This week in art!

Kindergarten and first grade are working on their Square 1 Art projects. We are using pastels to add color. They are so bright!

Second grade is beginning to weave our trees on the background we painted last week. Did you know second graders can weave with yarn?? They are doing an amazing job!

Third grade completed our sand paintings. We are delivering them to Mrs. Smith to use them in a fun STEM activity. Perfect timing since they went to the rock quarry this week!

Fourth grade is printing the stamps we carved last week. We put all of our stamps to make a class print.

Fifth grade is thinking about all of the expressive qualities of color. They wrote poems on the monochromatic paintings we did last week.

This week in art!

Kindergarten and first grade are learning how different lines can be used to make different shapes. You can draw anything using shapes! We are using our imaginations to combine shapes to make creative creatures.

Second grade is painting a background landscape in preparation for weaving next week. Students chose a time of day and a season to paint. Then we saw how the famous artist William Turner painted his clouds.

Third grade is drawing animals in preparation for sand painting next week. We saw how a traditional artist creates his sand paintings and then compared those to a contemporary artist and his creative sand paintings.

Fourth grade is carving! Students drew line designs onto rubber mats, and we are carving them to make stamps for next week.

Fifth grade is learning about the properties of color. They are creating monochromatic paintings featuring tints, shades and tones of the selected color.

This week in art

Kindergarten is painting for the first time! We are talking about line and color while painting like Kandinsky. They are doing a great job keeping our paint brushes happy by using brush strokes.

First grade is using pastels to create still life drawings of healthy fruits and veggies. We will be hanging them in the cafeteria to help others learn about healthy food choices as part of the cafeteria’s Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Month.

Second grade is using cool colors to add a foreground to our warm sun collage that we started in art last week.

Third grade is using pastels to add color to our Hundertwasser inspired landscapes that we outlined in glue last week.

Fourth grade is creating origami bookmarks. We are using the same base to construct all kinds of animals and characters!

Fifth grade is learning color theory while adding lots of color to our Picasso portraits with pastels. These look amazing!

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This week in art

Kindergarten is learning that some art is not flat, like sculptures! We will be making animal sculptures out of paper.

First grade is learning about the element of art form while making origami cat and dog sculptures.

Second grade is talking about the difference between warm and cool colors. We will begin a collage using warm colors.

Third grade will be focusing on different kinds of lines and shapes as we begin a drawing of a cityscape with buildings inspired by the architect Hundertwasser.

Fourth grade is learning about how artists use color while we view Peter Max’s famous Statue of Liberty paintings. We will be doing our own creative Statue of Liberty drawings.

Fifth grade will be trying to figure out just why Picasso drew faces the way he did as we learn about Cubism. We will begin our own Cubist style portraits.

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This week in art

Kindergarten is learning that texture is all around us as we complete texture rubbing quilts.

First grade is using textures to decorate our drawings of animals.

Second grade through fifth grade is continuing to work on our Square 1 Art projects from last week. They are looking amazing!

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This week in art

Kindergarten is learning how we can combine shapes to make objects. We are doing a drawing of a robot together. I can’t wait to see what adventures our robots have!

First grade is learning how different kinds of lines can make different kinds of shapes. We are doing a drawing of a lion together, and students are thinking about what can fill the background behind their lion.

All other grades are beginning to work on our Square 1 Art fundraiser. We are talking about the elements of art- line, shape, color, texture and space. They are working so hard! If you just can’t wait to see what they are, head over to Twitter to sneak a peek at the artwork in progress. Follow me @msart2015 to see lots of pics of what we are doing in the art room each week.

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This week in art

We have been busy already! Here’s what each grade is learning.

Kindergarten is learning how pictures can tell stories and we are practicing drawing different expressions and emotions.

First grade is using one of our elements of art- line- to decorate their name.

Second grade is practicing how to make bubble letters. We are filling in around the letters with patterns and designs to create emphasis. Bubble letters will come in handy when they make their Market Day posters this year!

Third grade is illustrating words in a way that shows the meaning of the word. We have had some creative illustrations!

Fourth grade is creating a personal logo that shows me some things about them.

Fifth grade is using symbols to write their name that shows personal characteristics.

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Welcome back!

My name is Laura Purcell, and I am the art teacher here at Pickett’s Mill. This is my 12th year here and 19th year teaching. I have a busy year planned for your child. Each year we complete lots of projects within the disciplines of painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture and crafts. We utilize a variety of media and techniques in our weekly classes. A lot of time is spent generating unique ideas and experimenting. I want your child to be excited about what we are doing!

In addition to art production, students will explore art history, aesthetics and art criticism. We learn about famous artists, why they made art, and how their environment and culture influenced the artwork.
Be on the lookout for our Square 1 Art fundraiser coming this fall. Each year students create a work of art that will be scanned and reproduced onto stickers for free! This company provides the opportunity to purchase your child’s artwork on a variety of keepsakes. The products are a great quality and make perfect gifts. A percentage of the sales will be returned to the art department so that I can buy all of our fun art supplies!

Lots of artwork and events will be tweeted this year. Don’t miss out! Follow me @msart2015. This is the easiest way to see what we are doing in the art room.