May 19, 2020

Dear Favorite First Grade Students,

Joke for the Day:  What’s the best kind of sandwich for the beach?  Answer: Peanut butter and jellyfish.  Yummy!!!

Today is “creative” day.  Time do some building or crafting.  This week’s lesson plans have lots of ideas for fun things to make.  Yesterday during our Zoom meeting, we saw lots of cool Lego and paper creations.  See what you can make today.  And remember, you can always “make” someone smile by doing something nice for them today.  Hug a parent, play with a brother or sister, or call a friend.  Bet it will “make” you feel good too!

Send me pictures of anything you make today.  I would love to see your creations, and I will post them on my blog for your friends to see.

See you on Zoom at 10:00.  Love, Mrs. Wood